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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 881 Second Floor ~ Swift Operation

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Chapter 881 Second Floor ~ Swift Operation

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The carriage roof split open after Captain Patrido said that. The blade shot toward Moonsong, but Revalor blocked the blade with his sword. He reflected the blade, but more blades came for the two Legend Ranks. Eight blades formed around two of them as they lost their footing from the carriage’s roof.

”You are getting old, Moonsong. How can you be this careless to cause us in this situation,” Revalor said in a mocking tone, but he was still smiling despite the eight blades surrounding him.

Before the eight blades could do anything, a whirlwind formed around the two and destroyed the eight blades. The two then jumped away from the carriage, looking toward the carriage.

”I am sorry, I guess?” Moonsong smiled while shaking his head, “I don’t know you have this side of you, Sir.” The Revalor he knew would never say something like that, especially in a battle like this. He was all serious and strict, especially on this occasion.

”Guess this is a positive change for me, no? Those Tarriors are nice to chat with, and I don’t know if it would be this comfortable to become a normal soldier,” The ease smile disappeared in the next moment, and Revalor nudged the Chief of the Moon Tribe, “That’s enough with the casual chit-chat, Moonsong. Lady Zhang Mengyao does not like this; we have to get the job done before things escalate further.”

”Get ready to fight!” Captain Patrido immediately yelled and pulled out the sword in his waist. The fight was unavoidable, so they had to fight until reinforcements arrived. They had to make the commotion so the guard in the watch post would notice the fight.

The carriage was split open after the initial fight, and there were six persons inside the carriage. Five women and one girl. Two of them wore fancy dresses, and the other three wore plate armor. The three women with armor were clearly the guard for the other three.

”You two stay close with her Majesty and Lady Stanion. Find a way to escape if possible. I will use my body to make these two busy,” The lady with long black hair, holding a sword that was similar to her height, spoke to the two women knights.

”No! We will leave this place together, Alvarina. I will not and can’t leave you alone! If we have to die, then we will die together,” The lady in the red dress shouted.

”This is not the time for this, Your—” Alvarina did not finish her words because she sensed someone coming for her. Moonsong was right in front of him with two short swords in his hand. “You should not lose your focus in the fight, Lady.”

Alvarina subconsciously raised her sword to block the incoming attack, but she quickly noticed the attack on her was a distraction as she saw the blurred figure pass her. She turned her back to Moonsong as she was about to chase Revalor. She let her back open, but Moonsong did not attack her as the bunny-eared beastmen appeared in front of her, “You can’t go anywhere, Lady. And better for you to stay there before blood spills.”

”You are talking as if you are not going to harm us!” Alvarina said icily, but her eyes were on the lady with the red dress.

”You will know soon enough,” Moonsong shrugged as he did not have an intention to fight the lady called Alvarina. His job was to keep the strongest guard busy while Revalor did the work.

The two lady knights clearly did not expect Revalor to pass Alvarina so easily. They scrambled up their defense, putting up a barrier for the three people behind them.

It did not take a lot of effort for Revalor to split the barrier. He slashed the barrier with his short words, and it split up. Before the two knights could put up some fights, they were surrounded by a fierce whirlwind.

The lady in red dress was holding the little girl from getting swept away by the wind, while the lady in blue dress defended herself from the wind.

”Don’t move, you two!” Revalor threatened the two lady knights, “The two ladies behind you may get hurt if you move.”

The two lady knights were aware the elf was the one controlling the wind. They did not dare to make any move when the elf threatened them. Revalor easily walked past the two knights to the ladies and the little girl.

”Who are you!? I am the third daughter of the Stanion Family!” The lady with the blue dress tried to use her luck once more by using her family’s name.

Revalor shook his head, “My leader told you already. We meant no harm, but just want to ask a few, no, a lot of questions from both of you.” The former Elven King pointed at the two ladies, “We don’t want to hurt anyone, but we will do so if that means to achieve our goal. So, can you two just cooperate with us?”

”Let’s be realistic. If we want to hurt you, there’s no need for all this talk. We will just kill all of your guards and kidnap you if you are our target, right?” Revalor tried to explain the situation.

The two ladies exchanged glances as they felt what the elf said was true. The forces that surrounded them did not attack any of them, and in fact, it was them who attacked first.

”Stop using your family name, lady. It will never work, and you should realize that by now,” Revalor immediately silenced the lady with the blue dress as soon as he noticed the lady was about to speak something. “I don’t care about your identities. Follow us willingly, or we will use force. My leader does not have the patience to play the waiting game. If you don’t give me the answer within ten seconds, then we will kill all your guards and bring you three with us.”

”We will follow you! Don’t kill anyone. They are innocent!” The lady with the red dress responded fast. With that answer, the whirlwind slowly disappeared.

”We don’t have to destroy your carriage if you listen to us,” Revalor lowered his swords and headed toward Zhang Mengyao, “Don’t make any suspicious move if you don’t want these two ladies to get harmed.” The former Elven King warned the knights.

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