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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 880 Second Floor ~ The Stanion Family

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Chapter 880 Second Floor ~ The Stanion Family

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”I think we should kidnap the noble instead,” Virion, The Elven King voiced his agreement with Lu An, “Attacking the noble is far easier than the merchant groups with their hired guards.”

”Care to explain why it’s easier to kidnap the noble than the merchant group? They are noble and travel with twenty guards; they must be strong since the merchant group had to travel with hundreds, even thousands of guards,” Wei Xi did not agree with targeting the noble because it had the risk of revealing themselves to the kingdom. They did not want to start the war with the kingdom right now with how little information they had.

”Attacking the merchant group requires us to take down all the guards first before we focus on the merchant, but it will be different if it’s a traveling noble with a small group. We just need to target the person inside the carriage, and the twenty knights will be helpless,” Marshal Alton was the one who responded to Wei Xi, “Those hired guards will try to escape when they know they can’t win against us, but the knights can’t run because the person they must protect is in our hand. So, if we decide to attack the traveling noble, we have to focus on the person inside the carriage instead of the knight.”

Wei Xi nodded his head understandingly. No matter what, it would be much easier to attack the noble than the merchant group, especially with their numbers.

”Then we will kidnap the noble,” Zhang Mengyao made the decision, “The Epic Ranks will focus on the knights on the horse. I want Revalor and Moonsong to focus on the person inside the carriage.” She made the two Legend Ranks kidnap the noble while the Epic Ranks focused on the guard. That was a decent plan since they needed to secure the noble to make the guard stop fighting back.

*** ***

The traveling noble traveled much faster than the merchant group, still not as fast as the car. The Captain Knight and the Vice-Captain Knight were leading the group in the front, and they noticed something different. The Captain exchanged glances with his trusted subordinates before he raised his right hand and signaled the group to stop.

”Do you feel it too, Captain Patrido?” The Vice-Captain asked with a concerned tone.

”Yes. I feel like we are being watched since a while ago, but the feeling has become more apparent,” Captain Patrido nodded his head as he scanned the forest around him. He was confident there were people watching them; that was why he told his team to pick up their pace. However, the people who watched them had prepared an ambush ahead, so he stopped the group.

”Who are you? Come out! How dare you spy on the Marquis Stanion Family carriage!?” Captain Patrido declared. Indeed, he was part of the Stanion Family, and this was the Marquis’s territory. That was why they traveled with a small number; there should be no one dared to attack the Stanion Family carriage in their own territory.

However, if these people still dared to make a move even with the Stanion Family flag above the carriage, that meant these people were not just a band of bandits. The enemy was prepared for them, and maybe they were the target. ‘I have to notify the guard post…’ But he quickly realized they were far from the nearest guard post.

Zhang Mengyao came out of the hiding spot. She was wearing the complete set of Fallen Set, having her face covered with the helmet with only her eyes visible, “We will like to avoid unnecessary battle too, so will you and your people, including the person inside the carriage, follow me to the forest. I am just going to ask a few questions to the person inside the carriage.”

There was no way Patrido would accept that absurd condition. If he was that stupid, he would not be the Captain Knight today, “I am the Captain Knight of Stanion Family! Trust me, you don’t want to offend the Stanion Family.”

”I know it already, and I don’t want to hurt any of you as well. Just follow me and answer my question honestly, then we will let you leave,” Zhang Mengyao tried to persuade the knights. She knew there was only a small chance for this to succeed, but it was worth giving a try.

”Get your weapon out! We will not let this evil take us!” Captain Patrido had enough with the nonsense and motioned his subordinates to be ready for the fight.

”You should accept the offer and follow us quietly, Captain Patrido,” Marshal Alton came out, and he had a helmet to cover his face as well. He raised his right hand, and the elven archers came out of their hiding spots, directing the arrow toward the group. At least there were three hundred elves surrounding the twenty knights.

”You are from the Elven Kingdom!” Captain Patrido yelled out as he saw a hundred elves surrounding his group. But a frown formed on his forehead as he was confused with the situation. The Elven Kingdom was far from this territory, and the elf must cross two kingdoms to reach the Gienas Kingdom. Why the elf in the deep part of the Gienas Kingdom?

”Unfortunately, we are not part of the Elven Kingdom you are talking about,” Captain Patrido heard the male voice from behind. He turned around and saw two figures standing above the carriage. His eyes widened in shock because he did not sense these two people’s movements. One was an elf for sure because of that pointy ear, but the other one was for sure a beastmen. Those bunny ears told him who the other one was.

’Elf and beastmen!?’ He could not believe that the elf worked together with the beastmen because of the blood feud between the two races. The situation was getting even more confusing to him, ‘Don’t tell me the elf and the beastmen worked together to fight us?’

”We advise you to follow us quietly, or we will use force,” Moonsong had his face covered with a black cloth just like the other elf. He squatted down and placed his palm on the carriage.

But then, Captain Patrido smiled, “Unfortunately, you guys are wrong if you think the person inside the carriage is weaker than me.”

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