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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 920 Playing With Its Preys

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Chapter 920 Playing With Its Preys

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”NO! DON’T! COME BACK, YONGZHEN!” Gan Shuo shouted, but the young man did not heed his words and charged at the zombie fearlessly.

Bolios threw all the weapons in its hands as he tried to fight with no weapon like Wan Yongzhen. Alas, the young man was no match against the Epic Rank Zombie. Bolios caught Wan Yongzhen’s hand as he tried to land the punch. Its other hand caught Wan Yongzhen’s other hand, hanging the young man in front of it.

The giant zombie smirked at Gan Shuo before the other four hands sent continuous punches on Wan Yongzhen’s body. The zombie was well aware that Gan Shuo cared for the young man a lot. It purposely destroyed Gan Shuo’s spirit, watching it crush Wan Yongzhen. After a full minute of continuous punches, Bolios threw Wan Yongzhen next to the unconscious Chang Jie.

”You seem to care a lot about them,” Bolios licked his lip, watching Gan Shuo struggle on the ground. The man’s struggle was a pure joy to the zombie. It then retrieved the spear and the greatsword it threw away earlier, “If I remember correctly, these two weapons are theirs, right? Killed by your own weapon is kinda tragic.”

Gan Shuo breathed heavily as he pushed himself to get up. However, the low-grade potion had not fully worked on his body. The potion barely healed him and reduced the pain. Even so, the Field Commander realized the urgency. If he did not get up now and move, Wan Yongzhen and Chang Jie would die. He had regarded Wan Yongzhen as his son, but he was fond of the naive Chang Jie. He felt like they deserved a better future than an old man like him.

’Move! Gan Shuo! Move!’

Bolios approached the two young men who were just seven meters away from it. It secretly watched Gan Shuo struggling to stand up, “Better dead trying than doing nothing? Hah, what a joke. You can’t even try; you get blasted before you can do anything. How does it feel, Human?”

It did not receive a response as Gan Shuo was stabilizing himself as he managed to stand up. At the same time, Bolios arrived before the two young men and raised the greatsword and spear. It aimed the spear at Wan Yongzhen and the greatsword toward Chang Jie.

Bolios did not hesitate to thrust them toward the two young men, but then a figure appeared before it. Gan Shuo managed to come in time, receiving the greatsword and the spear with his body. Both weapons pierced through his body, but his hands held them, so the weapon did not reach the young man.

Blood flowed out of his mouth, but Gan Shuo smiled at Bolios. Even though he would most likely die after this, he smiled because he foiled the zombie’s plan. He protected the young men before he died. That made Gan Shuo happy.

”N-no… D-do-don’t d-die, U-Uncle…” Wan Yongzhen’s weak voice transmitted to Gan Shuo’s ears, “Y-you c-can’t d-die…”

”Please take care of Your Auntie Jun and My Qiaolian, Yongzhen…” Those were Gan Shuo’s last words as his eyes dimmed and his grip on the weapons loosened. Field Commander Gan Shuo died while standing, protecting Wan Yongzhen and Chang Jie.

”ARGHHHHHHH!!!” Bolios was angry as it was not able to achieve what it wanted. The giant zombie pulled out the spear and the greatsword. It was about to kick Gan Shuo’s dead body, but a figure landed in between them. The figure’s height rivaled the four-meter-tall zombie, and the figure caught the kick before pushing Bolios away.

Bolios was surprised for a moment and looked at the figure. The figure was covered in dust, and slowly, the figure was revealed. The gray-silver furred creature, with two horns on its forehead, bright orange stripes on its eyes to its harm, and red eyes. With a single glance, it could tell that this demonic ape was strong, even maybe on the same level.

The figure was Pride, The Demonic Ape King, the Chief of the Fogged Ape Tribe, the Vassal of the Tang Empire, and also Tang Shaoyang’s familiar. Pride caught the falling Gan Shuo with his left hand while the other hand was scratching its head, “This is bad. This is bad. Master will not like this. Master will not like this.” He kept muttering those words as he laid down the body next to Wan Yongzhen, who was crying.

”Wen! Quickly come down! We have an emergency here!” Pride shouted.

A jade-green figure descended next to Pride. The Jade Eagle’s gaze was on Gan Shuo before looking at the two young men, “That man is dead,” Wen was talking about Gan Shuo before taking out two vials. The vial was a high-grade potion. Wen had eleven of them from Cao Jingyi, whom he met before heading toward Shiye Island for the emergency.

”N-no… G-give the potion to Uncle Gan…” Wan Yongzhen refused to drink the potion. He wanted Gan Shuo to drink it.

Wen looked at the dead person, “Your Uncle Gan is dead, Kid. If you don’t drink the potion, you will also die. What does it mean? It means you make his sacrifice in vain. If there’s anything you should do, it’s take care of his family if he has and avenge him. In order to achieve that, you must be alive.”

Wan Yongzhen choked in his tears, but he did not refuse the potion anymore. He drank the potion given to him in tears.

”This is bad! A lot of people died,” Pride kept muttering those words as he saw the bodies strewn all over him. He recognized the armor; those bodies were Tarrior.

”Stop with your bullsh*t, Pride. Kill that zombie already, and I will take care of the one in the air,” Wen looked up at Arkelios in the air, who was also staring at them.

Arkelios’ smugness disappeared the moment Pride, and Wen appeared. It realized that the two beasts were the real deal.

”Did you kill them all, Undead?” Pride approached Bolios by walking.

”What If I did?” Bolios smirked, but then Pride’s figure leaped into the air, jumping toward the giant zombie. The movement was much faster than the people it had fought before; a little bit surprised, but it was something it expected from the Demonic Ape King.

The black energy swirled around Pride’s right hand as he punched down toward Bolios’ head. The giant zombie sensed the danger. It leaped backward instead of facing Pride head-on.


The fist landed on the ground. The ground shook like an earthquake as cracks on the ground spread out. The dust rose, covering Pride. The dust did not hinder Pride from chasing after the giant zombie. The four-meter-tall figure dashed out of the dust, landing right before Bolios.

Bolios realized that it could not escape from the Demonic Ape this time. It raised its two hands, forming a shield to cover its chest from Pride’s fist. At the same time, Bolios’ other four hands punched Pride’s face.


Pride’s fist landed on Bolios’ hand while Bolios landed his punches. Bolios was pushed a few meters backward as the black skeletal armor on its hand cracked, while Pride did not budge from the punches.


Pride spat out black blood from his mouth. Bolios’ punches bleed his lips, but it was nothing dangerous for Pride, “I can understand why the Tarriors can’t hold down against you. But I am not in the mood to enjoy the fight or play with you.”

The black energy gushed out from Pride’s body. The gray-silver fur turned black in the matter of a second, his red eyes turned back, black spikes grew on its back, and thorny black knuckles formed on his fist.

”I will end this quickly and hunt all the zombies from the Immortal Dynasty!” After saying that, Pride’s figure sped up toward Bolios.

Bolios flinched slightly because it was like ten times faster. It could not react in time as a fist flew toward its face. The giant zombie subconsciously put up his two upper hands, blocking the incoming fist.


The cracked black skeletal armor around its hand disintegrated with a single punch, pushing Bolios backward further. Pride followed with a step forward and sent a cross punch, but Bolios reacted quickly, putting up his two middle hands to block the punch.


The black skeletal armor cracked as it opened up its defense once more. Pride sent another punch, an uppercut toward Bolios’ chin. However, Bolios still reacted well against the attack as it used its third pair of hands to block the incoming uppercut.

Even though all the punches were blocked, Bolios’ black skeletal armor cracked each time the punch landed. Pride did not stop as another punch sped up toward Bolios’ stomach. When the punch came, Bolios subconsciously covered its face with its fourth pair of hands, thinking the punch was aimed toward its head.


The black skeletal armor on its body cracked, and Bolios lurched backward from the impact, opening all the defense.

”You are done for!”

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