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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 924 Choosing The Reward

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Chapter 924 Choosing The Reward

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Tang Shaoyang looked down at the sleeping cubs. Two Celestial Wolves in his hands, and without a doubt, they could grow as strong as their parents. But he was not happy in the slightest. There was a sense of guilt about using the cubs’ parents as a sacrifice to summon a new spirit. Without a doubt, two Primordial Rank Beasts were a high-quality sacrifice.

He should not hesitate, just like what the cubs’ mother told him to. Despite that, he was conflicted because he would raise the two cubs. He would be their new parents, and it was kinda messed up to sacrifice the cubs’ parents. The guilt started to pile up alongside when he sacrificed Ashley’s father; the guilt haunted him. Sure, Ashley’s father was an asshole, but it was still wrong to do that to your woman’s father.

[I know there are a lot of things in your mind right now, Master. So, let’s think this through together. You are not alone; you have us!] Zaneos read his Master’s mind perfectly.

[Let’s start with God. I don’t think they can influence the System in any way, or else they will make the System not distribute your class again. They will make the class disappear if they can influence the System. However, without a doubt, they know more about the System, such as the System’s mechanism and how the System works. They are surely ahead of us in this matter. It’s possible they can take advantage of the loophole in the System. As we know, the System is not perfect as we thought. Just like how you take the System’s assets, the Golden Dragon. I think that’s one of many loopholes.] Zara, the Angel of Death, could not comfort him as Zaneos did, but she helped with his concerns.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brow at the thoughts about the Gods. The only Gods he had encountered so far were two Gods; both were the Gods of the Arkania Continent, The Clown God and the Goddess of Love. However, those two Gods had limited knowledge about the System since their world had not entered the Game.

[We can slowly think about those Gods later, we can’t find the right answer for that. We should focus on what is in front of us, the body of Primordial Beasts. The wise choice is to use them as a sacrifice, but if you feel conflicted, then don’t use their bodies. That guilt is akin to a time bomb, and it may come and bite you back later on. It’s not like you are desperate or anything.] Rosalie the Flame Empress changed the focus on what was in front of them.

From there, more and more spirits started to talk. Most of them were comforting Tang Shaoyang about his choice, and all of them supported him in whatever his decision was.

Tang Shaoyang sat down in front of the two dead bodies, sharing his thoughts and feelings with his Spirits. It was kinda nice to have someone to hear him out and share his feelings. Even though he was not used to baring his feelings out as he tended to keep them to himself. A short fifteen minutes passed by, and he made the decision on what he should do with the bodies.

He stood up and approached the dead bodies. Using his Elemental Manipulation, he made a huge hole for two bodies to fit into it. He buried the husband and wife together, and it gave him a huge sense of relief. He had been killing a lot of people to achieve his goal, whether the innocent or the people who wanted to kill him. That burdened him a lot, but burying the Celestial Wolves gave him a sense of relief.

That was weird since he met the couple Celestial Wolves a few hours ago. He did not know them until the System summoned them to fight him. He closed his eyes in front of the grave and smiled out of relief.

It might be stupid of him not to use the bodies just because of his feelings, but that was just proof that he was still a human with feelings. People saw him as a cruel and merciless monster, killing people without batting his eyes. He thought he was a monster too by doing that; hence he was relieved that he was disturbed to use the body for the sacrifice.

”It’s time to check out my new status, I guess,” Tang Shaoyang shook his head and opened the window status.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Race: Tang

Main Class: Exalted Monarch of Spirit

Second Class: Legend Slayer [Level - 3200]

Evolution: Ancient

Age: 27

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 3200

Talent: Divine Body

2nd Talent: Wrath

Bloodline: Black Dragon

Attribute Point: 1,965,698

Strength: Ancient (1-Star) [0/30,000 AP 2-Star]

Agility: Ancient (1-Star) [0/30,000 AP 2-Star]

Vitality: Ancient (1-Star) [0/30,000 AP 2-Star]

Stamina: Epic (27-Star) [0/20,000 AP 28-Star]

Magic Power: Ancient (1-Star) [0/30,000 AP 2-Star]

Spirit Power: 3183

Sense: Ancient (2-Star)

Mana: 2,980,000

Spiritual Energy: 119,360/119,360

Slayer Essence: 3,564,750

Slayer Energy: 3,564,750/3,564,750

Skill Point: 0

Special Skill: Archaic Summoning (1/1)

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Ancient Summoning], [Sovereign Rule], [Ancient Integration], [Mana Mastery (Master)], [Master Mana Perception - Lvl 10], [Flash Step - Max Level], [Spirit Eyes], [Spirit Advancement], [Universal Charisma (Passive)], [Enhanced Strength - Max], [Raged Alteration - Max Level], [Tough Skin (Passive) - Max], [Divine Pleasure (Passive)], [Invisible Slash - Max], [Dispersal (Passive) - Max Level], [Flame Shield - Max Level], [Mana Shroud - Max], [Slayer Energy], [Fire Breath], [True Dragon Eyes (Passive)], [Dragon Scale], [Mana Manipulation], [Dragon’s Regeneration (Passive)], [True Dragon], [Spirit Incarnation], [Spirit Sacrifice], [Spirit Form] [Sky Walk], [Slayer Aura (Passive)], [Abyss Domain], [Undead Poison], [Thousand Blast - Lvl Max Lvl], [Deadly Charge - Max Lvl], [Mana Regeneration (Passive) - Max Lvl], [Spirit Gate], [Spirit Energy], [Rush - Lvl 9], [Perception (Passive)], [Slayer Domination (Passive)], [Slayer Blade], [Elemental Manipulation], [Realm of Fire], [Dragon Sense], [Gravity Pull], [Grievous Strike], [Spirit Link], [Sovereign Aura (Passive)], [Spirit Blessing - Lvl 4], [Resistance (Passive)], [Perseverance (Passive)], [Rapid Recovery (Passive)], [Slayer Touch], [Slayer Absorption], [Volant Step - Lvl 6], [Mirage Stride], [King of Beast (Passive)], [Spirit Fusion], [Spirit Switch], [Spirit Resurrection], [Blink], [Infernal Wrath], [Chaos Fire], [Attribute Shift], [Demon Eyes (Passive)], [Demonification], [Necromastery], [Demonic Energy (Passive)], [Wind Domain], [Water Domain], [Earth Wall], [Nature Grasp] [Flame Burst], [Basic Great Blade Technique (Passive)], [Earth Domain], [Shield Breaker], [Shadow Walk], [Reflection], [Marking Shot]

Contracted Spirit (95):

Grade SSS Spirit: [Zara - The Angel of Death], [Rumru - The Black Dragon (Sealed)]

Grade SS Spirit: [Zaneos - The Void Sword], [Aerelion - The Infernal Wyvern], [Bronson - The Executioner], [Yu - The Ancient Alchemist], [Galeon - The Great Demon]

Grade S+ Spirit: [Lilliana - The Grand Guardian], [Vera - The Legendary Beast (The Adolescent Stage Inferkost), [Orlean - The Demon Prince] [Doru - The Obsidian Golem], [Karan - The Firestorm Berserker] [Arkanos - Ice and Fire Blade], [Feera - The Chimera], [Maldros - The Black Storm Dragonewt], [Ronan - The Helion Wolf], [Rogin - The Troll Warlord], [Togin - The Troll Warlord], [Bagin - The Troll Warlord], [Mugin - The Troll Warlord], [Bain - The Troll Warlord, [Bain - The Troll Warlord], [Hagin - The Troll Warlord], [Hargug - The Helion Wolf], [Rokian - The Revenant], [Artras - The Revenant], [Argon - The Revenant], [Sheynos - The Shadow Bane], [Haynos - The Shadow Bane], [Muri - The Helion Cyclop], [Suri - The Helion Cyclop], [Zuri - The Elemental Cyclop], [Nuri - The Elemental Cyclop], [Rowan - The Abyss Storm Wolf]

Grade S Spirit: [Zowen - The Lightning Grand Magus], [Rosalie - The Flame Empress], [Malki - The Bladefire Ant Emperor], [Yowe - The Undead Master Lancer]

Grade A+ Spirit: [Crystal - The Frost Knight], [Jet - The Abyss Raven]

Grade B+ Spirit: [Trian - The Wrath Troll]

Grade B Spirit: [Pari - The Dire Bear], [Orlon - The Dark Hound], [Exon - The Giant Hawk], [Majon - The Horned Hound], [Palmer - The Wind Elemental Knight], [Pierson - The Earth Elemental Knight]… (+50 other spirits)

Grade C+ Spirit: [Goru - The Hobgoblin Champion]


The obvious change was the attribute; it was now Ancient instead of Epic, a clear indication he was Ancient Rank now. Aside from that, he did not see any big difference. He furrowed his brow and fell into deep thought. He quickly noticed the difference from the previous advancement.

His Bloodline had fully sealed now, so there was no change with that. His first-class and second-class did not undergo advancement. It was just his rank advanced, nothing else. He got nothing from his first and second talent, too, just an advancement of his rank. Of course, he noticed that he almost had two million Attribute Points.

”Huh? I am 27 now?” That was the second change he noticed after observing the window status for a while. He did not know his real date of birth, so he was surprised when his age changed.

Tang Shaoyang had been in the orphanage since he was a baby. The Caretaker Lady in the orphanage told him that he was left in a basket with just pieces of clothes, protecting him from the cold. No one knew his date of birth, but the manager of the orphanage set his birthday on the day they picked him up, which was January 27th.

[You have cleared the Trial of the Ancient with a perfect score (Clearing all waves, including the special wave)!]

[Please choose your reward!]

[Third Class (3)] [Ancient Bloodline Awakening] [Myth Grade Equipment (5)!]

The late notification of the trial rang in Tang Shaoyang’s head. He looked away from the window status and looked at the choices of reward for this trial. There was one less choice than the Trial of the Epic. There was no third Talent as the reward, but the Third Class was still there, the Epic Bloodline Awakened improved to Ancient Bloodline Awakening, and The Ancient Grade Equipment improved to Myth Grade Equipment.

”The logical choice is to take the Third Class and save the Bloodline Awakening and Equipment for the next trial, no?” Tang Shaoyang concluded after getting the gist of how the trial’s reward worked.

The other two rewards got better and better as he faced a harder trial. By the time he took the trial for the Myth Rank, the reward would change to Myth Bloodline Awakening and Primordial Grade Equipment.

[Hmmm, do you think so, Master?] Zara, the Angel of Death, expressed her doubt. She disagreed with Tang Shaoyang. [If the other two rewards get improved, the Third Class reward will get improved too. Maybe the class in the Myth Rank Trial is much better than the Third Class reward in this trial. You don’t know because we can’t see the choice of the classes.]

Zaneos, Zowen, Rosalie, and the other spirits agreed with Zara.

[I think you should focus on what you need right now because the System must apply the fair system reward. What do you lack right now, Master?] Zaneos did not try to influence Tang Shaoyang to choose a specific reward. He helped his Master to figure out what he needed instead the most.

Tang Shaoyang contemplated the question. What he lacked right now. He had two Talents, two Classes, and his race had evolved too. What class could give him? Skills, rarely attributes. Most of the classes only gave him additional skills. A class like Slayer that gave a lot of Attributes was rare.

’Do I need more skills?’ Tang Shaoyang asked himself. The answer was obviously no. He had many spirits, and he could acquire the skills by using integration with them.

Bloodline, without a doubt the best choice to give him a huge boost of attributes. However, if he saved the bloodline for the Myth Rank, he could get even a bigger boost for later. Bloodline was a better version of a class, giving not just attributes but also skills. He could not resist the temptation of a better bloodline like Myth Awakening Bloodline or even Primordial Awakening Bloodline.

As for equipment, he kept telling himself that his body was the best weapon. However, if he had to ask himself what he lacked right now, it was the weapon. The battle of the Dragon Destroyer was a Grade A weapon. He had asked the Dwarves if they could upgrade the battle-ax. The answer was yes, but they did not have the necessary materials to upgrade his weapon.

”So, equipment?” Tang Shaoyang was still dubious about choosing the equipment as the reward. He felt like it was a waste to choose the equipment for the reward.

[Just like Zaneos said, what do you need the most right now? If you think you don’t need better equipment, you can choose the other rewards, no?] Zowen the Lightning Grand Magus repeated what Zaneos said to him.

He wanted to choose the bloodline or even the third class, but the temptation of the better bloodline and class was just irresistible.

Tang Shaoyang squinted his eyes, scanning the three choices. He took a deep breath, and his hand moved to the third choice, Myth Grade Equipment. Not what he needed the most, but the best choice if he had to consider for the future.

[Mithril Reaver] [Phoenix Guard] [Titan Blade] [Desolate] [Celestial Wolf Fang]

There was an additional picture below the name of the equipment. Mithril Reaver was similar to his Dragon Destroyer but smaller in size. Phoenix Guard was a set of plate armor, red in color with blazing flame on the back. The flame was like a cape to the armor. Titan Blade was a great black sword with a flat tip. It was three meters long, including the handle, and fifty centimeters wide. Desolate was a bright red big scythe, similar to the Death Scythe he got from the mini-game in the hospital. The last one was a pair of daggers with Ice Elemental Power.

Tang Shaoyang’s eyes were glued on the Titan Blade and Mithril Reaver, but his eyes kept glancing at Phoenix Guard. The armor reminded him of Liang Suyin, and he wanted to give it to her. However, the spirits clamored, telling him not to spoil his girls.

”What’s wrong with spoiling my woman? There’s nothing wrong with that, right?”

[There’s nothing wrong with it, but you will be burdened by your gift. When you look at the other girls, you will have this thought, “Ah, I need to give her a gift too.” And you have more than five girls. That’s the issue, but if your girl is just one, then it’s fine.] Lilliana, the Grand Guardian, immediately pointed out the issue.

Tang Shaoyang scratched his head and thought about it. Lilliana was not wrong. If he gave Liang Suyin a gift, then he needed to give the other girls a gift too.

”I will choose one for myself,” He nodded and picked up his choice.

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