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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 916 Emergency

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Chapter 916 Emergency

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”That’s right. He is an adult, and he should make his life decisions by himself. Are you expecting me to say that?” Duan Ya responded sarcastically. “You are taking advantage of his naivety, and you dare to say that I am controlling him?”

”I am taking advantage of his naivety? For what?” Gan Shuo scratched his head.

”You have seen it yourself. He was strong, so you are trying to recruit him to your team, so you can use Chang Jie to fight for you, right?”

”I don’t know what you are talking about. Sure, he is strong, but there are so many people stronger than him in the Tang Empire. Also, I never said that only Chang Jie could join the Tang Empire, but all villagers, including you. I don’t know why you always think badly of us. Have we done something wrong?”

Gan Shuo tried to see things from Duan Ya’s perspective, and he could understand why the woman was suspicious of them in their first meeting. However, he could not understand her view after the battle against the monsters. It was not an exaggeration to say that the Tarrior single-handedly killed the monster horde, yet she was still suspicious of him.

Gan Shuo was about to say something, but he heard the commotion outside. From the commotion, he could tell who had arrived, “Alright, let’s end the talk here. My superiors are here. You can talk with them. I don’t have the patience to play your mind game, Miss Duan Ya.”

He was about to open the door, but someone rushed into the house, “Captain Gan Shuo! This is an emergency!” Liao Zhenya opened the door and called him out. He thought it was PM Li Shuang who arrived with Li Na and her giant familiar. However, he was wrong about Liao Zhenya’s reaction.

”Lead the way!” Liao Zhenya nodded and left the house together.

Duan Ya was surprised that they panicked like that and followed outside. They rushed toward the village entrance and found the cause of the commotion.

Gan Shuo made through the villagers and saw the intruder. They were not Li Na and PM Li Shuang for sure, but zombies. One zombie was flying in the air with flesh wings, and another was a giant zombie on the ground.

The giant zombie was around seven meters tall. It had three pairs of hands, a two-meter-long tail, bone spikes on its back, a singular blade horn on its forehead, and its body was covered in skeletal armor. This was the first time Gan Shuo had this type of zombie, and he could tell why this was an emergency.

Meanwhile, the one that flew around was two meters tall, had a long spiky tail, also had the skeletal armor protecting its body and four bone swords on its waist. The upsetting sight was the bodies on their tails. The flying zombie had two people’s dead bodies on its tail, and the giant zombie had two people on its tail, and it held another three bodies in his hand.

”Chang Jie! Evacuate all the villagers! Tarriors, Stay!” Gan Shuo yelled his command.

”NO! I will stay and fight the monsters!” Chang Jie talked back.

”Stupid Fool! Heed my words and left with the villagers! Your task is to protect the villagers! Do you hear me!?” Gan Shuo pulled the big guy’s face closer to him and yelled. “Nod, if you understand!”

Chang Jie shook for a moment and was about to nod, but he shook his head, “No! I will stay! Duan Ya, you leave with the villagers!”


[Zombie - Giant]

Name: Bolios

Affiliation: Immortal Dynasty

Class: Berserk Smasher

Evolution: Epic Rank

Level: ???

Skill: ???



[Zombie - Winge]

Name: Arkelios

Affiliation: Immortal Dynasty

Class: Bone Saber

Evolution: Epic Rank

Level: ???

Skill: ???


The two zombies’ status was the reason why Gan Shuo told Chang Jie to evacuate with the villagers. He could not see the zombies’ level, but he could see their evolution stage, which was Epic Rank. That was enough for him to come up with this conclusion upon seeing the zombie ranks.

Gan Shuo was a Field Commander, but he had not reached Epic Rank yet. He was still far from reaching the Epic Rank as he was still level 872. One of the fastest in growth in the few months, but still far from the Epic Rank. If he wanted to reach level 1000, The Survival Game was his chance. However, the Tang Empire put on hold clearing the Survival Game because they needed to sort out who should take the Survival Game because of the newcomers from Lukan. An adjustment was needed, and that was why the Survival Game was put on hold for the time being.

His chest heaved up and down. He was nervous because this was his first time facing the Epic Rank zombies, not just one but two at once, “Stop bickering and leave!” He kept hearing Chang Jie and Duan Ya bickered, “You are putting the villagers in danger, do you know that!?”

The bicker stopped as Duan Ya led the villagers to safety, but there was not a single Tang Empire trying to escape from the monster, “What are you doing here? You should leave too!” Gan Shuo was annoyed that Chang Jie did not listen to him.

The reason he told Chang Jie to leave was that Chang Jie did not have Talent and class. He was strong physically, but he was at a disadvantage with no class and Talent.

”There’s no way I will leave you guys here. If I have to die, let me die with a good cause, Sir. I don’t want to run anymore, Sir. I don’t want to experience the same thing again! I will fight!”

Gan Shuo did not know how to respond to the big guy and decided not to speak anymore, watching the two Epic Rank zombies.

”Should we chase them, Arkelios?” Bolios the Giant asked the flying zombie.

”There’s no need. Our target is these Tarrior weaklings. We can chase them after we wipe these weaklings,” The flying zombie responded with a cruel smile.

”Sounds good to me,” Bolios’ mouth opened. That small mouth enlarged and swallowed the five bodies at once. Those five people were the villagers tasked to guard the toll pass. “This is not enough.” The Giant Zombie focused on the three hundred Tarriors after swallowing the five bodies, looking at his next meal.

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