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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 866 First Floor – Misunderstanding

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Chapter 866 First Floor - Misunderstanding

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Herman Bonivido witnessed the same scene from the other side, but his vision was blocked by the massive body, so he did not see the other side. He only noticed the massive creature was dead after one of his subordinates yelled at him, “It’s dead! Someone cut its head! Ah, there’s someone above the head!”

Herman, Henry, and Frans ran to the side, getting a better angle. Sure enough, they managed to see someone above the massive creature’s head. He tried to use Detection on the dead body, but the Basic Detection skill did not work because it was dead. It did not give any information about the massive creature. The thought of using the Basic Detection on the man above the head crossed his mind, but Herman immediately shook his head. If that person was strong enough, Epic Rank at the least, then that person would be able to tell that someone tried to use Basic Detection on him.

”Ah, he is the young man showed his killing to us early in the World Congress!” One of the First Order Guild Captains, Calleb recognized Lu An. Despite his young age, the latter left a deep impression because of the fierce killing intent left.

The Guild Leader and the two Vice Guild Leaders immediately remembered the young man after hearing Calleb. The young man did not participate in the tournament; Herman was unsure about how strong the young man was. However, they obtained the information that the young man was the fearful assassin. He got that information after bribing the people from the Suzhou Survivor Establishment.

’What kind of assassin can kill a massive creature like this in one on one battle?’ Herman threw the question to himself. The question he could never answer. Then, he was shocked by what he heard the next moment.

[The Tang Empire has conquered The First Floor of the Earth Dimensional Tower! The non-affiliated players will be forcefully teleported out in sixty seconds!]

*** ***

[Congratulations! You have killed the King of the First Floor!]

[Congratulations! The Tang Empire has conquered the First Floor of the Earth Dimensional Tower!]

[Congratulations! You have obtained the reward for killing the King of the First Floor, +10 levels!]

Lu An heard the notifications in his head, but he did not know that the Tang Empire would own the first floor and the other players would be ejected forcefully like that. The System did not indicate any of that in the notification. His body swayed as he almost fell, but he managed to hold his ground.

Even though Drakengard was much lower in the level than him, it was not an easy battle for sure. The most annoying part was Elder Drake’s natural defense. He used everything he had to kill the First Floor King, “I am sleepy…” The exhaustion started to take him. He immediately waved his hand toward Revalor, motioning the former Elven King to come over.

It took all his energy to fight this massive creature, even if it was in the Shadow Realm. He used his remaining energy to jump down from Drakengard’s head, and he stored the massive body in his inventory. It was fortunate that the giant body could fit into the inventory, and he saved it for his Brother Shaoyang, for the sacrifice. The massive dead body disappeared, and it took five spaces to store that giant body.

After storing the dead body, he sensed Revalor coming toward him. Lu An was no longer holding on and let his body fall. The elf caught Lu An in time, “Let’s go back,” That were his last words before falling asleep. Helia, Yeon Hee, and The Miragul followed Revalor as well.

Revalor was about to carry Lu An back to the others, but then he sensed many people coming toward him. He gave Lu An to Yeon Hee, “Please carry him and immediately return to the others. I will hold them back!”

The First Order Guild came toward them despite his early warning not to come closer. Revalor misunderstood the action, thinking they came to attack them. He immediately ordered Yeon Hee, Helia, and the demon to bring Lu An back while he stalled the First Order Guild. Revalor took out his bow and started to aim the arrow toward the incoming First Order Guild while Yeon and Miragul ran with Lu An.

”No! We mean no harm! Please put down the bow! We just want to talk,” Herman noticed that the elf aimed the bow at him and his people. He immediately called out to put down the weapon as he stopped as well. Alas, not everyone had the same thought as the Guild Leader. When Revalor started to form the mana arrow, one of his subordinates shot five lightning bolts.

”What are you doing! Don’t attack!” Herman turned around and yelled out. But that angry shout could not undo what his subordinates did. The five lighting bolts moved toward Revalor, with two of the lightning bolts after Yeon and Miragul.

Frans and Henry saw the elf flicking the bow upward and shooting five arrows within two seconds within the blink of an eye. The arrows were just like a homing missile, chasing after the five lightning bolts.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The lightning bolt exploded right after the arrow hit it. What amazed Frans and Henry was the fact that the elf could react that fast, also shooting five arrows in just two seconds. After the five lightning bolts, there was no following attack, but the misunderstanding went deeper with the initial attack.

”Sir! Get ready for the incoming attack!” Frans quickly warned Herman, who looked at the back, looking for the one who shot the lightning bolts. Herman turned around and saw the glowing mana arrow in Revalor’s bow.

”Guard! Move forward and set up the Defense Barrier!” Five hundred First Order Guild’s members moved forward at the command, putting their shields forward, and activated the skill, Defensive Barrier.

The First Order Guild’s members reacted fast as they successfully created the barrier before Revalor shot the arrow. He did not know why he made that command just because of one arrow, but he instinctively commanded his people.

Revalor shot the arrow, and it sped up toward the barrier. The glowing arrow reached the barrier within the blink of an eye, and it exploded, engulfing the whole First Order Guild.

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