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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 914 Against Monster Horde – Part 2

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Chapter 914 Against Monster Horde - Part 2

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Duan Ya observed everything from the side. Of course, she shot the mana arrow, killing the monster with one shot as she watched the Tarriors do their things. She thought it would be a defensive battle with the people with the shield in the front and the archers behind. That was the ideal formation to fight the monsters who overwhelmed them in numbers in her mind.

At least a few thousand monsters in the horde, yet Gan Shuo decided to charge forward despite the enemy numbers. She just could not understand why they must throw away the advantage they had and risk it in frontal combat.

’What are they doing? This is a suicide,’ Duan Ya tried to figure out what these people were doing and cooperate with them, but Gan Shuo and his team went on their own, ‘The System thingy takes our time. It’s better to discuss the plan to fight the monsters instead.’

”What should we do, Duan Ya? Should we help them?” Chang Jie held the greatsword with one hand. He wanted to join the fight, but he waited for Duan Ya’s instructions. The villagers also came closer to her, waiting for her instructions.

Duan Ya hesitated because they had lost too many people fending off the monsters. They did not try to get out of the island because they were afraid that something scarier was waiting for them outside the island. They had been battling the monsters for months, taking too many people’s lives, leaving with just a few hundreds.

Duan Ya did not respond to Chang Jie as she watched the Tarriors rush toward the monster horde. She would make the decision after watching the Tarriors fight the monsters. The two hundred and eighty Tarriors clashed against the monster horde. She was surprised with how it turned out to be.

The two hundred and eight people crushed the monsters on their path, breaking to the center of the horde. Within three minutes, Duan Ya lost sight of the Tarriors as the monsters tried to overwhelm them from all sides.

While most of the monsters focused on the Tarriors, a few of the monsters passed and reached the village. However, those few monsters were not an issue for the villagers. They easily took down the monsters.

”Ah, I think I know what they are doing. They are attracting the monsters, luring most of the monsters away from the village,” Chang Jie realized after seeing the monsters stalled outside the village. But then his smile disappeared with a realization, “But they are risking their lives for the villagers and us. I can’t stay here and watch this. You stay here and command the villagers, Duan Ya. I will help them.”

The big guy ran toward the horde with his greatsword, slicing a few fish monsters on the way to the horde. Duan Ya tried to reach Chang Jie, but her hands stopped midair. She watched Chang Jie rush into the monster horde, and she did not instruct the villagers to help the Tarriors, “Stay here and defend the village! Don’t let the monsters enter the village.”

Duan Ya could not order them to help the Tarrior because elders and children were in the village. If just one monster slipped into the village, the elders and children were done for.

Little did she know that it was Gan Shuo’s plan. He intended to fight the monsters with his available force and lure the monsters away from the village. He had seen the elders and the children in the village and realized it would be dangerous to fight near the village. Of course, this was not a suicide, but because he was confident in his subordinates.

Gan Shuo had used [Basic Detection] on ten fish monsters, the reason why he was confident in charging into the horde.


[Monster - Thorny Whisker]

Affiliation: Yangtze River Kingdom

Evolution: Stage-3

Level: 327



Thorny Whisker’s average level was around 300 to lower than three hundred. After using [Basic Detection] on the fish monster, the highest level he found was level 327. It was so low compared to his people, who were averaging around level 600 to level 700. That was why he was confident to rush into the horde instead of fighting in the village perimeter.

Gan Shuo believed his two hundred and eighty subordinates were stronger than the monsters despite the monster’s overwhelming numbers. This was not their first time fighting against an overwhelming number of enemies. They used to fight thousands of zombies on themselves, so none of the Tarriors were afraid of the level 300 monster horde. They had built the mentality for this kind of battle.

Duan Ya was standing outside the fence, firing the arrow while watching the fish monster swarm into the Tarrior. She could not see the current condition of the Tarrior because the Thorny Whiskers blocked her sight.

”Should we help them, Duan Ya?” One of the villagers was concerned with the Tarriors. The Tarriors came to fight the monsters for them, and it ended up with the Tarriors facing the monsters alone.

”No! We need to protect the village from the monster. That’s the plan we discussed with them. Let’s trust them for the time being,” Duan Ya lied to the villagers. There was no plan discussed before the battle.

The battle lasted almost an hour. Duan Ya and the villagers watched as the number of the monsters dwindled as the fight went on, and within almost an hour, the monsters were wiped out. She was surprised, rooted on the spot as it happened before her eyes. Her eyes observed the Tarriors who stood between the fish monster’s corpses. She could not tell whether all the Tarriors survived or not, but she spotted Chang Jie, who laughed and cheered alongside the Tarriors. His long hands pulled two people to her chest and hopped around, cheering for their victory.

If she did not know Chang Jie, she might think Chang Jie was part of the Tarrior since the start. However, Duan Ya understood why Chang Jie was so happy after wiping out the Thorny Whisker horde. It was because none of the villagers died in the battle. Usually, a few or even dozens would die from the monsters, but not this morning. This was the first battle with no casualties, at least no casualties from the villagers.

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