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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 854: First Floor ~ Drakengard

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Chapter 854: First Floor ~ Drakengard

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"We need to hurry up and help them," Moonsong urged Revalor to follow him

quickly, leaving behind his team. Both were worried about Lu An and Kang Xue

after knowing the strongest people on Earth were still the Epic Rank. If

something happened to them, Tang Shaoyang would not be happy, especially to

those who were higher rank.

Quickly, they arrived at the village's perimeter, but they did not hear the sound

of battle or anything. Moonsong and Revalor exchanged glances for a second

before rushing into the village. They thought something had happened to Kang

Xue and Lu An, but it was the opposite.

"Please forgive us. We are also victims of this tower. The only way for us to be

freed by the tower is by preventing you guys from clearing the rst ten oors.

Please spare our lives, please forgive us!" Ten people knelt in front of Lu An and

Kang Xue as they begged for their lives. They banged their heads to the ground.

"What do you mean you guys are the victims of the tower?" Kang Xue pulled Lu

An, preventing him from killing these ten Miragul. She wanted to hear what

they said rst as it piqued her interest. Victim of the tower, she wanted to know

what it meant. Of course, they might be lying, but she had another way to

conrm that with Selena.

"The high-ranking demons in our realm tried to take over the System, but they

failed to do so and got punished by the System. All the demons in our realm

were sent to this tower. We just want our freedom back, that's why we try to

prevent the players from clearing the rst ten oors tower, so the Tower Break

happens, and we will get out of this cursed tower!" Miragul that looked like a

man in his mid-forties, explained earnestly.

"So what if you are a victim of the tower? That does not change the fact that

you guys tried to kill us, and we will not tolerate your action!" Lu An showed his

murderous intent. He did not care if these demons were victims of the tower; he

would kill them for trying to kill his people. He learned this from Tang

Shaoyang and should never spare the people who tried to kill him.

"We will do anything for you as long as you spare our lives. If you don't trust

our words, we can also establish the System Contract. Please don't kill us!"

After saying that, the man in his mid-forties started banging his head once

more, and the other nine followed in tow.

"Alright, I will not kill you, but you have to take the oath ceremony and be our

slaves indenitely," Kang Xue made the decision without consulting it with Lu

An. The latter clearly did not like the decision. "We can't, Sister Xue! We have to

kill them, or else they will nd a chance to kill us in the future. We can't leave

them alive!"

Even Moonsong and Revalor doubted Kang Xue's decision to accept Miragul's

surrender. They had bad blood against the demon, so they were not fond of the

decision. However, Kang Xue had a dierent way of thinking than the other


"No, we will need them. Trust me, Lu An," Kang Xue spoke with a convincing

tone but noticed Lu An was not convinced by her words, "Then let Sister

Mengyao decide whether we should let them live or kill them."

Lu An relented after Kang Xue brought up Zhang Mengyao's name because

Zhang Mengyao was in charge of everything. If Zhang Mengyao was convinced

to keep Miragul alive, he could do nothing about it. He let out a sigh and

nodded; the disappointment was obvious on his face.

"Thank you for your understanding, Lu An," Kang Xue smiled at the youngster

before giving the ten Miragul a sharp glance, "Follow me if you want to keep

your lives."

The ten demons nodded their heads furiously and followed Kang Xue closely.

They realized that the woman was the only chance to keep their lives intact, so

they made sure to create a distance from the young man, "Please check the

village and make sure they are safe. I think this place will be our base for the

time being."

"Yes, Marshal Kang Xue," Legion Commander Moonsong and Revalor bowed

their heads as Kang Xue, and Lu An passed them. After the two left the village,

Chief Moon and the former Elven King exchanged glances before looking at the

village around. There was barely a trace of a battle, meaning the two people

killed Miragul as the demon was helpless against the two individuals.

Moonsong observed the village and shook his head, "We are worried for

nothing. They are quite strong even though they are just an Epic Rank."

"Or maybe the Miragul is too weak. The demon may be below the Epic Rank, so

they can defeat the demon easily," Revalor remained cautious and on guard

regarding the enemy's strength. Regardless of the result, he would not lower

his guard, "We still have to keep an eye on Lu An. That young man is a little bit

reckless to come here alone."

*** ***

"Can you explain why you bring them with you, Marshal Kang Xue?" Zhang

Mengyao asked as she looked at the ten people kneeling on the ground.

"Because we need them to clear the rst oor," Kang Xue did not faze away

from the question. "We know nothing about the dimensional tower, but they

know more about the tower than us, so might as well spare their lives and use

them as a guide for us. On top of that, we have Selena with us, and we can use

the Oath Ceremony to ensure they will not stab us in the back."

That was actually a brilliant idea. Zhang Mengyao was fond of the proposal,

using the tower's inhabitant to help them clear the tower, "Do you hear it? We

will spare your lives if you are useful, but we will kill you all if you are useless.

So, tell everything you know about the tower!"

The Miragul, who looked in his mid-forties answering all the questions, threw

at him. He had no choice but to be obedient if he wanted to keep their lives. This

was the fate for the weak.

After Zhang Mengyao got everything she wanted from the Miragul, she

motioned Selena to come over and hold the Oath Ceremony with the demons.

Despite the increasing level, doing the Oath Ceremony had a high toll on

Selena's body. Zhang Mengyao could see that after the Oath Ceremony was

over. The Divine Priest looked exhausted, and her face lost its color, 'Hmmm,

let's not use the Oath Ceremony too often.' She thought to herself.

After the Oath Ceremony was over, Lu An called his subordinate and tasked

them to watch over the ten demons. Even though they had to be obedient and

could not betray them, Lu An wanted to keep watching the demons all the time.

Despite the Oath Ceremony, he would not let the demon move freely with them.

"The rst thing we must watch over is the resident of the tower. Regardless of

their race, they will be hostile to us," Zhang Mengyao gathered all the leaders

and discussed the main issue they encountered. "From their perspective, they

are imprisoned by the towers, and the only way for them to escape from the

tower is to force the Tower Break. So we come as the enemy of the residents of

the tower. So, we must be careful even if we meet a real human in this tower."

"Thanks to Kang Xue's calm and collected decision, we found the way to clear

the rst oor. Just like Lu An said earlier, we must defeat the boss oor.

However, the residents call this boss the King of the oor instead of a boss. In

order to clear the rst oor, we must kill the King of the rst oor,

Drakengard," Zhang Mengyao continued to the main topic, "Drakengard is an

Earth Drake; that's the only thing we know about the King of the rst oor. We

don't know where the King is, and we don't know what it looks like."

"However, we have the general direction where this Drakengard was. It should

be to the south of our direction…" Zhang Mengyao was about to point a

direction, but she did not know where the south direction was.

"Let's settle up for the time being, and we will send a small team to gather

more information. We can use the Miragul as a guide, but we can't trust them

completely. They may lead us to the most dangerous place without us knowing,

so make sure to be careful around them," Wei Xi concluded the short meeting.

All in all, they managed to get the most important information to clear the rst

oor. That was a huge lead for them, considering they had just arrived in the


*** ***

Meanwhile, outside the Dimensional Tower on Earth, Tower Entrance

The atmosphere outside the tower was quite intense as the First Order Guild

and The Blue Vest Guild met at the entrance. The two factions had bad blood

since earlier in the game as their territories were next to each other. Each time

they met, a small thing was bound to happen.

"We will enter the tower rst. You guys can enter after the Blue Vest Guild," A

man in his mid-thirties spoke. He had a thin beard with a neat hairstyle, and he

was The Blue Vest Guild's Vice Leader, Donald Callahan. He had a smug face as

he made a surprised expression, "Ah, I forgot about the other factions from the

World Government. I don't think you can enter the tower after us, but you can

enter the tower after all factions from the World Government enter the tower."

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