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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 913 Against Monster Horde – Part 1

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Chapter 913 Against Monster Horde - Part 1

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Gan Shuo sensed the vibration on the ground. He immediately sent the message about the monster’s characteristics to his subordinates, telling them to be careful about the thorny whiskers.

After that, he took out his shield and sword from the inventory, ready to battle against the monsters. But he quickly noticed the villagers moved in one direction, to the right of the village, instead of spreading out.

Gan Shuo was confused, but he quickly realized that the villagers might think that they would take the other side, “Then we will take this side,” He pointed in the opposite direction with his thumb.

There was a short pause from Duan Ya, but she quickly realized what had happened, “No. You don’t need to protect the other side. The monsters only attack this side in the morning, and the monsters will attack the other side at sunset.”

That was bizarre, but Gan Shuo did not question the bizarreness because Duan Ya had been fighting the monsters for months, “I will leave a few of my subordinates at the other side just in case,”

The Field General returned to his subordinates and gave his instructions to them, sending twenty people to the other side and sending the remaining of them with the villagers, “We will be helping them to repel the monsters, and we will discuss our next move after repelling all the monsters for the villagers.”

The three hundred Tarriors replied with “yes” simultaneously, giving the villagers quite a surprise.

Gan Shuo went together to the village’s flank with Duan Ya and Chang Jie. The big guy was sulking because he did not get the armor. It was not because Gan Shuo did not give the armor to him, but because the armor was too small for the big guy. Chang Jie was still topless, carrying the great sword on his back, looking discouraged for not being able to wear the armor.

”Come on, big guy. Don’t get discouraged over common armor; you will get the custom one if we don’t have the size for you once you join us,” Gan Shuo tapped Chang Jie’s upper arm twice while shaking his head. The guy had a giant body, but he acted like an innocent kid. He liked this guy more than the mysterious Duan Ya.

”We never said that we would join the Tang Empire,” Duan Ya gave a quick reply on that matter.

”I have explained it already, Miss Duan Ya. You guys have to leave the territory if you don’t join the Tang Empire. We don’t want the unaffiliated people to stay in our territory, and I already explained it earlier, no?” Gan Shuo thought the woman understood everything after he explained about faction and territory.

”We will talk about it again later after we kill the monsters, Miss Duan Ya. I don’t think we need to debate with monsters in front of us.”

”Urghhh! What is that!?” Liao Zhenya was grossed at the sight of the monsters. The crowd of monsters ran toward the village, but her face scrunched at the monster’s appearance.

Just like what Gan Shuo messaged to him, the monster had the face of the catfish, but its head was full of thorny whiskers. The part that grossed her was the monster’s legs. A whole catfish, but it had four human legs. It was not an adult leg but a kid’s leg based on the size. That was right; it was a whole fish body with humanoid legs; that was the monster.

They galloped with their shorty legs, running without making noise. In fact, it was not just Liao Zhenya grossed by the monsters, everyone from the Tarriors. It was kinda fortunate that the legs were covered in scale, not really human legs.

”Tarrior! Forward and formation!” Gan Shuo shouted as he came out of the fence along with the three hundred Tarriors. One hundred and eighty Tarriors stood in line along with the fence, putting their shields forward, “Archer! Ready!”

One hundred archers stood behind the formation, pulling their arrows from the quiver and nocking the arrow on the bow. They did not immediately shoot it, waiting for the command from Gan Shuo.

Gan Shuo knew very well the ideal shooting range of his archer teams. The optimal distance was sixty meters, and he estimated the monsters were still over a hundred meters. It was not the time yet, or else they would waste the arrows. Not all the archers from his team could use the mana arrows, after all.

”Hundred… Ninety… Eighty… Shoot!” When the monsters were approximately eight meters away, Gan Shuo made the call. Not the ideal range, but he was aware that they must reduce the monsters’ numbers before the frontal clash. The monsters were just too many for less than five hundred fighters to fight.

A hundred archers started to shoot the arrows. Not all of them hit the target, but most of them hit the monsters with how dense the monsters were. They ran side by side closely, making the arrow hit them easier. However, Gan Shuo found an issue within the first volley. The monster needed more than one hit to be killed. He noticed that they needed at least five arrows to kill the fish monster.

The monsters covered the distance quickly. They were now five meters away from the formation, “Combat formation!” Gan Shuo yelled the command. The hundred and eighty Tarriors broke the line formation, separating into twenty-eight groups. If they only had the shield forward before, they pulled out their weapons after hearing the combat formation.

When the monster’s horde reached thirty meters range, Gan Shuo yelled another command, “Put your bows away and pull your swords!” A hundred archers put the bows back into the inventory and pulled out their swords. It would be dangerous if they rushed into the monsters with the archers still shooting the arrows. They might hurt their friends instead of killing the monsters.

The archers joined into the twenty-eight groups, making each group composed of ten people. Each group had a Squad Captain to lead the nine Tarriors, responsible for ensuring his team’s safety with his crucial decision in the battle.

By the time all twenty-eight groups filled with ten people, Gan Shuo had raised his sword, “Charge!” Two hundred and eighty Tarriors charged to the horde.

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