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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 869 The End Confrontation

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Chapter 869 The End Confrontation

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”Grehemhem…” The fifth man that stood side by side with the other four guild leaders, cleared his throat and looked at Zhang Mengyao with a smile, “I come here to introduce myself to the Tang Empire. My name is Vincent Walter, The new Guild Leader of Saint Guild. I hope we can get along in the future,” Then he bowed his head, “But it seems the atmosphere is not right to talk about our future relationship, so I will excuse myself. I hope we can talk at another time.”

Vincent Walter turned elegantly and motioned to his people to follow him. He maintained a nice smile while cursing inside, ‘Of course, they are prepared! Stupid Hines! Yes, The Emperor might have returned, but the Dragon is here! I am not going to fight that thing, you Moron Hines!’ He still remembered what a dragon could do to the previous Guild Leader. He was not going to repeat the same mistake to fight a dragon that could kill an Epic Rank with one attack.

’F*ck, I just hope that crazed woman does not command the dragon to attack us! Let us leave, please,’ Vincent Walter left the World Government’s group. At the same time, he noticed that the Tang Empire’s reinforcement was coming. The giant ape he saw in the arena came with its people, not just one, but a lot of giant apes now crowded the plaza. Not just the ape but the fire and lightning moth also started to fill the sky. The buzzing lightning of the lightning moth constantly assaulted his ears and the heat from the fire moth heated up his skin.

Not just that, the elf and beastmen came into the plaza. They immediately surrounded the World Government, who surrounded The Tang Empire’s Supreme General. He was wrong if it was the end because the real human force also poured out into the plaza. The forces from the five factions were overwhelmed by the Tang Empire alone.

’Thank God I dip out from that suicide group faster, or else we will get destroyed,’ Vincent Walter wiped the sweat on his forehead and walked out of the plaza without looking back. The two men in their late twenties approached Vincent and said the same thing, “Thank God our new guild leader is smarter than the previous Guild Leader, or else we will get destroyed for sure.”

The two men were the new Vice Guild Leaders of Saint Guild, Jacob Frost and Murphy.

*** ***

Krishan of the Shiva Federation and Collin Morton made an excuse for themselves and ran away from the plaza. Zhang Mengyao did not stop them as she motioned his people to let these people leave. Of course, she let them leave not because she forgave them but to avoid the ban from the System. Also, this was a humiliation for the major factions to run between their tails.

Saint Guild, Shiva Federation, and the North Federation dipped out from the confrontation, leaving Hines Myers and Scot Moran to face Zhang Mengyao.

”Not just they are weak, but they are also cowards,” Wrath returned to his small size and landed on Zhang Mengyao’s shoulder. The Golden Dragon said that as he descended, and everyone could hear it.

”They are also stupid. If they are weak, they should hide in a remote cave where we can’t find them. Why would they show up and challenge us?” The Dark Predator also hopped on the other Zhang Mengyao’s shoulder. “Now they are embarrassing themselves by running away from us.” The duo black cat and the golden dragon further embarrassed the World Government with their banter.

Scot Moran wanted to rip apart the Tang Empire, and they had a chance to do that if the other three factions stayed with them. However, with just Blue Vest Guild and the World Union, they had no chance to beat the Tang Empire. He bore the embarrassment and bowed his head toward Zhang Mengyao, “I come here to apologize to the Tang Empire. We don’t mean to attack your group. It seems there’s a misunderstanding; that’s why my Vice Guild Leader attacked the Tang Empire. We apologize for that, and since the said person is already dead, the Blue Vest Guild hopes the Tang Empire could overlook this small scuffle.”

Scot Moran turned around and left Hines Myers alone. He wanted to curse the other three guild leaders, but he understood their decision at the same time. While they had a chance to win against the Tang Empire here and now, they had to pay a huge price to get that win. The three guild leaders did not want to pay that huge price and backed down.

”You don’t have to make excuses, Hines Myers. You can leave, but this will not just be an event from the System, but a hunting game. We will kill all people from the World Government in sight!” Zhang Mengyao said. She could just wipe out the World Union’s main force here and right now, but she chose not to do that. She did not want to miss a month to explore the tower. On top of that, it was still unclear the meaning behind The Tang Empire conquering the first floor. There were still a lot of things they needed to do in the tower, and she did not want to miss that one month over something trivial like this.

Hines Myers gritted as he clenched his palm into a fist. He said nothing and turned around; he would not be able to forget today’s humiliation. Who would expect that the Tang Empire would have two dragons? Alas, Zhang Mengyao did not bring Kalliyan with her. No, she did not have the authority over Kalliyan. The Kirin was under an exclusive contract with Tang Shaoyang, not the Tang Empire, so she could not ask The Kirin to help them while Tang Shaoyang was not here. If Kalliyan had been here as well, the World Government might give up on bothering the Tang Empire.

Just like that, the World Government backed down as quickly as they appeared, leaving the dazed Herman Bonivido. Zhang Mengyao turned toward Herman and waved her hand at him, “I don’t have the mood to talk with you. We will talk on another day.”

Zhang Mengyao turned around to the teleportation gate as Wei Xi came over, asking whether she was injured or not, “I am fine. But we need to prepare our force to enter the next floor. I want at least twenty thousand forces to be prepared for the next floor. The original Tarrior or the knights from Lukan, we will deploy them. We will go to war on the second floor!”

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