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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 877 Fanvas City

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Chapter 877 Fanvas City

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”Wouldn’t it be better if we split up and disguise ourselves as the inhabitants of the tower?” Wei Xi thought this plan was brilliant, but Zhang Mengyao did not agree with the plan.

”What about the beastmen and the elf? Straying in the wilderness? They can’t disguise themselves as inhabitants because the inhabitants will recognize them at a glance because of their race. On top of that, wouldn’t the kingdom become suspicious that their city was swarmed by thousands of new people? The risk is too high, and we will end up exposing ourselves,” Zhang Mengyao shook her head while explaining her reasoning.

”The fact that we can hide with a hundred thousand forces is good enough, and we don’t want to mess up until we have the full info. Let’s wait for Lu An and his team to return for now while the Luminous Legion gathers more information about the territory on the second floor,” Zhang Mengyao did not want to take the risk because there was a big difference between the first floor and the second floor.

On the first floor, the only Epic Rank was the king, while everyone else was around level 300 to level 700. On the second floor, one kingdom had seventy-one Epic Ranks, and the King was Ancient Rank. That was the reason she did not want to take the risk because there was an Epic Rank. Of course, she was not afraid of them because she had two Legend Ranks on her side. She just did not want to take the meaningless loss.

*** ***

The Kingdom of Gienas, one of the human kingdoms on the second floor, was also the closest kingdom where the Tang Empire was. Lu An led a small team consisting of five people.

”We will do the same thing. Viona, Yeon Hee, and I will sneak into the city by entering one of those people’s shadows. You two secure the escape route for us,” Lu An spoke to two of his subordinates. The mission was to kidnap, so he did not want to bring a big group for the mission. Three people, including him, should be enough even though the target was The General of the armed force.

The former Major General Zuo Ren and former Major General Wu Shuan nodded their heads in response. Even since they changed sides to the Tang Empire from the Suzhou Survivor Establishment, they had been helping Lu An to shape up the Tang Empire Intelligence Division. This was the first real mission for the two since they joined the Tang Empire.

Lu An trusted his back to the two former Major Generals and focused on the main gate of the city ahead of him. There was a stream of people waiting in line to enter the city. Most of the people had carriages behind them, seeming like a merchant bringing their goods to be sold in the city.

Lu An pointed his finger at the carriage in the middle of the waiting line, signaling the two girls to follow that carriage. The two girls nodded and followed Lu An. They became the shadow itself and blended with the carriage’s shadow. They could just climb the wall, but they chose the safest route since the city wall was tightly guarded.

It took fifteen minutes for them to enter the city with the carriage’s shadow. Not a long process, the guard asked the carriage’s owner what they wanted to do in Fanvas City and paid a sum of money. Fanvas was one of the six cities under the Kingdom of Gienas’ reign. This place was known as the merchant city, which explained why there was a long line at the main gate.

Once they entered the city, they were greeted by the medieval atmosphere. The building had medieval architecture, and it included the dress people wore as well. After leaving the main gate, the three sneaked out of the shadow and entered the small alley between the building.

”What’s the plan?” Yeon Hee asked. She was quite nervous because this was also her first official mission, “We can’t disguise ourselves as one of them with our clothing, but we need information about where this General lives.”

”It’s not hard to get similar clothes. I will get the clothes; stay here for a moment,” Viona used her shadow movement and left. Just like she said, it did not take long to get similar clothing, just around three minutes before she returned with the clothes. She had to steal since she did not have the currency on the second floor. These people did not use Game Coins but a physical currency: copper, silver, and gold.

”This is your clothes, Sir. Can you give us a private space, Sir? We need to change up,” Viona politely asked Lu An to leave. Lu An left and returned to the same alley ten minutes later.

By the time he returned, Viona was in her blue dress while Yeon Hee was wearing a red dress. His eyes stopped for a moment when he looked at Yeon Hee before snapping out, “What to do, now?” He turned silly for a moment to ask that because he was the leader. He should be the one making plans. Yeon Hee tried to hold her smile as it was rare for Lu An to act like this.

Fortunately, Viona saved his face in front of Yeon Hee, “Yeon Hee and I will go to a bar or something, and we will find more information about the city. We don’t have to kidnap a General, but the important people in this city will do, such as the mayor, if this city has one, or maybe the mayor’s secretary. I don’t think we can kidnap a general quietly like we kidnap a soldier.”

”For now, we will look up everything we need to know about the city and return to the same place in an hour, or maybe two hours. How does it sound, Sir?” Viona and Yeon Hee looked at Lu An.

”That will do,” Lu An nodded his head, “We will regroup in this spot in two hours then.”

Viona and Yeon Hee left the alley with their shadow movement, but Lu An stayed there. After the two girls left, he tapped his cheek two times, “What’s wrong with me? Do I fall for her?” He furrowed his brow, then he shook his head, “My brain stopped working for a moment back then, and I am confused; why don’t we just kidnap another soldier and interrogate that soldier? The knight of this city should know everything about the city.”

Lu An scratched his head, but since that was the plan, he had no choice but to follow the plan. He left the alley and headed to a random crowded place.

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