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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 883 Second Floor ~ Entangled With Athilia’s affairs – Part 1

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Chapter 883 Second Floor ~ Entangled With Athilia’s affairs - Part 1

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Melina stayed outside, talking with her personal guard, who was concerned about her well-being. The door was not fully closed, so Alvarina could hear what Viona and Yeon Hee reported. Hearing the flag description, she felt like she needed to explain the situation because that force was coming after her and her daughter.

However, she was not expecting everyone inside would take off their helmets. After telling them the incoming force was the rebellion army, her mouth gaped open as she realized her mistake. These people tried to hide their identities from her and her niece, and now she saw their faces.

The purple-haired girl disappeared from her sight and appeared again behind her, and she could not see how the girl did it. The door was closed as Viona pushed Melina forward.

Zhang Mengyao put back her helmet and stood up from the chair, “I thought royalties know some basic courtesy, but I guess I was wrong,” She walked toward Melina and said, “Stay here while we take care of the incoming force. We have a lot of things to discuss, and don’t try to escape because we will hunt you down, and the people around might get involved as well.”

Sweat started to come out on Melina’s forehead, but she convinced herself that they would not kill her because of the oath, ‘Why would you become such a busy body, Melina.’

”You can take my personal guard, Alvarina, with you if you intend to fight the rebellion army. You guys got involved because of me, so let me do my best to help you,” Before Zhang Mengyao opened the door, Melina spoke. She had a good intention as she involved these people, but deep inside, she was trying to redeem herself and get into these people’s good side after seeing their faces.

”My people don’t need your help. We can raze the City of Fanvas if we want to, but war is not our goal,” Zhang Mengyao opened the door and left the building.

Wei Xi chased after Zhang Mengyao, leaving Kang Xue, Viona, and Yeon Hee. Kang Xue waved her hand at Viona and Yeon Hee, “You guys can return to your team. I will watch her.”

”Please take a seat, Lady Melina. Don’t worry; we will not hurt you or your daughter. You will be safe here,” Kang Xue gestured to the lady in the red dress to sit across from her.

”Lady Melina, are you inside? I thought we were going to our dwelling?” Alvarina knocked on the door, forcing Kang Xue to put her helmet on. Kang Xue had not allowed the guard to enter the building, but Melina’s personal guard opened the door. She held the sword in her right hand as she entered the room.

”Believe me, don’t try anything funny, or you will regret it,” Kang Xue warned Melina and Alvarina. She could tell that Alvarina was thinking of escaping from this place while Zhang Mengyao handled the incoming force. But she was not worried in the slightest, remained on her seat while watching Alvarina’s movement. “If you take three more steps from where you are, then I will take an extreme measure.”

Alvarina stopped her steps as a frown formed on her forehead after hearing a different female voice. It was clear that the one sitting in front of her lady was not the leader, and this was their chance to escape. She looked at Melina for further instruction. If The Queen ordered her to take action, she would make a move and fight Kang Xue.

”I will stay here until the leader returns. You can help them to fight the rebel, Alvarina,” Melina ordered her personal guard to step back. She was unsure of how strong this force was, so she did not want to take the gamble where she could lose her daughter.

”Are you sure you want me to help them, My Lady?” Alvarina remained unconvinced. This was a golden chance; there was no need to hesitate at all.

Melina nodded, “Yes. They get involved with the rebels because of me, so it’s natural for us to help them. Go and help them.”

Alvarina’s frown deepened as she glanced at Kang Xue. She bowed toward Melina and left the room after a little hesitation. As soon as she came out of the building, she told the two private knights to keep watching the building and Queen Melina before she followed the track of the Tarriors.

Alvarina was level 1321, an Epic Rank, the Sword of Athilia, which was a specialist class for the Kingdom of Athilia. She was the third strongest in the kingdom after the King and the Commander of the Athilia. With how the King deeply loved his Queen, he assigned Alvarina to be his wife’s private guard.

”Hah…” Alvarina let out a sigh and muttered in a low voice, “The Queen is softhearted even in this situation. Why would we need to help these suspicious people? It would be best if the rebellion force and these suspicious people destroy each other. I have to tell everything to the King if we return alive.”

She ran with the maximum speed and caught up with the Tarriors in the following minute. With how things turned out between them, Alvarina did not report her presence to the leader as she followed them quietly. She would help if they truly needed help, so she kept herself in the dark.

Seven minutes later, the group met with the rebellion force. Alvarina estimated the unknown force had around ten thousand people with them as they only brought part of their force to intercept the rebel force. Not it did matter since the rebel forces only had five hundred people. The rebel force was surprised that a big army intercepted and tried to speak their way out, but the unknown force did not give a damn about the rebel force.

Alvarina watched from the sideline that the rebel force was devoured by the unknown force. She watched the leader of this unknown force tearing apart the rebel’s knights. The knights were helpless and were slaughtered by an unknown force. She expected the unknown force to win because of the number, but she did not expect the battle to result in no casualties from the unknown force.

After the rebellion force was slaughtered, a ferocious fire mage burned them down, leaving a burning mark on the ground. That was it; the battle lasted only three minutes. It was not a battle but a slaughter. The slaughter took three minutes, and the rebel force was wiped out. That was a mind-blowing result in the eyes of Alvarina. Especially with how the general of the rebel force was killed.

”What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here. Are you spying on us?” Then she heard a male voice from behind her. Alvarina was startled because she could not sense anything from the back. She turned around and found a young man staring at her. She did not recognize the man, but she recognized the two females behind the young man. Those two were the ones who reported the incoming rebel force to the main camp.

”Let her go, Lu An. We don’t want to hurt our guest,” Zhang Mengyao had noticed Alvarina earlier, but she let the Queen Protector follow them.

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