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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 861: First Floor ~ King of Disaster

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Chapter 861: First Floor ~ King of Disaster

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The short disturbance caused by the Minke Tribe and the Blue Vest Guild did

not stop Lu An from continuing his journey to nd the Drakengard, the King of

the rst oor. He led the same small team to the south while the main force

explored the rst oor.

Zhang Mengyao brought the main force to the green eld where the Minke

Tribe was, dragging Donald Callahan's dead body. She was alone, acting as bait

to lure out the Minke Tribe. While the Minke Tribe was weaker overall, they had

an overwhelming number compared to one thousand Tarriors. So, instead of

attacking the Minke Tribe's village, she intended to bait the Minke Tribe part by


Miragul did not lie when they said Minke had a keen smell for blood as it was

not even a minute passed, the ground vibrated, an indication of the

underground movement. The Minke came out of the ground in the next ten

seconds, surrounding Zhang Mengyao and the dead body. When the Minke

Tribe came out from the ground, Zhang Mengyao opened up her batwings and

ew into the sky. She did not intend to ght the Minke by herself.

She ew o with the dead body in her hand and lured Minke to where the

Tarriors were. It was a lot of work, but this was for the Tarriors' safety, so they

did not get ambushed from underground. The second ght between the Tang

Empire and the tower's inhabitants started. The ve hundred Tarriors against

the thousands of Minke. The Luminous Legion and Alton's people stayed

behind for the emergency because they were too strong for the Minke.

Despite being outnumbered, the Tarriors held their ground and fought the

Minke until the end. Of course, to avoid the heavy injuries, the elf had to shoot

their arrows to save some of the group after making a mistake. However, apart

from that, the Tarriors held their ground and killed ve thousand if not ten

thousand Minke. The rst big battle was over within three hours.

Of course, the main reason the Tarriors could win easily against the

overwhelming number of Minke was because there were a few Epic Ranks

within the Tarriors. Bai Yuan, Zhao Zhong, Tian Donghai, Tao He, and Dai

Wenqian. Those ve people were the people who had followed Tang Shaoyang

since the early time, and they had reached Epic Rank after clearing the Survival

Game a few times. The ve Captains would help their subordinates each time

they encountered a life-threatening situation; hence the battle was over with

no casualties. After the battle was over, Kang Xue led the Medical Team over

and healed the injured.

Meanwhile, Zhang Mengyao returned to the backline and met with Virion after

the battle was over, "How is it? Do you nd them?" them in her mouth was the

Blue Vest Guild.

After what the Blue Vest Guild tried to do to Lu An, she would not let this slide

free for them. She would hunt them down for that, so she tasked the Elven King

to search for the Blue Vest Guild.

Virion shook his head, "I am sorry, Supreme General Zhang. We can't nd

them, this place is too big, and they may have left this territory by now. It will

take a long time to nd them."

"Do you want me to search for them, Supreme General Zhang? Hunting is one

of The Moonlight Tribe's specialties," Moonsong oered an idea. He was

condent that his people would be able to track the Blue Vest Guild within one

or two days.

However, Zhang Mengyao shook her head, "Let's focus on clearing the rst

oor rst. I feel like there's something to benet from clearing the rst oor

faster than the other factions, so we will focus on hunting the Drakengard. We

will wait for good news from Lu An."

Just like that, the main force slowly explored the rst oor while Lu An went

straight to the south with his small team.

*** ***

Four days quickly passed inside the dimensional tower.

Lu An had passed a few territories and encountered many kinds of creatures,

but he had not met humans yet. Most of them were beast and beastmen, with

no Epic Rank. He arrived in the new territory on the fth day, the barren land.

The land was cracked, and this territory was extremely hot for some reason.

"This territory is the worst," Lu An muttered in a low voice.

Yeon Hee wiped the sweat on her forehead while nodding her head. This was

the worst territory so far because they had not taken a bath in the last four days.

"This is it. This is where Drakengard lives," Miragul informed Lu An with a

shaky voice. "Can I return now, Sir?" The fear and terror were apparent in

Miragul's voice.

Lu An glanced at Miragul and stared at the demon suspiciously, "I asked you if

you know what kind of creature this Drakengard is, but you told me that you

never met this Drakengard. I wonder where that fear of yours stemmed from? If

you never met Drakengard, you have no reason to be afraid."

"Don't be a fool! Drakengard has been the king of the rst oor for hundreds of

years, and he's the embodiment of disaster! No one does not fear him!" Miragul

screamed, which surprised Lu An. The demon realized that he had just made a

mistake. The Miragul knelt and asked for forgiveness right after.

Lu An waved his hand, "There's no need to apologize, but you have to follow

me. I don't trust you! You will run away if I let you return alone."

"No, I will not run away. Trust me, Sir. My family is staying with your

comrades; there's no way I will leave them," The Miragul shook his head


"Follow me or die?" Lu An's killing intent ared up as he stared at the Miragul.

The latter's body shivered in fear, and he had no choice but to nod his head.

"Who dares to disturb my slumber!?" The deafening voice rang as the land

shook at the same time.

"It's the King! It's THE KING!" The Miragul, who just got up, fell on his butt

once again after hearing the voice. The land shook, and the barren hill in front

of them rose.

Lu An looked up at the massive creature in front of him and smiled, "We don't

need to look for this troublesome King. He's in front of us."


Name: Drakengard

Race: Earth Drake — Elder Drake

Aliation: —

Title: King of Disaster

Evolution: Epic Rank Beast

Level: 1267

Skill: ???


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