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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 898 Second Floor ~

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Chapter 898 Second Floor ~

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”I have sent Yeon Hee to keep a watch our back with Greed. I think they will return soon,” Coincidentally, Yeon Hee appeared behind Lu An with Greed on her left shoulder. Greed jumped off her shoulder and lay down on Zhang Mengyao’s lap, getting a comfy spot to nap.

”I have returned with a report, Sir,” Yeon Hee reported.

”Tell us, what do you have? Does the Stanion Family come with their force?” Lu An leaned his back on the luxurious couch and closed his eyes, waiting for the report.

”Yes, The Stanion Family brought their force to our direction, and I spotted the third young miss of the Stanion Family with them as well. I am not sure who they bring, but they have around ten thousand knights. That’s just a rough estimation; I don’t know the exact number.”

Yeon Hee summarized the report into a one-paragraph report for the leaders.

”Ten thousand? Do they bring siege tools too?”

Ten thousand knights were a small number compared to their force. It was too ambitious to bring ten thousand people to take over a city.

”Siege tools?”

It was uncommon words, and it took Yeon Hee for a few seconds to understand the question. Yeon Hee furrowed her brow for a moment, recalling everything she saw within the Stanion Family.

”I don’t think they have the siege tools with them. Maybe they still think that we are on their side in the battle against the rebel army, Ma’am.”

”That could be it,” Zhang Mengyao rubbed her chin, “If I am not wrong, The third young miss said the Gienas Kingdom will send reinforcement too. Do you spot other forces? The Gienas Kingdom may send more soldiers from the other territories too.”

Yeon Hee fell silent and shook her head, “I apologize for my negligence, Ma’am. As soon as I spotted the Stanion Force, I was following them all night instead of scouting the other areas.”

”There’s no need to apologize,” Zhang Mengyao waved her hand, “I will ask the Luminous Legion to take over for now. The forest is their territory. We still need a new plan for our next movement. Call everyone; we need to discuss it with everyone.”

”Yes!” Yeon Hee and Lu An replied simultaneously before they disappeared together as well.

”Why can’t they leave normally? We are in our own territory; there’s no need with the fancy shadow movement and stuff,” Zhang Mengyao shook her head.

*** ***

”Is there anything I can do? This is the first time in my life that I feel this helpless,” Queen Melina returned to her room and grumbled. She sat next to the window and saw a lot of people in the backyard running around, “What happened in the backyard?”

”I don’t think you need to worry about the citizens, Your Highness. The Tang Empire’s army cooks are preparing the food for the people. Those people are the army’s cooks.”

Alvarina tried to reduce Melina’s worries and told her not to worry about the food. She stayed twenty-four hours with Zhang Mengyao, and she overheard the order to make food for the citizens.

”Really?” Melina was surprised to hear that. Zhang Mengyao’s tone earlier was like someone who did not care about the people of this city. So, she thought the Tang Empire ignored the food issue.

”Yes, and I think we can visit the place if that will help you to ease your worries.”

They left the room even though they had just returned. They rushed to the backyard and realized there was an open kitchen in the backyard. She did not know how these people made these many stoves overnight in the backyard, but she was glad that the Tang Empire genuinely helped the citizens.

She came over and checked what they cooked in the pot. She did not know what they cooked, but she could tell it was something similar to soup, “Are they nutritious enough for the people?” She did not spot any meat inside the pot and furrowed her brow.

”What they need is not balanced nutrition food, but a meal that warms their empty stomach. For the people who have not eaten for days, they need a light meal, so they don’t upset their stomach.”

Melina heard a stern female voice come from behind her. She turned around and saw a young girl with green hair.

Delia scanned Melina from top to bottom. With how Melina and Alvarina dressed up, she was pretty sure that these two were not part of her team. She did not recognize them from the Tang Empire either.

”Please leave the area if you are not part of the cook team. You will obstruct the people who work,” Delia voiced her dissatisfaction with the fact these two idle people were in the area.

Alvarina had the urge to scold the woman in front of her, but she held back. Her status was not the same anymore. She was even lower than the army cooks here, so she stayed silent rather than speaking for Queen Melina.

”What’s wrong, Delia?” Another voice rang. This time, the female voice was gentler than the annoyed Delia.

Melina looked toward the voice; a mature lady with purple hair came over.

”Just telling these two to get away from our working space. They are standing in the way,” Delia pointed at Melina and Alvarina with her thumb.

Elinova wiped the sweat on her forehead and smiled, “If you are not part of our team, can you leave the area, please? We are in the busiest time to cook meals for thousands of people.”

Melina was not upset that Delia reprimanded her. The green-haired girl was right; the fact she stood here might obstruct the cook from doing their work.

”I apologize if I am obstructing your work,” She bowed her head, then she looked at Elinova, who seemed to be the leader of the cook team, “I want to help too. Can I work with you guys? Ah, I can’t cook, but I can help with the preparation. You can place me on the prep team.”

The Queen of the Athilia Kingdom volunteered to help.

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