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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 878 King Who Hides In The Dark

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Chapter 878 King Who Hides In The Dark

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Lu An brought back a man with casual cloth and threw them against the wall. The unconscious man woke up, he was about to scream, but someone closed his mouth. The man’s eyes widened as he looked at the young man in front of him, “HMMMMMM.”

”Scream, and you will die,” Lu An formed a dagger with the shadow and placed it on the man’s neck. The man’s eyes widened in fear as he was terrified after feeling the coldness from the dagger on his neck. He was a knight on duty and was about to return home after his night shift. On the way back, someone knocked him down, and here has. The man shook his head, indicating he would not scream.

Lu An took out his palm from the mouth, but he noticed the man was about to scream. His left hand moved faster, forcefully opened the mouth, and pulled the man’s tongue. The man could not scream because Lu An pulled out his tongue.

Lu An placed the pitch-black dagger on the man’s tongue and let the blade cut the man’s tongue. Of course, Lu An did not cut the tongue completely; he just sliced the tongue open a little bit, telling the knight he was not joking around. The knight struggled when he felt the pain, but Lu An sent a kick to the man’s stomach to suppress the knight once more.

”Let’s make things simple before things get completely ugly between us. I will ask you questions, you just need to answer me, and I will leave you alive, understand?” Lu An stared at the knight’s eyes with his left hand still holding the knight’s tongue. The knight nodded his head as he was surrounded with fierce killing intent. It shocked him how the young man in front of him could have this kind of aura. He felt like the young man had killed more people than him despite being younger.

Lu An proceeded with the interrogation, everything about the city from the highest rank to the bottom rank. Everything about the city, from a to z. After he was done with the questioning, the knight looked up at Lu An, “Who are you? Why are you doing this?”

”You don’t need to know about me. That’s for the best for you if you want to stay alive. Or, I can entertain your curiosity and end your life after I tell you everything about me,” Lu An smiled. But it was like a devil smiling at him from the knight’s perspective. The knight shook his head furiously.

”Good,” Lu An hit the knight on the back of his head, knocking the knight down unconscious once more. “This is the best thing I can do for you since you are cooperating,” He then stabbed the knight in the back of his head, killing him instantly. Giving the knight a painless death was the best present he could give the knight. There was no way he would let the knight alive after the interrogation.

Lu An attempted to ask about the King of the first to the knight, but the knight seemed not to understand what he said. The knight did not know the King of the second floor, and the knight did not even know what the second floor was. The only thing the knight knew was the king of his kingdom and the other kingdoms.

”It seems the knight does not know he is inside the Dimensional Tower,” Lu An muttered by himself. Things became weirder with the difference between the first and the second floor. Almost all creatures on the first floor knew they were trapped inside a tower, yet not everyone knew about this fact on the second floor. “Maybe the ruler of this city knows something about that,”

The City of Fanvas was ruled by a Marquis Stanion. The Head of the Stanion Family was the mayor of the city, and the heir of the Stanion Family was the General who led the main army. So, they had to deal with The Stanion Family if they wanted more information on the second floor. Marquis of a kingdom should know something about the second floor.

”Viona is right. We can’t just kidnap the General or the head of the city like I kidnap this knight. They are Epic Rank, and they will not get knocked out with just a simple whack on their heads,” Lu An fell silent as he was thinking about how to finish his job. He thought it was just a simple kidnapping mission, but it was more complicated than he thought because they had to do it quietly.

A few moments later, Viona and Yeon Hee returned with one unconscious man with them. Yeon Hee furrowed her brow at the sight of the dead man in the corner. She was not used to seeing this kind of scene, but she knew she just needed to get used to this because she would see more similar things in the future.

”I assume we don’t need to interrogate this one, do we?” Viona asked Lu An as she tossed the unconscious man next to the dead body.

Lu An nodded and shared his information with the two girls. He got to know where the Marquis Estate was, but the issue was it seemed to be impossible to kidnap the Marquis himself or even the General quietly. They would cause a big commotion trying to kidnap an Epic Rank.

”I see. I think it will be hard to clear the second floor,” Viona rubbed her chin, “Let’s confirm it by interrogating this man,” She was talking about the information about the second floor of the dimensional tower. She slapped the man to wake him up and started the interrogation.

Fifteen minutes later, Viona ripped the lower hem of her dress and wiped out the blood in her hand, “I think the second floor is more complicated than we thought. I think the real King of the Second Floor is hiding the information about him and the dimensional tower from the inhabitants.”

”But why, though? Is there a reason for the King to hide that information?” Yeon Hee asked, a little bit confused with the situation.

”To hide from us, the players. It will be hard for us to clear the second floor if we can’t find this king. At this point, I am not sure even the Marquis knows something about the real King of the second floor because the King set up the second floor orderly like this,” Viona explained.

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