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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 862: First Floor – Lu An Against Drakengard

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Chapter 862: First Floor - Lu An Against Drakengard

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The massive creature in front of him was similar to a massive lizard but with

four tall legs. It stood like a dinosaur, but the body was made of earth with

spiky hills on its back.

Lu An looked up at the thirty meters tall creature in front of him. He met with

the creature's grayish eyes, but he did not back down from the stare. He

frowned after scanning Drakengard's body. The Elder Drake gave an

impression of an indestructible fortress. He then looked down at his right hand

on his sword. He did not know if his less than two meters sword would be able

to hurt the massive creature in front of him.

"Who's killing intent just now?" Drakengard looked down at the ve gures

below him since only ve people were in his territory. Seeming to be able to

discover who the killing intent belonged, the Elder Drake stared down at Lu An.

"Do you mute? Speak, human! This King is asking you!" The Elder Drake raised

its already loud voice. But it barely bothered Lu An as he stared back at the

drake, thinking of how to take down this massive creature. His assassination

was hardly worked against the enemy with the tough defensive mechanism like

this Elder Drake.

"Maybe this will work," Lu An muttered in a low voice, completely ignoring the

Elder Drake. At the same time, the shadow condensed in his sword. He did not

bother to respond to Drakengard as he slashed the sword upward. The

condensed shadow was released, forming the curved blade.

Drakengard sensed the danger of the attack, and a brown shield immediately

formed in the front. The crescent shadow blade hit the barrier and shook.

However, the barrier was strong enough to completely block the shadow blade.

The barrier did not even crack as the Elder released his aura, furious because

the human suddenly attacked, "You dare to assault this King, human!"

Drakengard tried to locate Lu An, but Lu An was no longer in the same spot by

then. The Elder Drake was struck with a sudden confusion for a moment before

he sensed a danger above him. He looked up and saw a giant shadow sword

right above his head. There was no second thought as he immediately set up his

strongest defense. His skin was glowing golden whilst his barrier was still up.

The shadow sword struck down toward Elder Drake's head. Drakengard's gut

feelings saved him from the shadow blade because the barrier broke apart

under the massive shadow sword. The second defense received the shadow

sword and completely blocked Lu An's second attack. The shadow sword

dispersed; at the same time, the golden glow dimmed down.

Drakengard was left unscathed from the massive attack thanks to his fast

reaction. However, he was still on high alert, looking for the human who

attacked him. This time, he sensed the danger from below him. Elder Drake

looked down on his feet and saw the human was controlling his own shadow.

The massive shadow shaped into another sword and pointed toward his belly.

As the shadow ew up from the ground toward his belly, he quickly reacted

with a counterattack. The ground on Lu An's footing suddenly rose, throwing

him o way. The shadow returned to his original shadow, stopping his own

shadow from attacking him. Drakengard looked up and was about to chase Lu

An, but he remembered Lu An was not alone.

Recognizing how dangerous Lu An was, Elder Drake did not want to

underestimate the human friends after experiencing what Lu An was capable

of. As he tried to nd Revalor and the others, the four had disappeared already.

He quickly sensed the four human friends were in the distance already.

Since the four were far away from him, Drakengard focused back on Lu An. He

was furious that a mere human tried to kill him. However, by the time he looked

away from the four, he sensed danger coming toward him. He looked back and

saw the swirling mana arrow accelerating toward him. The arrow was just too

fast, and Elder Drake knew he did not have enough time to cast the barrier to

block the arrow.

Drakengard tried to tilt his head, but the arrow still grazed his face. The mana

arrow exploded, and it hurt a lot for someone who had forgotten the pain. This

was the rst time he felt pain again after hundreds of years of ruling the rst

oor. The Elder Drake let out a furious roar that shook the ground, releasing a

strong shock wave at the same time. As the explosion died down, it revealed

that a chunk of Drakengard's face was missing as green blood owed down.

The Miragul's legs were shaking as he witnessed the angry king, fear and terror

mixed together. If he was a human, he already puked what was in his stomach,

but he was an entity that sucked the others' life force to live, not eating the

normal, so he had nothing to puke.

Revalor maintained his composure as he was not fazed by the furious King. He

was condent in his strength, and this Elder Drake was not a threat to him,

especially after he got his talent from the smart base. Thanks to the talent,

which was his second talent because Elf was born with a natural talent, Revalor

was far stronger than him in the past, so he was not worried about the Epic

Rank Elder Drake in front of him as he could easily kill it, but he left it for Lu An.

His attack was meant to attract Elder Drake away from Lu An, who got knocked


Revalor looked toward the direction where Lu An crashed into and put down his

bow. The Epic Rank Elder Drake was Lu An's prey, so he did not want to kill it.

Even if he killed it, it barely helped him to level up either. So, he would give the

Elder Drake to Lu An as this King of the rst oor would be a massive

experience for Lu An. He lowered the bow and nodded his head.

"Tree man! You will die miserably for angering this King!" Drakengard called

Revalor the tree man because the Elf was known to live in the treehouse.

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