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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 902 Second Floor ~

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Chapter 902 Second Floor ~

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Emilio furrowed his brow as he did not like his second son’s answer. The answer sounded weak, and he did not want to look weak in front of the Dragon Cavalry’s commander.

”Oh, why so? Can’t we just take Queen Melina back? Why do we need to work together with them?” Iain Monterlo sounded interested.

”Will they hand Queen Melina willingly? Can’t we take her back? I heard from Carina that even the Slayer of Athilia can’t do anything to them. That means at least two people are on the same level as Alvarina, right?”

Iain Monterlo nodded, “Continue,”

”The second issue, I have examined the tracks, and they have three times if not four times more armies than us. I don’t think we can win, and even if we win, we will lose the majority of our forces. Then what? We can’t help the Athilia Kingdom against the rebel army.”

”The third issue, have you ever thought of the scenario where we lose? If we lose against this unknown force, then the Gienas Kingdom loses a big number of forces, and it will weaken our kingdom. If the demons heard this, then we are exposing our kingdom to our foes. I will rather not take the risk. I came up with this conclusion based on what Carina told us.”

Videl Stanion did not care what his father thought of him. He expressed his thoughts to Sir Iain and his father without sugar-coating them. He even told them that there was a high chance they would lose if they fought the unknown force.

”What do you think, Sir Emilio?” Sir Iain did not make any comment as he sought the father’s comment regarding the plan.

”I agree with my son, Sir Iain. If we can solve this amiably, then why not? We can’t afford a three-way battle when the rebel army looms over the Athilia Kingdom. The best interest is to wipe the rebel army, and we can reconsider this unknown force’s status after taking care of the rebel army. On top of that, Sir Iain’s force excelled in the open field battle. I don’t think we can win in a siege battle if the enemy has more numbers than us,” Emilio showed his support for his second son’s plan.

In order not to embarrass the Stanion Family further, he had to support his second son even though he did not like the plan.

Emilio always thought the Gienas Kingdom’s force was the strongest among the four human kingdoms. So, his train of thought was that his force was in the superior position and thinking from the perspective of the strong while his son made the plan from the weaker position. He did not like the way his second son made the plan.

”That’s true. Then we have to ask Carina to speak for us since those people are more familiar with her than us. We will talk about it with them, and if possible, we will ask them to hand over Queen Melina to us. I will go with Carina to ensure her safety during the talk,” Sir Iain nodded as he voiced his agreement with the plan.

”I will go with you as well, Sir Iain,” Videl Stanion volunteered.

The Gienas Kingdom’s reinforcement headed toward Harnian City, following the obvious track by the Tang Empire. A hundred thousand forces were moving together, bound to leave the obvious track for the pursuers. They followed the track and arrived at their destination.

The seventeen thousand forces did not head directly toward the city as they had to ensure many things. First, they had to find out whether it was the rebel army still occupying the city or the Tang Empire had taken over the city. Second, if the Tang Empire had taken over the city, they had to make it clear the status between them, friend or foe.

”Elfs? Are they from the Elven Kingdom?” Emilio furrowed his brows upon the sight of the elven archer on top of the wall.

His daughter had reported to him that elves and beastmen in the Tang Empire. However, he was still surprised that the beastmen and the elf worked together. In fact, he also saw the humans on top of the wall.

”It’s surprising that elves, beastmen, and humans are working together. This is interesting,” Iain Monterlo made a surprised remark upon the sight of elves and beastmen staying next to each other.

”I think they have noticed our arrival,” Videl Stanion frowned, “But why don’t they welcome us? They should know that we are from the Stanion Family.”

”We will find the answer soon,” Sir Iain smiled and came down from his warhorse, “Let’s meet this Tang Empire,” He turned toward Carina, indicating her to speak with the Tang Empire’s representatives.

Carina nodded her head and walked toward Harnian City. Looking at how tight the guard was, made each of her steps heavier as she got closer to the city wall.

In the tenth step, Sir Iain held Carina’s left shoulder, “Let’s come back. I don’t think they are friendly,”

The Dragon Cavalry Commander sensed the killing intent from the soldiers on the wall. If they were friendly, they should not exude the killing intent toward them. If they were cautious, they should point the bows toward them and questioned them, but this was not the case.

”Go back, Carina. I will talk with them,” Videl Stanion took the risk to meet the Tang Empire.

”But—” Sir Iain cut her off before she finished speaking, “There’s no but, Young Miss Stanion. They are not our friends, and you are just a burden if you follow us to meet them. At least we don’t need to protect you if the situation goes south.”

Carina Stanion nodded and returned as Videl and Iain Monterlo approached the eastern wall.

Fifty meters, Sir Iain, stopped Videl from getting even closer than this, “Elves with them, better we keep the distance from them.”

Videl nodded and took a step forward further before announcing his identity, “I am Videl Stanion of the Stanion Family. We are the reinforcement from the Gienas Kingdom.”

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