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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 910 Shiye Island

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Chapter 910 Shiye Island

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[Luck is also part of your strength, Lady Li Shuang] Origin responded to Li Shuang.

”Is that suppose to comfort me, Origin?” Li Shuang shook her head, “My business is over, so please watch this territory for me as well, Origin.”

[Yes, Lady Li Shuang]

*** ***

The following day, Zhenjiang’s survivors agreed to leave the city.

Gan Shuo was a General of a thousand Tarriors, and he had to split his force to escort the few thousand Zhenjiang’s survivors to Shanghai. Seven hundred Tarriors and seven Captains left his team to escort the survivor.

”What should we do now, Captain? Should we wait the others to return before continuing the exploration?” Zhen Yang asked.

Gan Shuo and the three remaining Captains ate the breakfast together. Zhen Yang, Liao Zhenya, and Wan Yongzhen stayed with Gan Shuo. They had been together since they escaped from Hangzhou and worked their ways up in the military.

Even though Gan Shuo was a Field General, the three still called him Captain because they had been in the same group from the start. Gan Shuo was originally a captain of a hundred men before getting promoted recently.

”We can continue the exploration and let them catch up with us later, no?” The youngest between the four, Wan Yongzhen said. He was the most excited to fight the zombies.

They were part of the expansion team, and they were tasked to clear the zombie within the city. They did not take the mini-game or the Survival Game to capture the city, but only kill the zombies, ensuring the city was safe from dangers and rescued survivors if there any.

”Guess so, or why would stay here instead of escorting those survivors, right, Captain?” Liao Zhenya agreed with Wan Yongzhen. This was the reason why they split up.

”Yes. We will continue the exploration, but we will do it in a slow pace until they catch up with us,” Gan Shuo nodded, “We will be going to the north. What’s city in the north of Zhenjiang?”

”I think Yangzhou, right? I think Yangzhou has less people than Changzhou, so we will be fine there,” Zhen Yang replied after a short pause.

Gan Shuo rolled his eyes, “Don’t underestimate the zombies, Zhen Yang. Even though Yangzhou may be less crowded city, but we are just three hundred people. We have to be extra careful in our work.”

”Yes, Sir,” Zhen Yang replied with a smile.

Gan Shuo led his team to the north after they ate their breakfast. Three hundred and four Tarriors marched together to Yangzhou.

”It’s fortunate the bridge does not fall off,” Gan Shuo was relieved that the bridge was still in a good condition. He was quite worried because they had to cross over Yangtze river to reach Yangzhou. It had been eight months since the Game, and he was afraid that the mindless zombies would destroy the bridge.

”I don’t think a bridge this big will be broken even until ten years, unless someone random people tried to destroy it,” Liao Zhenya chimed in.

Gan Shuo shook his head and smiled, “I don’t know where your confident come from, but I have seen a video of one of our bridges shook just because a strong wind. Let’s hope it’s not this bridge that I saw in the video.”

The bridge was empty, no car or bodies or even zombies on the bridge. And there was nothing on the bridge, so Gan Shuo and his team passed the bridge with no obstruction. The bridge was connected a small island between Zhenjiang and Yangzhou, and that island called Shiye Island.

They could see the island as they walked on the road. Wan Yongzhen came to the side and looked down. It was a thick forest below them, but he could see the road, meaning there might be a village or maybe a few villages in this island.

”Should we stop by and check the island?” Wan Yongzhen asked Gan Shuo who came next to him.

”What do you guys think?” Gan Shuo asked Zhen Yang and Liao Zhenya. He was unsure if they had to check the island. Based on the instruction, they just need to clear the zombies in the city, so he could not decide if he had to go down and check the island.

”If I am not wrong, there are a few parks there,” Zhen Yang pointed toward the opposite direction. They could see big building at where Zhen Yang pointed at, then he pointed toward the direction at where they look originally, “And there are a few village there, I think? I am not sure.”

”Is it possible there are survivors in the village?” Liao Zhenya asked. The doubt was clear in her tone, “Million of people in the city can’t survive. I don’t think the people in the village will survive.”

”You are underestimating people who live in the village, Zhenya,” Zhen Yang shook his head, “First of all, they had less people in the village, meaning less zombies spawned when the Game started. Second, I do believe the villagers have more courage than the city people. If monsters like zombies appear, they will fight them instead of running away.”

”I do agree with Zhen Yang. Let’s check the island. Team Leader Cao Jingyi also allows us to explore the island. Let’s find a way to go down and explore the island,” Gan Shuo decided to check on the island after thoughtful consideration.

They needed to wait the others to continue the exploration to Yangzhou too, so might as well explore the island while waiting his subordinates from escorting the survivors. They followed the road, looking the fork to go down from the road to the island. They could try to jump over, but decided not to since there was a risk they would be attacked by unknown monsters inside the thick forest.

They found the fork road to gown from the road and took the path until they reached the toll gate. To Gan Shuo’s surprise, he saw people on the toll gate, seven people stood in the toll gate, holding various of farming tools. Of course, the people on the toll gate also noticed the incoming big group.

”There’s survivor ahead. Keep your weapon down!” Gan Shuo ordered his people to make sure the survivors did not misunderstand them.

The seven people came out of the booth and raised the farming tools toward their direction. The seven people said something, and then one of them ran back. Gan Shuo was aware that the one people ran away to inform the group, and he did not stop that one man since they came to speak not to fight.

”We are a rescue team of the Tang Empire! We are a rescue team of the Tang Empire! We will not hurt anyone!” Gan Shuo raised his hands as he approached the toll pass.

The six people exchanged glances, but they did not lower the farming tools. Two people held shovels, two held forks, and the other two held short sickles. It was funny sight, but Gan Shuo held his laugh, though Wan Yongzhen could not hold his laugh.

”Zhen Yang follow me, Liao Zhenya and Wan Yongzhen stay!” Gan Shuo commanded.

Zhen Yang nodded and followed Field Commander Gan Shuo. They could tell that the six people kept looking on the sword on their waist. The farming tools in their hands was laughable compared to the sword. Of course, that sword made the six people more cautious to the guests.

”Stop there!” When Zhen Yang and Gan Shuo were ten meters away from the six people, one of them shouted, “Who are you? Why do you come to this island?”

”My name is Gan Shuo, a Field Commander of the Tang Empire. We are the rescue team from the Tang Empire, and we come to check the island,” Gan Shuo responded. He was surprised that there were survivors, not just that, they were armed as well. From the way they guarded the toll pass, that meant there was a big group of survivors in this island, an organized as well to assign guards at the toll pass.

”Tang Empire? Tang Empire from the ancient time?” The six guards furrowed their brows.

’Of course, they will misunderstand us,’ Gan Shuo thought to himself before answering, “No, we are not from the Tang Dynasty or from the ancient time. We are the survivor group from the zombies and form the new nation called the Tang Empire.”

The six people exchanged glances once more. From their expression, Gan Shuo could tell that they did not know what to do. They were afraid to let Gan Shuo and his team to enter the island because of the sword and armor. They feared that Gan Shuo and his team would harm the people in the island.

”What about if you inform your leaders that we have come? I would like to talk with your leader,” Gan Shuo spoke.

Before the six people could answer, Gan Shuo saw a big group came toward them. He estimated the group was less than two hundred people, arming themselves with the farming tool. That gave him a lot information, meaning the island did not have System-related stuff. They did not have the access to shop or smart base, and there were no game or quest that might reward them with equipment.

After that, he focused on the two person in the front, ‘Or I might be wrong,’ He changed his mind when he looked at equipment of the two persons in the front. The man on the left had a big sword and legging plate, but topless top. The petite figure on the left wore normal clothing, but she had a deep green bow on her back with a quiver filled with arrows. From the quality of those three equipments, Gan Shuo could tell it was System’s product.

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