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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 911 Chang Jie and Duan Ya

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Chapter 911 Chang Jie and Duan Ya

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Gan Shuo looked up at the man, who was more than two meters tall. He could tell that the man was tall from afar, but he did not expect him to be this tall. Meanwhile, a woman with long black hair was next to the tall man, around 1.65 meters tall.

He could not see the woman’s face because of the black veil, but he was amazed by the man’s body. Not only was he tall, but he had refined muscles as well.

”Hello, my name is Gan Shuo, and I am part of the Tang Empire,” Gan Shuo offered his hand for a handshake.

”My name is Chang Jie, and she is Duan Ya,” The tall man reached out his hand and introduced himself and the woman, “What do you mean by the Tang Empire? Are you from…”

Gan Shuo knew where Chang Jie was headed, so he immediately shook his head, “We are not from that Tang Dynasty, and it seems I need to explain a lot about the System. However, since you have the sword and the bow, you should understand a little bit about the System, right?”

Gan Shuo figured out that these people might not know about the faction system, so he needed to start from the basics before going further to the faction, smart base, and so on.

Chan Jie scratched his hair, looking confused before glancing at the girl, “I don’t know anything, but maybe you can talk with Duan Ya. She should know more about what you are talking about.”

The woman raised her head slightly, scanning Gan Shuo and Zhen Yang from top to bottom, “We do really need to talk, but this is not the right time for that.” A delicate voice sounded from the woman.

”Not the right time, huh?” Gan Shuo nodded his head, “Then we will wait.”

”You are not asking me why this is not the right time?” Duan Ya asked Gan Shuo.

Gan Shuo was weirded by the question, unsure of replying, “You don’t tell me immediately why this is not the right time, so I think it’s not something you want us to know.”

”I can’t talk right now because we have to fight the monsters from the river. Monsters come out from the river each morning and sunset, trying to take over the land. It’s about the time that the monsters attack the land, so we have to defend the land from the monsters.”

Gan Shuo nodded his head, rubbing his chin.

”Are you not going to offer help?” Duan Ya asked five seconds after she explained what happened within the island, giving Gan Shuo no chance to respond.

Gan Shuo understood what the woman wanted from him and his team, but the way she expressed it was kinda weird. She was roundabout with it. No, she did not want to make the request, but she wanted him to ask if they needed help or not.

”We don’t mind helping,” Gan Shuo agreed to help without a second thought.

”Thank you,” Duan Ya responded with a flat tone as if it was natural for Gan Shuo to help them.

Gan Shuo shrugged and motioned his team to come over. The tall man and the veiled woman led the way with ease, but the villagers seemed to be cautious around them.

Chang Jie and Duan Ya led the way with a quick-pace walk, following the main road. They passed the thick forest, arriving at the rice field area. Gan Shuo was surprised to find the rice field.

He had seen the Tang Empire’s rice field, but this one was clearly better than the one he had seen in their territory. The crop was much taller, taller than himself. He could the thick grains, causing the crops to droop down; despite that, the crop was still taller than him. Looking at the rice field, he only had one thought in his mind, persuade these people to join the Tang Empire so they to share the secret. He could force them to spill the secret, but it was not the method everyone liked.

They arrived at the settlement within ten minutes. The settlement was surrounded by a wooden fence, and Gan Shuo could tell it was man-made, not system-made. The village was big and more people were waiting inside the village, the elderly and children.

”So, where are the monsters?” Gan Shuo did not see the monsters Chang Jie talked about, ‘Wait a minute? Is this a trap?’

The Field General was alerted and stopped his steps, scanning his surroundings. The armed villagers were staying behind him and his team, and to the front were Chang Jie and Duan Ya. He did not see any armed villagers.

”They haven’t attacked us yet, but they will attack us in around half an hour,” Chang Jie turned around and smiled at Gan Shuo. The tall man had a bright and honest disposition, while the woman appeared to be mysterious.

”We just need to wait until they come to the village and use the fence to fight the monsters.”

”I see, so we still have half an hour,” Gan Shuo rubbed his chin, “Then I have a proposal for you guys. Each of us has a set of reserve equipment, and we will lend— No, we will give them to you all free.”

”Really? Do you have this fancy armor with you? Can I have one too?” Chang Jie’s eyes brightened. He scanned Gan Shuo’s armor, looking closer at the armor. A pure admiration was reflected in his expression. However, Chang Jie suddenly frowned, “You are lying, aren’t you?”

Gan Shuo was caught off guard by how quickly Chang Jie changed in expression. But he realized why Chang Jie thought he was lying when he said he had more equipment. Not everyone could have the inventory as it was something they gained from clearing the mini-games and other games. To get the inventory, they needed Inventory Bag Crystal; only then could the player open the inventory. Chang Jie and Duan Ya had been living on this small island since the start of the game, so it was understandable if they did not know about inventory.

Gan Shuo smiled and took out a sword from his inventory, “I am not lying.”

From Chang Jie’s perspective, the sword suddenly appeared in Gan Shuo’s hand. It was like a magic trick. The man’s eyes shone, clearly interested, and he wanted to know how Gan Shuo did it.

”There’s an item called Inventory Bag Crystal that can enable inventory for the player who uses it. I have an inventory just like in the game because of that item, and we have the reserve equipment in our inventories,” Gan Shuo explained with a smile. He was amused by Chang Jie’s innocent reaction. That reaction came from an adult of over two meters in height, so it was funny in a way.

”Can I have that Inventory Bag Crystal?” Chang Jie asked.

”Unfortunately, I don’t have the item with me, and the Inventory Bag Crystal is strictly controlled by our superiors too. I can’t give it to you even if I have the item with me,” Gan Shuo shook his head.

”What do I have to do to get the Inventory Bag Crystal then?” It seems like Chang Jie would do anything to get the inventory.

”Stop it, Chang Jie! This is not the time for that!” Duan Ya interrupted before the conversation went further.

Chang Jie’s shoulder drooped, but he listened to Duan Ya and returned to her side.

”What do you want in return for giving us that equipment?”

’The woman is much sharper while the man is quite naive and innocent,’ Gan Shuo smiled, “We are the Expansion Team of the Tang Empire, and our job is to clear the zombies from the city or any settlement and rescue the survivors. So, we come here to bring you all back to the main base that is safe from monsters and zombies.”

”So, you want us to join that dubious empire of yours, then you will weaponize us to fight the monster and zombie?” Duan Ya’s sharp words were not well-received by Gan Shuo, Shen Yang, and the other Tarriors. Her voice was loud enough for them all to hear it clearly.

Gan Shuo’s smile disappeared as his face turned solemn. But the first one to react was Wan Yongzhen; he pulled out the spear from his back and pointed at Duan Ya, “Take back those words!”

Even though Chang Jie was innocent and naive, he could sense the malicious intent directed toward Duan Ya by Wan Yongzhen. He stood in front of Duan Ya, intending to protect her from Wan Yongzhen. He pulled out the great sword on his back and held it tightly.

”Stay there, Wan Yongzhen. Don’t you dare move without my order!” Gan Shuo warned Wan Yongzhen. The latter was the youngest and the most impulsive, so he quickly acted before the situation escalated further. He knew why Wan Yongzhen was upset; calling The Tang Empire a dubious empire was an insult that could not be accepted by those who were rescued by the Tang Empire. Not just did the Tang Empire give them food, but also a safe place for them to live.

In Wan Yongzhen’s case, his malnourished sister was helped by the Tang Empire. Not only did she grow up healthy in a good environment, but Wan Yongzhen also managed to see her sister smile again, playing with the other kids. That could be realized because of the Tang Empire, so Gan Shuo understood why Wan Yongzhen was extremely upset when Duan Ya called the empire a dubious empire.

”No! I will make this woman regret insulting the Tang Empire! You can’t stop me, Captain!” Wan Yongzhen responded furiously.

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