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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 859: First Floor – The Unknown

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Chapter 859: First Floor - The Unknown

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Scot Moran looked up and saw Callahan was under Lu An's feet. Callahan had a

pleading look on his face, asking for his Guild Leader to save him from Lu An.

After experiencing what Lu An was capable of, he lost his arrogance and


Scot Moran wanted to save Callahan for what he had done to him and his guild,

but it was not a smart decision from the guild leader's perspective. Staying here

longer would put all his people in danger because they let the elf escape earlier.

Once the elf returned with the reinforcement, he was not sure if half of them

could get out of here.

Scot Moran bowed his head, "I am sorry, Callahan, and thank you for

everything you have done for the Blue Vest Guild and me." After saying that, he

turned around and rushed out of the shadows. "Go to the east! Don't stop


He stayed in the backline and watched Lu An as he retreated with his guild. It

was fortunate that Lu An did not chase after them, but this way, he just lost two

Vice Guild Leaders at once. Yes, he did not wait for Hurst Milton to return as he

decided to escape from Lu An. He did not know where the Tang Empire's main

force was, so he did not want to take the risk of staying around longer.

If the Tang Empire's main force was close to them, then Hurst Milton and the

others were done for. Less than fty people would not be able to escape from

The Emperor, so he decided to escape right now and save more of his

subordinates. That was the wisest decision as the Guild Leader to minimize the


Meanwhile, Donald Callahan looked at the back of his Guild Leader's retreating

gure. His eyes widened in shock as he could not believe Scot Moran would

leave him like this. After what he had done for Scot Moran to build up the Blue

Vest Guild. As his guild leader's retreating gure disappeared from his sight,

Donald Callahan looked up slowly. He met with Lu An's chilling gaze that sent

shivers to his body.

"Don't worry, I am not going to kill you right away. I will make you regret being

alive and dare to insult The Emperor!" After that, Lu An looked to the side,

"Came out, Helia. I need you to heal this guy."

The Chief of the Light Bombyx Mori Tribe came out from her invincibility.

Before they approached the Blue Vest Guild, Helia activated her stealth skill to

avoid ghting the Blue Vest Guild. They did not want to pick a ght against

such a big group or be misunderstood because of Helia, as their main purpose

was to nd the Drakengard; hence the elemental beast hid.

Hearing the call, Helia came out and approached Lu An. She did not escape with

Revalor because Lu An stayed behind, and Lu An sensed her from the start. She

came to Lu An's side and asked, "Are you sure you want me to heal him?"

Helia's looked at the pitiful human below her.

"Yes. Can you regrow his legs too? It will be a hassle to carry him around," Lu

An retracted all the shadow. The shadow no longer covered him and the

ground, returning to his original form.

"I can, but I feel it's not worth using the skill on this guy because the skill has a

long cool down. The skill has two days long of cool down; what if one of the

Tarrior is injured and needs my regeneration skill?" Helia was reluctant to use

the long cool-down skill on Callahan. She did not know this guy and was sure

this guy was their enemy, so why would she need to use such skill on Callahan?

"That's true. Then just heal him and stop the blood loss," Lu An nodded, "But

you need to use your healing skill to maintain this guy's life. I won't be carrying

him around; I will drag him around instead. So I need your healing skills."

"That's ne by me," Helia agreed immediately.

Meanwhile, Donald Callahan heard everything they said as he was next to them.

He immediately realized what awaited him, "You are violating human rights!

You can't treat me like that, or else you will be making the world to be your

enemies for doing that to me!" That just came up in his mind, and he said it


"Those words came out from someone who, a few minutes ago, wanted to kill

my team and me? Are you really going to say that now?" Lu An smirked when

he saw the fear on Donald Callahan's face. That was what he wanted to see from

Callahan, "I told you, right? I will make you regret being alive for insulting The

Emperor. Don't worry; this is just the start."

Helia came to the side and cast the healing ability on Donald Callahan. The

wound on Callahan's ngers and thighs closed, but just like that, he did not

have legs to walk or ngers to grab anything. It was nice as the pain was gone,

but deep inside, it was extremely awful as he had lost the ability to walk and


Lu An did not care what his captive thought and felt as he grabbed Callahan's

left hand and dragged him back to the forest. He could not go to the south to

nd the Drakengard alone, or else he would hear an earful of spicy scolding

from Sister Zhang Mengyao and Kang Xue. That was why he chose to return

instead of going further to the south.

Halfway back to the forest, Donald Callahan started screaming, "Stop! Please

Stop! Just kill me already! I am sorry for insulting The Emperor. Just kill me

already. I regret everything, but please stop this."

Donald Callahan had his face on the ground while being dragged by Lu An. It

was awful, humiliating, and unbearably painful as his teeth and lips hit the

gravel on the ground. On top of that, each time they found a bigger stone, Lu An

would purposely drag him there and ram his head into the stone. His head and

face were bloody red because of all that.

"Don't worry, we will enter the exciting track soon," The forest was worse than

the green eld. That was the best part of waiting for Callahan. However, when it

was just thirty meters from the forest, he sensed the vibration from the ground.

The vibration came from below him. He stopped his steps, and in the next

moment, creatures came out from the ground. Dozens of creatures came out

from the ground between the border of the forest and the green eld, blocking

Lu An's path.

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