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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 870 The World Government’s Scheme

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Chapter 870 The World Government’s Scheme

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”I can’t believe you back down like that, Vincent! Why does Saint Guild chicken out like that?” Scot Moran pointed his finger at Vincent Walter, the new Saint Guild’s new leader. If not for Saint Guild backing down, the World Government would not be shamed like that. Even though he knew backing down was the wise decision back then, he still blamed Vincent Walter.

Vincent Walter rolled his eyes up and waved his hand at Scot Moran, “If you still want to fight after that Golden Dragon appeared, then there’s something wrong in your head. Have you forgotten what happened to my previous Guild Leader? That dragon spat black fire on him, and he died. That Golden Dragon just needs to spit its golden fire, and we all died.”

”Okay, we Epic Ranks might survive, but what about our people? How many of our people can survive if that Golden Dragon razes us? Those are our main forces, and I don’t want to lose them. Also, if you guys want to kill that woman, why don’t we just ambush and kill her right away? Why with the bullsh*t? You should know the reinforcement will come if we don’t kill her right away, right?”

The four leaders looked toward Hines Myers because he was the man who initiated the talk with Zhang Mengyao. The man said they needed the justification to kill Zhang Mengyao so they would keep the World Government’s image clean. Such nonsense caused them to lose the chance of killing Zhang Mengyao.

”Alright, that was my fault, but it’s not the time to point our fingers at each other. We need to find a solution to kill the dragon, and if we can kill the dragon, we can just outnumber The Emperor. We will not get anywhere by blaming each other. Let’s think of a new approach for the incoming battle. I don’t think The Tang Empire will let this slide after we threaten their Supreme General,” Hines Myers dodged the bullet toward him and changed the topic.

”Find the solution to kill the Dragon that can kill an Epic Rank with a single spit? Easier to say than be done, huh!?” Vincent Walter shook his head while scratching his forehead. This man was still thinking of killing the dragon instead of avoiding the Tang Empire or seeking another way to salvage their situation. Reconciling with the Tang Empire was the best choice as they had two fucking Dragons.

”That’s true. In the end, we get valuable information that they have two dragons. We got crucial information from confronting that woman,” Scot Moran nodded in agreement.

”I am not sure about that, but I don’t want to enter the second floor… No, I don’t want to enter the tower anymore after that,” Collin Morton of the North Federation shared his thoughts, “I don’t want to be hunted down by those lunatics, nope.”

Krishan of the Shiva Federation furrowed his brow to hear from the North Federation’s leader, “Tell me you are joking right now, Collin Morton!?” The forceful tone in his words was obvious of how annoyed he was with Collin Morton. “You should know the consequences of trying to kill that woman. It’s a war declaration to the Tang Empire, and you want to back down now? Tell me you are joking, or I will beat the sh*t out of you!”

”I disagree with Colin as well. Despite how strong the Tang Empire collectively is, we still have a chance if we group together, but we can’t win if one of us backs down right now,” Hines Myers nodded his head and supported Krishan’s argument. “We can’t let the Tang Empire have the Dimensional Tower, or we are letting them get even stronger than they are now. This is our chance to catch up, so we can’t let this chance slip from our hands. We have to compete for the Dimensional Tower.”

”Actually, I have a plan to mess up with the Tang Empire. The plan can’t defeat the dragon, but it can obstruct them inside the Dimensional Tower,” Hines Myers looked solemn on his face. “I have some information about the tower that is crucial to our plan. It’s the inhabitant of the tower itself. Those inhabitants are trapped inside the tower, and their only chance to get out of the prison called the Dimensional Tower is to prevent us from finishing the first ten floors in a year. The Tower Break mechanism. We can work together with the inhabitants to fight the Tang Empire, and we promise to let them escape from the tower.”

”I don’t like the plan,” Vincent Walter shook his head. “We are holding a dragon while letting a tiger into our den? Are you serious?”

Hines Myers smiled evilly in response, “Who says we need to uphold our promise to the inhabitants? While the inhabitants obstruct the Tang Empire, we will explore the tower instead and find a way to conquer each floor. We don’t need to worry about not upholding our promise even with the System Contract because the Tang Empire will kill them all, anyway. The System Contract will be nullified if they die.” The World Union’s leader shrugged.

Scot Moran’s face brightened, “I like the plan. We might not be able to fight them now, but we can hold them down with the help of the inhabitants.”

Krishan and Collin Morton agreed with the plan to use the inhabitants to fight the Tang Empire. That was a great idea if what Hines Myers told them was true. They could trick the inhabitants and pit them against the Tang Empire. While the inhabitants obstructed the Tang Empire, The World Government reaped the reward from the Dimensional Tower.

’I think I should dip out from this World Government. Didn’t they see that the Tang Empire filled the plaza with their armies? What could those weak inhabitants do to the Tang Empire?’ Vincent Walter rubbed the space between his eyes while shaking his head, ‘Why would my predecessor join these people to make the World Government? If Saint Guild was not dragged into this mess from the start, I would quit this alliance.’

It was useless even if Saint Guild quit the alliance because the Tang Empire already regarded them as an enemy. He was stuck with The World Government.

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