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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 857: First Floor ~ Lu An Against The Blue Vest

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Chapter 857: First Floor ~ Lu An Against The Blue Vest

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"Let's return and bring more people with us. If they decide to ght us, then we

will ght them," Lu An made the unexpected decision. Even though Revalor

only just got to know Lu An for a few days, the former Elven King had grasped

what kind of person Lu An was. The Lu An he knew would ght the

overwhelming number of enemies in this kind of situation. So Revalor was

surprised Lu An would decide to retreat instead of ghting them.

"I can bring one person with my shadow movement. Can you take Miragul back

with you, Revalor?" Lu An could only bring one person with his shadow

movement. As long as Revalor could carry Miragul back, then it should be easy

for them to escape from these people.

"Leave the Miragul to me, Sir Lu An. It should not be hard to escape from

them," Revalor nodded his head.

Of course, the reason Lu An decided to retreat was Yeon Hee. He did not want to

involve the girl in a life and death battle while she was an outsider. He could not

ght while protecting her, so he decided to retreat instead. As the four were

about to turn around, the Blue Vest Guild made their move.

"We are sorry, but we can't allow you to retreat after overhearing us. You guys

have to die here," Donald Callahan approached the group of four as his

subordinates surrounded Lu An and his group. "Blame your idiot guild leader

for being a nuisance for the World Government."

Lu An was about to use shadow movement and escape with Yeon Hee, but he

stopped his movement when Donald Callahan called Tang Shaoyang an idiot.

He then looked at Revalor with an expressionless face, "Can you also bring

Yeon Hee with you, Revalor? I will stay here for a little longer and catch you

later. I will bring that man's head."

Even though he did not say specically who was the man in his mouth, Revalor

and Yeon Hee knew who that man was. It was the man who just called The

Emperor an idiot, "Don't worry. I am just going to take him down and escape

afterward. With my shadow movement, they will not be able to catch up."

Revalor was about to persuade Lu An, but he stopped. He knew that he could not

convince Lu An to retreat right now. Rather than wasting his time persuading

Lu An, he would rather return and bring more people here. The former Elven

King nodded his head, "Can you hide in my shadow at my sign, Yeon Hee? I am

afraid you will not be able to catch my movement if we move separately."

"As for you, get ready to hop on my back after I shoot my rst arrow," Revalor

took out his bow and aimed it at the people who blocked his path to retreat. The

mana arrow formed, and the arrow glowed in green. It was his skill, Hurricane

Shot. He shot the arrow, and a erce hurricane formed around the arrow. "Hop

on my back, Miragul!"

Miragul jumped onto Revalor's back while Yeon Hee entered Revalor's shadow.

Revalor then dashed forward, following the Hurricane Shot. The Hurricane

Shot tore apart the people on the way. At least twenty people died from the

arrow because they could not dodge the arrow, "Hold on and wait for the

reinforcement, Sir Lu An!" That was Revalor's last words before his gure

disappeared into the horizon.

"Chase them! Don't let them escape!" Hurst Milton roared as he activated the

bloodline transformation and ew o to the sky. The pair of green-feathered

wings apped furiously as he tried to catch up with Revalor. Along with him,

dozens of the Blue Vest Guild's members followed him.

While Hurst Milton was against the idea of ghting the Tang Empire this early,

he would commit to succeed since they had made the decision. He could not let

the three people escape from them and informed the situation to the Tang

Empire's main force.

Lu An looked at the sky, he considered taking down the ying bird, but he chose

not to, 'Having one less Epic Rank to ght is better than ghting them all at

once,' He then turned around and faced Donald Callahan. He did not even spare

a glance at Scot Moran as his focus was on Donald Callahan, "I will make you

regret being alive for insulting Brother Shaoyang."

Donald Callahan inched slightly at the thick and erce killing intent directed

toward him. Despite Lu An's younger age, he did not expect the young man to

have this kind of killing intent. However, he quickly realized that he had the


"Your Brother Shaoyang? Are you talking about that stupid Emperor of yours?

Don't worry about it; we will make him regret antagonizing the World

Government," Donald Callahan kept provoking Lu An, so the latter did not run

away like the other three. As long as Lu An did not run away, he believed that Lu

An was fated to die in their hands.


The shadow burst out from Lu An's shadow and covered him. The shadow

covered Lu An, and Donald Callahan could not see Lu An's whole gure

anymore but just the red eyes. The red eyes lurked within the shadow,

observing Donald Callahan from top to bottom. That sent a chill to Donald

Callahan's spine.


Then the shadow spread out, reaching the Blue Vest Guild's footing. It was just

too fast that Donald Callahan failed to react in time as a red sword came out

from the shadow below him, going straight to his body. However, a black gure

appeared in front of Donald Callahan and blocked the sword with the spear.


Scot Moran managed to block the sword for his Vice Guild Leader. Even though

he did not like the way Donald Callahan acted in the name of the Blue Vest

Guild, he did not want to lose an Epic Rank this quickly. The shadow covered

the Blue Vest Guild's footing within the next second.

"Everyone! Get out of the shadow! Retreat from the shadow!" Scot Moran

quickly instructed his subordinate to get away from the shadow. After that, he

yelled at Donald Callahan, "Get it together, Callahan! We are ghting an Epic

Rank! Get your guts together unless you want to die!?"

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