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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 872 On The Other Side

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Chapter 872 On The Other Side

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”You can take more wives, but I doubt you will do well like our Lord,” Chief Engin finished Wei Xi’s words without looking back.

Wei Xi could tell that her wife was staring at him intensely, but he pretended not to notice her gaze and chased after the dwarf. Of course, he was just joking about it and did not really consider it seriously about taking more women with him. The dwarf took it seriously and made it awkward between him and his wife.

”What about the [Cold Iron - Level 3]? Have we found the level 3 one? If we can find that, I think it will be worth making equipment from it, especially a shield. Ah, I can also use this [Cold Iron - Level 3] to upgrade our Supreme General’s gears. I don’t know why she still has that even though the General Shop has something better,” Chief Engin had seen Zhang Mengyao’s set armor, and he had seen something even better in the General Shop even though it was costly, but he thought it was worth it to get something better.

”It’s because that set armor is a gift from Your Majesty himself. I don’t think Supreme General Zhang will change the armor unless it gets destroyed and can’t be repaired anymore. The sentimental value behind that armor and weapon is something that can’t be replaced,” Wei Xi explained to the ignorant dwarf, just in case this insensitive dwarf forced Zhang Mengyao to replace her gears, “We haven’t found [Cold Iron - Level 3] yet, but maybe because we haven’t dug deeper yet.”

”Mnn, get those things if possible, so we can upgrade the Supreme General’s equipment to at least decent equipment. Having our military highest-ranking wearing that kind of equipment will just bring an embarrassment to the empire,” Chief Engin blatantly said that Zhang Mengyao’s gears were trash for their status.

”You don’t want to say that in front of her, Chief Engin. If she heard that the gift from Your Majesty is an embarrassment, you might get on her bad side,” Wei Xi reminded the Chief Dwarf. “As for the [Cold Iron - Level 3, we will recruit people from the base to mine in the deeper area where we might find the level 3 Cold Iron.”

”Mnn, we will teach them how dwarf mining, and they may learn something from us. Let’s start with a hundred people first,” Chief Engin nodded his head.

*** ***

Everyone in the city could feel the tense situation in the city, especially when they looked at the southern district. Even though the city should be safe from the assault, the southern district was tightly guarded with the patrol team of the Tang Empire moving around. No one dared to approach the southern district with how sensitive the issue was.

Two days after the Tang Empire cleared the first floor, the other ten major factions could no longer access the first floor. It was clear that the Tang Empire would not allow them to enter the first floor. If it was before the World Government tried to assassinate The Tang Empire’s Supreme General, the other factions might have come and negotiated for access to the first floor, but no faction tried to negotiate with the Tang Empire after that incident.

”What do you think, Sir? Should we enter the second floor? I am afraid that the Tang Empire will attack us too inside the tower if the misunderstanding remains unsolved,” Frans asked Herman. Both were standing in front of the dimensional tower’s entrance, checking whether the First Order Guild could enter the second floor or not since they had passed the test a few hours ago. It took them eleven and half an hour to pass the test.

”I don’t know,” Herman Bonivido shook his head, “I tried to meet Supreme General Zhang, but the Tang Empire does not receive any guests right now. Those fools caused us trouble.” The fools in his mouth were, of course, the World Government.

*** ***

While the other major factions hesitated to enter the dimensional tower because of the conflict, Zhang Mengyao brought a hundred thousand Tarriors into the tower. Of course, the other factions did not know the exact number, but they could see the stream of well-equipped armies entering the tower before their eyes.

That was just a show of real power by the Tang Empire. If the Tang Empire could bring that many people into the tower, meaning the Tang Empire’s army was massive. There was no way the Tang Empire left the territory unguarded for the tower.

”Alright, they are more established than we thought,” Vincent Walter looked at the stream of armored people entering the tower. Looking at this army, he immediately made the decision for Saint Guild’s future right away “We will ditch the World Government and persuade the First Order Guild to form a neutral alliance. Arrange a meeting with The First Order Guild’s leader. Stop caring what the World Government will do to us; we don’t want to keep poking the hornet’s nest repeatedly.” He was speaking to his Vice Guild Leaders.

*** ***


On the other side of China, Beijing.

A group of three people was standing on the fifteen meters wall, looking at their surroundings in disbelief. Thousands of zombies ran over the crumbled wall that was five meters away from the group, but the three people did bother to shoot the zombies with their arrows. The bows were hanging down in their hands as they were in despair. The zombies flooded into the main territory and spread out, but there was nothing they could do about it. Killing one or two zombies would not stop the whole horde, so they had given up.

”How could this be possible? I thought the zombies were weak?” One of the three people muttered in disbelief. The creatures they thought weak were now flooding the territory they protected. They thought the zombies were the mobs they could farm anytime and anywhere, but things were different from now on.

”Weak? I don’t think a weakling like you think superior creatures like us are weak,” A hoarse voice came from above them. The three people looked up, and their eyes widened in fear.

A three meters tall zombie with a bulky body came down from the sky. The zombie had a flesh wing that was covered in red blood, and it slowly descended in front of them. The three were in fear and terror because this flying zombie was the one who one-shot their leader and broke the wall.

The man who called the zombie weak fell on his butt and wet himself. The pungent odor reached the zombie, “You call us weak, and then you wet yourself after meeting me? Is this a joke or what?”

”NO! DON’T COME TO ME! DON’T COME!” The man screamed while waving his hand at the three meters tall zombie.

The zombie shook his head as he approached the man, ignoring the other two, “Why do I need to listen to you? You, humans, are truly weird but don’t care. The human era has come to an end because The Immortal Dynasty will wipe out all the humans on this Earth! But I need to punish you for calling us weak!”

The flesh wing turned into a scythe, and the zombie started cutting the man’s leg like cutting a cucumber. The zombie cut the legs piece by piece before coming to the body. The man’s shriek filled the air before the scythe pierced through the man’s head.

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