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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 885 Second Floor ~ The World Government In Action

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Chapter 885 Second Floor ~ The World Government In Action

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”That’s my thoughts as well, but I am considering the long term. Do we need to antagonize all twelve kingdoms? Once we clear the second floor, should we kill all the living beings on the second floor? I think it would be better to have them manage the second floor instead of killing them all,” Zhang Mengyao shared her thoughts.

That was one of the issues they had to face because the second floor was more vast than they thought. It was not just an issue on the second floor but also on the first floor. They had to deploy a large number of people to manage the first floor as well. It was like a whole continent itself, and they needed thousands of people to manage that. She felt like using the inhabitants to manage each floor instead of killing them. Once they conquered the first ten floors, there was no more Tower Break mechanism, so the inhabitants should no longer be hostile to them.

”That’s true…” Marshal Alton nodded in agreement. The Tang Empire still needed people to rebuild their territory on Earth; they could not afford to split their people to manage their floors in the dimensional tower. They were fighting for the resources, so all their efforts were useless if no one managed this floor.

”Then let’s meet the King first. We can decide later whether they are worth working with or not. We have Selena to hold the oath ceremony, so we don’t need to worry if the King will go back on his words,” Wei Xi felt like the concern that the King would back down from his promise was nothing to worry about with Selena.

”Allying ourselves with one of the kingdoms will be a great help for us too. We know so little about this second floor, so there will be more benefits than the disadvantages of becoming The Athilia Kingdom’s ally,” Kang Xue supported the idea.

Kang Xue and Wei Xi supported Zhang Mengyao, and Marshal Alton leaned toward The Supreme General too. Legion Commander Moonsong and his Vice Legion Commander Virion said no more, as the decision was most likely made.

”Then it’s decided. We will approach the Athilia Kingdom as an ally and help them to quell the rebellion,” Zhang Mengyao then scanned the people around and told them the plan in her mind, “We will help the Athilia Kingdom to face a little part of the rebel army and meet the King in the pretense of returning the Queen and the Princess to him. Then, with the Queen’s help, we will try to pry some information about The King of the second floor if he knows anything.”

”What if the Athilia Kingdom’s King does not know anything about the King of the second floor or the dimensional tower? We are doubling the work and getting nothing in return,” Vice Legion Commander Virion voiced his doubt.

There was a big chance that the King did not know anything about the true King of the second floor and also the dimensional tower. Of course, part of it, he was reluctant to work together with the human kingdom, pushing him to say that.

”Nope, our effort is not useless. We can ask for their help to find the true King of the second floor. With a whole kingdom helping us, it will be easier for us to find the hiding King,” Zhang Mengyao explained.

Virion just did not like the plan despite the convincing words from the Supreme General. He did not like it because the Empire did not have full control of the Athilia Kingdom by doing that. He liked The Emperor’s method more, where they took over the authority with brute force and had full control rather than making the kingdom their ally.

”I will talk with the Queen, and I think we will move out of this forest soon. If the Stanion Family notices that their third young miss goes missing for too long, they will deploy an army to search for her,” Zhang Mengyao looked at Wei Xi and Marshal Alton, “Get our people ready to leave anytime.”

*** ***

Meanwhile, on the other side of the second floor, The Kingdom of Bharuskh, one of the four human kingdoms.

”Are you saying you are players who come to conquer our world? Are you saying Consana Continent is just a second floor of a giant tower? Trapped inside the tower? Don’t tell me you expect me to believe you!?” Braanz Nahom questioned.

Braanz Nahom was The Bharuskh Kingdom’s King and currently had an audience with three men inside the throne hall. As the King raised his voice, the thirty guards in the hall pointed their spears toward the three men. With how upset the King was by his voice, the guards were ready to punish the three men at any time. The guards waited for further order while the King stared at the three men, asking for an explanation for what they told him.

”Why would we lie to you, Your Majesty? What’s the benefit of us telling you this lie with the risk of losing our lives?” Hines Myers shook his head in regret, “I don’t know how we prove that we are not from this Consana Continent, but we are coming with a good intention to you, your people, and your kingdom.”

”What do you mean by good intention? What will happen to my kingdom and my people?” Braanz Nahom grew solemn and stared straight at Hines Myers, sending a chill to the latter’s back.

’This king is one rank above me. So this is the Ancient Rank?’ Hines Myers thought to himself. He was halfway through the plan, so he would not stop here, “We are not the only players that come into this dimensional tower. And not everyone like us, who come with peace and righteousness. We are here to warn you about the other group of players who come to destroy everything in their path, including your kingdom, Your Majesty.”

Braanz Nahom furrowed his brow as he got more confused about the situation. He tried to understand these three people’s purpose in approaching him, but he got nothing so far, ‘Are they from the Gienas Kingdom? The Athilia Kingdom is in a mess right now, so they want to use this chance to attack my kingdom?’

The Bharuskh Kingdom and The Athilia Kingdom were in alliance, and he intended to send reinforcements to Athilia to quell the rebellion. But he would not be able to do that if the Gienas Kingdom came to his door.

’No. The Gienas Kingdom is also Athilia’s ally. They also want to help The Athilia Kingdom to quell the rebellion, especially for the Stanion Family,’ King Braanz looked at the sincere expression that latched on Hines Myers’ face. He could not tell if the man was lying or not.

”I have hundreds of thousands of armies and knights. Do you think I will be afraid of foreign threats?”

Hines Myers smiled when the King took the bait. He knew that the King tried to get more information from him, “I will not come here to warn Your Majesty of the incoming threat if that group of players doesn’t have the capability of destroying the kingdom and slaughtering the people, Your Majesty. They have a dragon, not just one, but two. One of them is Myth Rank evolution. Do you think you can defeat them without a well-thought-through preparation, Your Majesty? If you think so, then just ignore this man’s words.”

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