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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 865 First Floor ~ Beyond The Shadow

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Chapter 865 First Floor ~ Beyond The Shadow

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”Revalor of the Tang Empire,” Revalor responded to Herman Bonivido. He recognized Herman and was aware that the First Order Guild was not hostile to the Tang Empire. That was why he just warned them instead of attacking the First Order Guild. He did not want to be the cause of conflict between The Empire and the First Order Guild.

Herman Bonivido took a deep breath when he heard the name. Of course, he knew Revalor, one of the Tang Empire’s fifteen fighters. The only elf that participated in the tournament and always won the fight within less than thirty seconds. The First Order Guild’s members also took deep breaths when the Tang Empire was mentioned.

When the Tang Empire was mentioned, everyone had one person in their mind, The Emperor and The Dragon. That short memory left a deep impression on everyone who watched the Earth Tournament. Of course, there were still many First Order Guild members not aware since the System only allowed the major faction to bring a hundred people to watch the tournament.

”Stay still and keep your mouth shut! Only I will speak from now on!” Herman warned his subordinates as he was aware of the issue. Not all his subordinates witnessed how scary the dragon was, so they might have been confused about the situation. He immediately acted to prevent the situation from going south because of his subordinates’ ignorance.

”What should we do, Sir? Should we leave this place? I don’t think the Tang Empire looks at us kindly from the arrow,” Frans asked his Guild Leader as he looked at the arrow in front of him. The warning meant they were not welcomed here, so he thought leaving this place was a wise choice.

”Didn’t you hear me? Keep your mouth shut and let me do the talk,” Herman rolled his eyes, Frans. Despite his calm demeanor, he was quite nervous inside. If somehow he or his guild offended the Tang Empire inside the tower, they would be hunted down for sure. It would be hard for them to escape since they did not know how to get out of the tower.

”We just arrived here, Sir Revalor. May I know what this black thing is?” Herman raised his voice to make sure the opposite party heard him. He did not want to return empty-handed. Considering their past relationship, the First Order Guild’s relationship with The Empire was friendly. He tried to gather information about what the Tang Empire knew about the tower or maybe exchanged the information for something.

”I am not in the position to share any information we have. If you want some information, meet Supreme General Zhang Mengyao and talk to her. I don’t have the authority to tell you our discoveries,” Revalor easily read what was in Herman’s mind. As the former King, he was well aware of what the opposite party tried to get from him. Of course, he would not share any information without his superior’s consent because he was just a mere slave.

”May I know where Supreme General Zhang is?” Herman asked politely. Of course, he knew who this Supreme General was as he had talked with her before. He knew that Zhang Mengyao was second in command after The Emperor. In fact, he never talked with The Emperor himself.

”She is not here. Our operation base is four days away from here. If you want to meet Supreme General Zhang Mengyao, you can go straight to the north. It’s a forest territory, a territory after grassland,” Revalor replied truthfully. However, his reply sounded like he did not want Herman to meet Zhang Mengyao.

Herman furrowed his brow, thinking the Tang Empire might not want to meet him. Without a doubt, it upset him after what he did for them. Zhang Mengyao asked him for information about the World Government, and he gave the information for free despite his hidden intention. He felt the appropriate response was to meet him first, even if the Tang Empire did not want to share the information.

Herman held it back as he knew his position well. The Tang Empire, no, The Emperor was someone he could not fight even with numbers. Avoiding the confrontation against the Tang Empire, for the time being, was a wise choice here. He endured the humiliation and said nothing in response.

”What should we do now, Guild Leader?” Henry asked because they received no further command after the obvious rejection from the Tang Empire. They did not know that Revalor was telling them the truth.

”The Tang Empire seems to be waiting for something from this black thing. Let’s wait too,” Herman decided to wait as well. At least, he wanted to find out about the black thing in front of him. Just like that, the waiting game started. At least, it was a waiting game for the First Order Guild.

Half an hour passed, and Revalor considered breaking into the shadow realm. This was far too long, and he did not want to wait anymore. As his patience started to run out, he started to make a plan, “Make sure to get your healing skill ready, Helia. If Sir Lu An does not come in ten minutes, I will forcefully break the shadow or enter it if I can’t break it. We can’t wait any longer than this. I am afraid Sir Lu An’s life is in danger.”

Helia nodded her head solemnly. If anything happened to Lu An, she must be ready for her punishment, so she would do anything to ensure nothing happened to Lu An.

However, they did not need to wait for Revalor to barge into the shadow realm because the shadow realm was slowly dismissed before completely disappearing. Then it revealed what happened inside the shadow realm. The massive Elder Drake’s body laid down to the side, but Drakengard’s head was no longer attached to the body. Elder Drake’s head was not that far from the body as it died with its eyes open wide.

The green blood flooded out from the body continuously, filling the crack on the ground. The eye-catching sight was that someone was standing above Elder Drake’s severed head. Lu An was standing there and waved his hand toward Revalor.

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