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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 856: First Floor – Blue Vest Guild

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Chapter 856: First Floor - Blue Vest Guild

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Scot Moran heard the commotion from the other side of the formation, and his

subordinates quickly reported to him that there was a group of four

approaching them.

"Who are they? Is it the tower's inhabitant?" Scot Moran asked his Vice Guild

Leader as they headed to the other side of the formation.

"I think they are one of the Tang Empire's teams, three people and one elf,"

The Second Vice Guild Leader, Hurst Milton, told Scot Moran, and his voice was

kinda shaky. It was the sign of nervousness he showed externally. Of course,

after the show of the Tang Empire's power in the Earth Tournament, no one

was not afraid of the Tang Empire, even if it was just four people. Not even a

single ghter from any faction could win against the Tang Empire's members.

Scot Moran nodded his head as only the Tang Empire had an elf with them. On

top of that, he heard that the Tang Empire was the rst faction to enter the

tower. He quickly gured out why his Vice Guild Leader concluded the small

team was from the Tang Empire with those two clues.

"What should we do, Guild Leader?" Hurst Milton was visibly nervous. Tang

Shaoyang and his faction managed to plant the seed of fear in the others during

the Earth Tournament for him to be this nervous. But of course, it is also

because the Tang Empire was openly hostile to the World Government. The

Blue Vest was part of the World Government, and he was nervous because he

was afraid the Tang Empire would attack them because of that. The notion of

ghting back just never crossed his mind.

Scot Moran let out a sigh secretly. His rst Vice Guild Leader was too bold and

arrogant, and the second Vice Guild Leader was too cautious and timid. The

exact opposite characteristic, but he liked Hurst Milton more because the guy

did his work meticulously. "Let's meet them rst and respond to their

following actions. There's no need for us to kill each other this early.

The Blue Vest Guild was in an awkward situation to meet the Tang Empire this

early. Even though it was just a small team, he did not want to ght them right

now, even though the World Government and the Tang Empire were at odds.

Scot Moran did not want to be the faction that started the war between the

World Government and The Tang Empire, or else they would be Tang Empire's

main target. If that happened, the Tang Empire would focus on the Blue Vest

Guild, and it was not something he wanted.

"Who are you? Identify yourself!" As Scot Moran and Hurst Milton got closer to

the other side, they heard the familiar arrogant voice. It was Donald Callahan''s

voice, the rst Vice Guild Leader of the Blue Vest Guild.

Scot Moran and Hurst Milton picked up their pace when they heard the voice.

Both did not want to escalate the situation unless the Tang Empire started the

ght rst. Scot Moran got out of his team formation and got to see the small

team. He quickly scanned the three people and one elf, and he recognized two

of them. The elf was one of the fteen ghters from the Tang Empire, and the

young man was someone in a high position in the Tang Empire.

"Step back, Donald!" Scot Moran immediately called his rst Vice Guild Leader

to step back before the situation escalated. He could not believe his Vice Guild

Leader did not recognize the elf and Lu An. "I will take over from here on."

Donald Callahan looked at his Guild Leader and nodded his head. He returned to

Scot Moran's side and whispered, "They are from the Tang Empire, Sir. This is

our chance to take them down since there are only four of them." He

recognized the group was from the Tang Empire, so he tried to create a scenario

where he could justify killing them.

Scot Moran looked at his Vice Guild Leader before looking back at the Tang

Empire's group. There were only four of them, and he had three thousand

people with him. Without a doubt, they had the numbers to overwhelm the four

people. Without a doubt, this was a golden chance to reduce the Tang Empire's


"No, let's not attack them, Sir. We are in an unknown place with numerous

unknown possibilities. There's a chance that we need to work together with the

Tang Empire to clear the rst oor, so better not sour our relationship with

them," Hurst Milton hurriedly whispered to his Guild Leader. "Remember the

Tower Break mechanic, Sir. If we fail to clear the rst ten oors within a year,

all creatures inside the tower will invade the Earth." Hurst Milton looked into

the big picture instead of thinking of the short-term goal.

"Why are you so scared, Milton? We have the numbers, and if we killed them

all, the Tang Empire would never be able to gure out that we kill them unless

there's a traitor among us," Donald Callahan did not like the timid Milton and

immediately argued back.

This was a headache for Scot Moran as both Vice Guild Leaders' arguments

made sense. However, he had to take more risks if he chose to kill this team.

"What if they have long-distance communication? Don't forget the

Communication System; they can contact the main force that they are being

attacked, and we will be done for if The Emperor comes. Let's not take the risk,

Sir." Hurst Milton shook his head repeatedly.

"I am sorry, Milton. But this is our only chance to get rid of the nuisance. Also,

the Communication System can't be used inside the tower for some reason. I

tried to send a message to you just now, but the Communication System is

disabled until we clear the rst oor. That means they can't contact their main

force," Scot Moran took the risk and decided to ght.

*** ***

"Get ready to ght, Sir," Revalor warned Lu An. He could hear clearly what the

opposite party whispered in his ears. Aside from his sharp sight, he had keen

hearing too. They were too loud for whispering, and he overheard everything.

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