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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 930 Flesh Tower Secret

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Chapter 930 Flesh Tower Secret

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He was the leader, many people looked up to him, and he was a role model for the youngsters. These youngsters started to follow his action, whether it was good or bad. What he said to Duan Ya might not have been heard by Yu Shun, but he must have heard it on a different occasion.

However, the context was different. He must speak to someone unrelated to the Tang Empire, but on this occasion, they were talking about the Tarriors, the soldiers of the empire. It just sounded wrong to say that to their own people.

Tang Shaoyang, however, was still surprised by how big Yu Shun had changed. This young man was quite timid, distant, yet still respectful to the others. He did not know what had happened in the last few months, but the change was too big and caught him off guard.

’I guess I have to be careful with my words and actions in front of these youngsters,’ He thought to himself. He had never been a role model before, so he never thought his actions would negatively influence others. If anything else, people would look at him as a failure or even use him to scare the children. That was before the Game, so he never thought much of his action.

Tang Shaoyang did not dive further into the matter of Yu Shun and changed the topic back to the Immortal Dynasty, “Do you have any clues about where the Immortal Dynasty left?”

”I found the track, and they left toward the northwest,” Wen found the track as a massive number of zombies moved together was easy to track, “But I decided not to chase because they were going away from our main base.”

Tang Shaoyang nodded and summoned three spirits: Aerelion The Infernal Wyvern, Vera the Legendary Beast, and Maldros the Black Storm Dragonewt. The three spirits had one particular natural ability, flying.

”Chase the trace and inform me when you find them!”

”Yes, Master!” The three spirits answered simultaneously and flew in the northwest direction.

”Are you planning to fight them, Brother Shaoyang?” Yu Shun’s eyes shone at the thought of fighting the zombies.

”Yes, but I will fight them alone. You all can return to the main base,” He then glanced at Cao Jingyi, “We need to pull back the expansion team. We need a new arrangement to prevent the same accident.”

Cao Jingyi bowed, “I have informed all the expansion team to return. Once the main force returns from the Dimensional Tower, we will start to clear the Survival Game first before continuing the Expansion. That’s the plan.”

”Let me fight with you, Brother Shaoyang,” Yu Shun refused to listen to the order, “I think I will get many new types of zombies if I follow you.”

”No. You did not bring your zombie army, so you better return,” Tang Shaoyang shook his head and insisted for the young man to return, “On top of that, it would be hard for me to identify which friendly zombie and the enemy zombie, so you better not follow me even if you have your zombie army.”

Seeing how serious Tang Shaoyang looked, Yu Shun no longer insisted on following Tang Shaoyang. However, Wen was quite concerned about his Master going alone, “Are you sure going alone, Master? Over a million or even ten million zombies might be waiting for you.”

”Even if there are millions of them, less than a thousand that are capable of harming me, no? I will be fine, don’t worry about me,” He then looked at the towering flesh tower, “What should we do with this?”

”Based on Winge’s memories, this flesh tower is the former smart base. The Zombie Emperor turned the smart base into the flesh tower,” Yu Shun added more details about the detail “The flesh tower is used to produce the zombie. I have tried to take control over the flesh tower, but I can’t.”

”Why do you want to take control over the flesh tower?” Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brow, “Even if you have a way to take control over the tower, we don’t want to keep this thing. This thing corrupted the environment, and it will make the environment inhabitable for us.”

”I just want to try to produce one zombie from this tower. Apparently, each tower produces a different type of zombie, so I want to get one from this tower,” Yu Shun looked at the tower with regret.

Tang Shaoyang nodded and looked toward the flesh tower once more. He remembered that the only way to get rid of the corruption was to destroy the flesh tower. He did it once in the Territory Wars, and the System compensated him with a new smart base. However, this was a different occasion; they were not in the Territory Wars. If he destroyed the flesh tower, that meant he destroyed the smart base.

”Have you guys entered the tower?”

”I did, but there’s nothing inside. It’s just a pulsating vein and disgusting flesh,” Yu Shun described what was inside the flesh tower.

”Does that mean we will lose the smart base if I destroy the tower? What happened to the territory?” That was the thing that bogged his mind. If there was no smart base, the territory could not be managed by the System. They had to develop the territory manually. They could not just buy a building from the System or put up a wall with Game Coins without the smart base.

More drawback of destroying the smart base was that they lost the ten unique classes from the smart base. Ten Unique Classes that grew with the players, like his class. They would lose those classes and a chance to develop a new class for the soldier as well.

”We never tried, so we don’t know. We will find out soon once you destroy the tower,” Cao Jingyi replied with a frown.

Tang Shaoyang flicked his fingers and sent a black fire toward the flesh tower. Once the flame touched the flesh tower, the black fire spread out wildly, engulfing the flesh tower from top to bottom. Cao Jingyi, Li Na, and Yu Shun took a few steps back. The blast of heat to their face caught them off guard. Even the Flaming Lion, Kairu, took three steps back.

Within eight minutes, the black fire swallowed the flesh tower, leaving nothing behind. A few minutes after burning the flesh tower, Aerelion communicated with him that they had found the Immortal Dynasty’s army.

[We have found the Immortal Dynasty’s army, Master. They are currently attacking the survivors in the city.]

”My spirits have found the Immortal Dynasty. You guys should go back,”

Li Na nodded and said in a low voice, “Be careful~.”

Tang Shaoyang nodded and kissed Li Na on the forehead. After the goodbye kiss, his figure was replaced by Maldros the Black Storm Dragonewt. One of his skills, [Spirit Switch], allowed him to switch position with the summoned spirit, hence why he did not follow the spirit to search for the Immortal Dynasty’s track. A few seconds later, Maldros also disappeared. The Dragonewt was called back by Tang Shaoyang.

”We should also leave,” Li Na summoned Seraphic. She and Cao Jingyi hopped onto the back of the giant bird, but Yu Shun stood still, “Don’t tell me you want to follow him?” Cao Jingyi asked the young man.

Yu Shun snapped out of his thoughts which had been staring at the ashes of the flesh tower. He looked up at Cao Jingyi and shook his head, “I will not chase after Brother Shaoyang, but I will stay around for a while. It’s kinda stuffy to stay in my place all the time, so I figured that I might as well take a walk for a little longer. Don’t worry about me; I have Winge to bring me back.” He pointed at the winged zombie behind him.

Cao Jingyi observed the young man suspiciously but said nothing in response but nodded her head, “If that’s what you want. What about you, Kairu?”

The Flaming Lion scratched his head, “I plan to tail, Master, but I can’t do that anymore if he just disappeared like that,” He shook his head in regret before hopping on Seraphic, “I will get a ride with you guys back to the main base.”

Wen had his own wings, so he flew by himself alongside Seraphic. Yu Shun looked up and waved his hand at them until he lost sight of them while smiling. After everyone was gone, the smile turned into a playful smile as he whistled happily, “Watch the surroundings for me, Winge.”

Winge or the former Arkelios nodded and flew to the sky. Winge floated right above Yu Shun’s head as Yu Shun walked toward the remnant of the flesh tower while dancing. The young man looked excited as he approached the remnant of the flesh tower.

The Zombie Apostle stood right above the remnant of the flesh tower, in the center of the flesh tower, “It should be around this area, right?” He looked at the ground and rubbed his chin, “I don’t have the tool…”

”What if they suddenly come back? I need Winge to watch over,” Yu Shun muttered by himself.

”That’s right. Let’s wait another ten minutes,” He nodded.

From the third perspective, Yu Shun looked like having a conversation with someone else, but no one was around aside from him and the winged zombie. The bizarre occurrence continued for another ten minutes. He was talking about digging up the ground.

Ten minutes passed quickly, “It should be safe now,” Yu Shun called Winge down. He ordered the zombie to dig the ground, the center of the flesh tower.

Winge’s hands transformed into shovels and started to dig in the area. After three minutes of digging the ground, Yu Shun stopped Winge, “Stop! Don’t destroy that precious thing.”

A hole of three meters in diameter formed in the center of the flesh tower remnant. Yu Shun was standing next to Winge when he ordered the zombie to stop. He came over and picked the shiny red inside the soil. He pulled out the shiny red thing, and it turned out to be a heart, a beating heart.

Yu Shun furrowed his brow, “What’s the use of this heart for me?” He looked disgusted while holding the beating heart. The heart was around his head’s size, crystalline red, and the heart was beating hard.

”This thing can help me get stronger? Even catch up to Brother Shaoyang?” He asked even though he was by himself inside the hole.

”What? I need to find more of these hearts to catch up? How many exactly?”

”Hundreds? You are joking, right? How do I find hundreds of these hearts?”

”Of course, that’s my problem,” Yu Shun rolled his eyes, “So what should I do with this heart?”

”No way! I will never eat this disgusting thing. No! No, thanks,” He shook his head.

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