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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 853: First Floor ~ Miragul

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Chapter 853: First Floor ~ Miragul

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With the elf and the moonlight rabbit in action, nding the river was eortless

for them. Within one hour, they found the wide yet shallow river. The river was

just around their calf deep. In the next half an hour, they found a settlement


"Human settlement?" Zhang Mengyao furrowed her brow slightly. "What

about the area around the settlement? Is there still no monster or beast outside


"I don't nd any monster or beast around there, but just humans. Maybe the

settlement is still inside the safe zone?" Legion Commander Moonsong replied.

He led the search by himself along with Virion to make sure their rst

expedition as an ocial Tarrior of the Tang Empire ended with a satisfying


"Hmmm…" Zhang Mengyao did not rush to the settlement even though that

place might be their chance to get more information about the rst oor.

"What about the village condition?"

Moonsong was a little bit confused as to why Zhang Mengyao wanted to know

the village's condition, but he still answered, "The village is well maintained,

and the residents look peaceful and happy." He had observed the settlement for

a while to identify the possibility of the residents being hostile to outsiders.

After that observation, he concluded the villagers might not be hostile and

welcome them if they explained the situation.

"What about farms? Do they have farms? Or do you see they have nets to catch

the sh in the river? Or do they have the equipment to hunt?" Zhang Mengyao

asked for more detailed information about the village. "No, they should not

have the equipment since this is a safe zone with no monster and beast."

The question was weird for sure, but Moonsong recalled what he had seen from

the village. He quickly realized Supreme General Zhang Mengyao's intention by

asking that. He recalled what he saw from the village and started to feel

suspicious about the village too. "No, I don't see the farm. They don't have

livestock either, and I am not sure about the nets for shing. I will send, no, I

will go by myself to check everything." Moonsong excused himself and left

with his nine subordinates to get more info about the village.

"What's so weird about the village?" Lu An asked as he did not understand

what they were talking about. Lu An had the least experienced among the

leaders despite his position and power. He could not pinpoint what was so

suspicious about the village.

"It's not weird at a glance, but if you look into it with details, the village looks

suspicious," Yeon Hee replied to Lu An in a small voice. "We are in an area with

no monsters and beasts. Considering this is a dimensional tower, this is weird

already. Then we found the village, but they don't have a permanent source for

the food. They don't have farms and don't breed the livestock, no beast around

to hunt. The only source for the food is the river, but if they don't have the nets

to catch the sh too, don't you feel weird about it? Especially if they are


After hearing that, Lu An quickly caught what was so suspicious about the

village. He imagined himself eating the sh for his entire life, and he did not

think that was possible.

*** ***

Moonsong arrived at the spot where he could watch the entire village from the

top. He was on top of the tree, but he made sure the residents of the settlement

could not see him. His eyes focused on the side that was close to the river. Yes,

the village was exactly next to the river, so if there was equipment to catch the

sh, it should be in that area. However, the village was so weird because it

looked like the village and the river were cut o as if people rarely went to the

river. Of course, he could not nd the nets he was looking for, not even a shing


The doubt and suspicion inside him rose up in his heart. He then observed the

people inside the village. He saw people were talking to each other. They were

all smiling and laughing as if they were living their happiest life. He became

even more suspicious as he felt the scene before him was unreal. This was too

perfect to be real.

"How is it? Do you nd the nets or any tools for shing inside their houses?"

Moonsong asked Revalor, who had just come over. The former Elven King had

eyesight that was much sharper than any of them, so he should be able to see

what was inside these people's houses.

"Let's back o for now. I will tell you my discovery on the way back," Revalor

immediately proposed to retreat as soon as he came to Moonsong.

*** ***

"Their houses are empty, let alone nets or shing poles; there is nothing inside

their houses. No table, chair, and even bed, nothing. The house is more like a

square room; it just looked like a house from outside," Revalor reported what

he found to Zhang Mengyao. "This is just my suspicion, but I think they are

from the demon race, Miragul. The demon with no physical gure, but they

have the ability to inuence our vision. They inuence our vision, so we will

look at them as humans."

"Ah!" Moonsong recalled the battle against the demon that invaded the Ortis

Continent. He remembered the demon that could change their gures that cost

a lot of lives from their side.

"Alert everyone! Get ready to ght!" Zhang Mengyao immediately called out.

"If they inuence your vision, that means they are aware of our presence." She

then looked at Moonsong and Revalor, "Tell me more about this Miragul! We

need to know more about them. What about their ghting ability?"

"They are weak in terms of battle prowess, but they rely on their dark mana to

poison us. Their dark mana is a lethal poison to the other races, so we must be

careful about that," Revalor replied with a solemn face.

"Hohoho… I don't know that the new players will know about us," creepy

laughter rang in the air.

Zhang Mengyao and the others stood up and looked toward the voice. To

everyone's surprise, they found an old man with a long white beard, wearing a

black robe. The old man was just ten meters away from them, none of them

noticed his presence, and the old man managed to pass the perimeter defense

without being noticed.

"This robe is quite useful; none of you notice me until I speak," The old man

had a smug expression on his face.

Revalor did not bother to entertain the old man with the chat as he took out the

bow from his inventory. He formed a mana arrow and aimed at the old man.

Without a doubt, the old man was Miragul.

"Unfortunately, you are too late, strong elf," The old man smirked, "You have

been surrounded! We will have a delicious meal!" As soon as the old man

nished his words, Revalor shot the arrow. The arrow blinked and pierced the

old man's head. Despite being on the brink of death, the old man still had a

smile on his face. The old man's body turned into a black lump in the next ve

seconds. It was clear that the old man was not human but a demon.


After the death of the rst Miragul, the black gas suddenly spread out. They

realized Miragul had sneaked so close into the formation that there were over

fty of Miragul in the defensive line. They turned the black mana into dark gas,

spreading it out everywhere.

"Kang Xue!" Zhang Mengyao immediately called out.


Kang Xue jumped into the black gas as her body shone. Her gure turned into

light, and when she arrived in the middle of the black gas, the light burst out

from her body. The blinding light caused everyone to close their eyes. It was

like a ashbang but lacked the ring in their ears. The blinding light lasted for

half a minute, and by the time everyone opened their eyes, the black gas had


Everyone was alerted and immediately searched for Miragul, but more than

fty Miragul disappeared. They saw the spear made of light, piercing the

ground with a black lump in its middle. Looking at this, everyone realized that

Marshal Kang Xue had defeated all Miragul within thirty seconds.

"If you get poisoned, immediately return to the medical team!" Kang Xue

shouted. The black gas managed to spread slightly before she neutralized it, so

she thought some of the Tarriors might get poisoned. After giving them

instruction and making sure there was no more Miragul around them, Kang

Xue returned to Zhang Mengyao.

"Should we retreat, or do you want to annihilate this Miragul?" Kang Xue found

out that the demon was not that high-level as she could kill them with one hit.

On top of that, her class, Master of Light, was the nemesis for the creature with

dark mana. She was condent to ght the demon.

"You can go and help Lu An," Zhang Mengyao waved her hand helplessly.

During the blinding light, she activated [Envisage]. During that time, Lu An had

gone to Miragul village by himself.

Without saying anything, Kang Xue left the group and headed toward the

village, "I will also bring the reinforcement to assist Sir Lu An and Marshal

Kang Xue," Legion Commander Moonsong immediately asked for permission

from Zhang Mengyao.

"Hmm, go ahead. I will check over our people here. You can go with the

Luminous Legion," Zhang Mengyao nodded and headed toward the medical team.

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