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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 928 Bad News

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Chapter 928 Bad News

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Tang Shaoyang’s hands subconsciously moved to Avyn’s thighs and started to creep up to her butts as he responded to the kiss. When he started to grope her butt, she blasted him away. His body was flung backward and crushed onto the ice mountain.

”Urghhh,” It was quite painful on the back. He turned around to see if the ice cracked. There was no crack on the ice mountain even though he was blasted so hard into it. He looked back at Avyn, “What’s that for?”

The last Kankara’Xeo did not respond to him. She humphed and disappeared. Along with her disappearance, Tang Shaoyang’s vision blurred. He quickly noticed that he had returned to the trial dimension.

”She is the one who started it first,” Tang Shaoyang looked at his crotch. The little Shaoyang was standing up from the stimulation. He thought he would score with beauty.

[I can still hear you.] Avyn’s chilling voice rang in Tang Shaoyang’s head.

”I know, but it’s your fault. You are the one who started kissing me first. Don’t blame me for making a move on you,” Tang Shaoyang rolled his eyes.

[Isn’t that how you establish a contract, by kissing?]

”Where do you know that from? We don’t need to kiss to form a contract,” He was genuinely confused by the misleading information.

[From my Ancestor’s memories. He kissed his Master the day they formed the contract.]

”What’s the relation between your ancestor and his Master?” Tang Shaoyang had seen his predecessor’s face. She was a beauty, a top-notch beauty at that. It was not a surprise for the dragon to fall in love with his Master.

Avyn did not respond to Tang Shaoyang’s question. Her, not answering the question, already gave the answer to Tang Shaoyang.

”Wait a minute. This is interesting,” Tang Shaoyang’s eyes brightened as he picked up the Celestial Wolves cub from the ground. These two little guys were still sleeping.

”If your Ancestor is in relationship with his Master, does that mean you are half human and half dragon? How does reproduction work if the wife is a human? Guess it works the same, right?” He foolishly imagined a human laying an egg for a dragon. There was still no answer from Avyn for his stupid question.

Tang Shaoyang was walking to the stone pillar as he needed the stone pillar to return from the trial dimension. As he walked toward the stone pillar, he opened the window status and thought of how to distribute the Attribute Points. He had two choices, pumping up the Magic Power since he had relied on Magic or raising the Stamina to Ancient.

”It does not matter, actually,” He tapped his forehead, “I have [Attribute Shift] to shift my attributes whenever I want. It does not really matter which attribute I focus on.”

Tang Shaoyang put everything into Magic Power. In the first place, he never lacked Stamina, whether on the bed or on the battlefield. He did not really need to raise his Stamina, but it was different with Magic Power, which also increased his mana. Dragon Transformation, Spirit Summoning, and Spirit Integration took a lot of his mana. So, he dumped almost two million Attribute Points to Magic Power.


Attribute Point: 15,698

Strength: Ancient (1-Star) [0/30,000 AP 2-Star]

Agility: Ancient (1-Star) [0/30,000 AP 2-Star]

Vitality: Ancient (1-Star) [0/30,000 AP 2-Star]

Stamina: Epic (27-Star) [0/20,000 AP 28-Star]

Magic Power: Ancient (66-Star) [0/30,000 AP 67-Star]

Spirit Power: 3183

Sense: Ancient (2-Star)

Mana: 4,930,000

Spiritual Energy: 31830/31830

Slayer Essence: 3,564,750

Slayer Energy: 3,564,750/3,564,750


The Magic Power boosted up to sixty-six Stars, and his mana shot up to almost five million mana, doubling up his mana.

”I think I need a hundred levels to max out my Magic Power,” He tried to estimate how many Attribute Points to max out his Magic Power. Of course, he did not get the exact number as it was too many numbers. For someone who did not finish middle school, it was an almost impossible task for him.

”Are you really not going to speak to me, Avyn? There are a lot of questions in my head about you,” Tang Shaoyang stopped in front of the black pillar and asked the last Kankara’Xeo, “For example, what’s Kankara’Xeo? Is that your tribe? Or is it your world? Wait, your world is called Argonias.” A frown formed on his forehead as he recalled Avyn called her world Argonias when they were in her inherited memories.

[Do you want to return to Earth? (Yes) (No)]

Tang Shaoyang did not hear the response even after he tapped (Yes). His vision blurred, and then he returned to his office. It was different compared to Trial of The Epic. His office was not in a mess, and he returned to his original spot where he left for the trial, “Home sweet home.” People usually said that with enthusiasm, but he said it in a flat tone.

”Are you there, Origin? Give me an update during my absence,” Tang Shaoyang threw himself onto the chair. It was a constant battle in the trial, so it was nice to take a little break while listening to the update during his absence instead of rushing toward the Dimensional Tower. He leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes.

[Hmmmmm… I have two bad news and one good news… Which one do you want to hear first, Your Majesty?]

Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes when he heard he got two pieces of bad news. He straightened his back as he looked serious all of a sudden, “Hit me with the good news first.”

[The good news is, we have cleared the First Floor of the Dimensional Tower, and we have the right to the entrance to the first floor as a reward. No one but us and our affiliated factions can enter the first floor.]

”The bad news?”

[The World Government tried to assassinate Supreme General Zhang Mengyao openly, but we managed to deter them away. Supreme General Zhang Mengyao now brought the main force into the second floor to clash with the World Government inside the Dimensional Tower.]

”Wait…” Tang Shaoyang noticed something weird, “Why don’t we fight them outside the tower? Why must we clash against them inside the tower? I leave behind Wrath; that should be enough regardless of how many armies the World Government has.”

[Unfortunately, killing and fighting around the tower’s area is prohibited by the System, or we will be kicked out of the area for one month. Supreme General Zhang Mengyao thought it was not worth killing them in exchange for a few floors of the Dimensional Tower.]

Tang Shaoyang never visited the Dimensional Tower even once, so he was clueless about the regulation. He nodded his head even though he did not agree with Zhang Mengyao’s decision. If they killed the World Government’s leaders, those people would not make any move in a while if they lost their leaders, and maybe it would plunge the World Government’s factions into chaos as the members might fight for the leadership position. It was the same as getting banned for one month from the tower itself.

”The second bad news?”

[A hundred and seventy-eight Tarriors died…]

Before Origin could finish the report, Tang Shaoyang slammed his hand onto the table. The table split into two and flew to the two other sides, hitting the wall. The room was filled with killing intent as his face turned cold.

”Don’t tell me it was the bastards from the World Government!?” Tang Shaoyang asked The Smart-AI.

[They are from the Expansion Team, Your Majesty. Two Epic Rank Zombies attacked a team of three hundred Tarriors, and we lost a Field Commander as a result, but three Captains survived.]

Origin just finished the report as the door flung open. Li Shuang entered his room in a hurry.

[I have notified Lady Li Shuang of your return, Your Majesty.]

The mature lady rushed toward him and hugged him. She basically jumped onto him while he was still on the chair. The chair was pushed to the glass behind them, and she put her lips on his. Tang Shaoyang responded to the kiss, and if he did not hear the unfortunate news, his hands would be naughty already, but he was not in the mood after hearing about the casualties. It was the biggest casualties ever since he officially established the Tang Empire.

Li Shuang’s tired face made a relieved expression at the sight of his man. She came down from his lap and tidied up her clothes, “I presume you have heard the bad news from Origin.”

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head, “Do you have more information about the two zombies?”

”Pride, Wen, and Kairu came before the zombie could wipe all the Warriors. Pride killed one of the Epic Rank Zombies, but we captured the second one alive. It’s now under Lu An’s control, and we extracted a lot of information from the second Epic Rank Zombie. The Immortal Dynasty’s roots are in Beijing based on the zombie’s memories. They came to us after wiping out a big survivor establishment in Beijing. We predicted that the survivor establishment belongs to the Great Wall Party,” Li Shuang shared surprising information.

Tang Shaoyang knew the name of the Great Wall Party, a group of people who thought they could lay their hands on his people and his territory. Of course, it was unfortunate they got wiped out by the zombies. That meant he could not convert their people to his empire.

”What about the injured?” His first thought was to the injured Tarriors instead of chasing the zombies.

”The three Captains of Gan Shuo’s team are still unconscious. Apparently, they are poisoned by dark mana.”

”Lead me to them,” Tang Shaoyang got up from his seat and headed out of his office.

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