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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 890 Second Floor ~ Night Attack – Part 2

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Chapter 890 Second Floor ~ Night Attack - Part 2

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Melina caressed her daughter’s hair, who was sleeping on her lap. She saw a glimpse of death today. It shook her to the core, but she could not let her daughter see it. She had to stay strong for her daughter.

”You don’t help them to take over the city? You are quite strong, much stronger than me, at the least. Your presence on the battlefield will be a great boost,” The Queen opened the conversation with Kang Xue, who was sitting across from her.

Melina had witnessed how fast the woman in front of her was, and she was pretty sure that the woman in front of her was even stronger than the two knights next to her. However, she did not understand why the woman would stay behind in each battle. On top of that, the enemy was not just a few hundred rebel armies this time, but thousands.

Kang Xue shook her head, “My ability is not suitable for the night attack. But why are you so concerned about the battle outside? Wouldn’t it be better for you if my Sister died?” She smiled while reading the Queen’s expression.

”I am not sure about that. It’s not like I will get my freedom back if she dies in the battle. My status is still the same, the hostage. You are losing in the battle against the rebel army may turn things worse for me. At least you guys still treat me as a human being, but it will be different if the rebel army catches me,” Melina smiled bitterly.

”That’s true, and you are quite wise for having those thoughts, and yet you made a stupid decision. I just don’t understand why,” Kang Xue looked serious when she asked that.

She had helped the Queen to smooth the talk with Zhang Mengyao, and a deal was made. At that point, there was no need for Melina to play tricks with them. Once the Tang Empire was associated with the Athilia Kingdom, they would have to help the kingdom to quell the rebellion eventually. Thanks to those small tricks, The Queen had to pay a big price for it. Not just Zhang Mengyao no longer trust her, but she had to experience one of her hands getting torn apart.

Melina did not hide it from Kang Xue and spilled everything. There was no point hiding it anyway. She told Kang Xue that it was not her idea but her protector, Alvarina’s idea.

”Yeah, you are lucky that you don’t have to deal with our husband in that part. If it’s my husband, I don’t think you and your protector would be alive by now, and you may experience something worse than your hand ripped apart,” Kang Xue let out a sigh and got up from the chair upon noticing the little girl woke up, “You can stay in this tent for the night… Ah, that may not be the case. I think we will move into the city in a few hours; just get ready for the move.”

Kang Xue turned around while waving her hand. She sympathized with the little girl for being involved in this part; that was why she tried to help the Queen. Looking at the little girl made her remember about her newborn niece.

*** ***

Harnian’s southern wall

”Do you hear it?” A group patrol of three guards stopped moving as one of them heard a suspicious movement.

”Hear what? It’s totally quiet,” Another guard dismissed it with a wave of his hand. The third guard shrugged as he heard nothing as well. However, the alerted guard was not convinced with that and came near the edge of the wall. His head poked out of the wall and looked down. The moment he did that, he saw a large group of rabbit beastmen on the wall.

Before he could say anything to warn the others, Moonsong leaped up and pulled out the guard’s head from the body. The guard’s body took three steps back before falling onto the ground, making a clanking noise. The other two guards looked toward the noise and were shocked at their friend’s headless body. Their eyes widened in shock, and their mouths gaped open.

It took a while for them to register that they were under attack. However, their vision turned upside down, and they realized they had lost the ability to speak, “Oops,” Grand Elder Olming caught the falling head, “We are getting too old for this and almost fail for an easy task like this.”

”That’s true. My backache is getting worse by the day,” Grand Elder Auron tapped his back waist with his free hand while the other hand was holding the guard’s head.

”Then prepare your successor to succeed in your position, Grand Elders. Then I will retire you two from the battlefield,” Moonsong landed between the two Grand Elders.

Grand Elder Olming squinted his eyes and stared at Moonsong, “Retiring us from the battlefield? Does that mean you will work us outside the battlefield even after choosing our successor?”

”Of course, you still need help to rebuild our tribe. We are just moving into a new world, and I will stay with the Tang Empire’s main force most of the time, so you need to help me with our new home,” Moonsong smiled at the two old men.

”Then this old man would work on the battlefield for another few years,” Grand Elder Olming took back his decision to retire.

”Spare me with the menial work. I would rather stay on the battlefield than manage those rascals,” Grand Elder Auron nodded in agreement with Grand Elder Olming.

”We are still on the battlefield, Father. You are not supposed to have a chat unrelated to the battle with the Grand Elders. What if the enemy’s Ancient Rank comes out and attacks us? I don’t think The Emperor will like it when he hears that a few of us die because you have a chat with the Grand Elder.” Sylvia arrived at her father’s side and criticized her father’s conduct.

Moonsong smiled bitterly when he heard that from her daughter, “You just married him like a month ago? Isn’t it too fast to change sides? Shouldn’t you keep this a secret for your father?”

Sylvia rolled her eyes and ignored her father’s words, “We have taken over the wall. We are waiting for your order to open the gate.”

Alvarina watched everything unfold before her eyes, how fast the Moon Tribe took over the wall. She was surprised and stunned by how they took over the wall so easily like that. For sure, the Tang Empire had an advantage of the night attack and the ambush, catching the rebel off guard. However, the flawless movement from the Moon Tribe was just amazing for taking over thousands of meters long city walls.

After receiving the signal from Moonsong, Zhang Mengyao led the Tang Empire’s force close to the wall. She brought a hundred thousand forces into the dimensional tower, but not all of them were the combat forces. A small part of them were healers and army cooks. So she did not bring all a hundred thousand forces to take over the city, but seventy thousand forces. The remaining combat forces stayed outside and guarded the non-combat forces against the worst scenario.

As soon as they reached the wall, Virion led the elven archer to climb the wall. They did not enter the city through the main gate because they could not open the gate yet. The steel gate would make a loud noise if they opened it, and it would alert the rebel army. They did not want that to happen because they needed the elven archer to be ready on the wall before starting the battle.

After all the elven archers climbed the wall, Moonsong led his tribe to the northern wall. They had to secure the northern and western wall, to cut the rebel army’s retreating path. They did not want the rebel army to notice they had taken over the Harnian City.

”Where’s Lu An?” After the Moon Tribe made their move, Zhang Mengyao searched for Lu An. The young man and the intelligence division should take over the southern wall, but she did not see him around.

”I think Sir Lu An was already leaving with his team the moment we arrived here, Supreme General Zhang,” Marshal Alton noticed when the young man left them; hence he reported it to his superior.

”Hah…” Zhang Mengyao let out a sigh when she heard the report, “I need to scold that guy. At least, he must say something to me before leaving. We will need another five minutes before opening the gate. Five minutes should be enough for them to take over the southern wall and the northern wall.”

Exactly five minutes later, Zhang Mengyao signaled Virion to open the gate. If they waited too long, the rebel army might notice they were under attack, so she gave Lu An’s team and Moonsong’s team an extra five minutes.

Sure enough, the main gate made a loud noise. Once the gate fully opened, the rebel army was alerted to the attack. However, it was too late as the Tarriors flooded into the city through the eastern gate. The Tarriors spread out evenly, standing close to the wall. They would let the rebel army come for them instead of attacking the core of the city.

Zhang Mengyao planned to dwindle the rebel army with the battle in the outskirts before taking over the city. They had a disadvantage because they did not know the city’s outline. The rebel army might use that to fight them if they entered the city directly and would suffer big casualties from that.

The bell rang in the air, and the quiet city turned lively with the warning attack. Just like Zhang Mengyao predicted, the rebel army brought their force to take back the eastern wall. Their priority would be taking over the wall back because this wall would be the weakest point for the city.

The rebel army swarmed to the eastern wall, but they moved chaotically with no formation, scrambling their way toward the eastern wall.

Alvarina took out her long sword from the inventory, ready to fight with the incoming rebel army.

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