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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 852: First Floor

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Chapter 852: First Floor

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Zhang Mengyao's vision blackened for a second. Once the vision returned, she

noticed she was already in the middle of the forest. She was surrounded by over

ten meters tall trees. The rst thing she did was to activate [Envisage]. Since it

was not targeted at anyone or anything, she could see what happened ten

seconds ahead.

In the ten seconds vision, she and the main force arrived without being

attacked. That meant there was no ambush of monsters around them. She then

scanned the surroundings, the tall trees were like a canopy, protecting them

from the sun, and the air in the forest was so fresh. She took a deep breath for a

moment before turning around.

Zhang Mengyao looked at the Legion Commander Moonsong, "Send your

people to scout the surroundings. The remaining Tarriors remain on alert and

create a perimeter defense. The healer team stays close to us." She gured out

that the elf and the beastmen beneted from the terrain, so she sent them to

scout the area instead of sending Lu An's team.

Meanwhile, Zhang Mengyao gathered the leaders to discuss their next step.

Vice Supreme General Wei Xi and Kang Xue, Lu An the Chief of TEID, Marshal

Alton and Vice Marshal Ashley, and Legion Commander Moonsong and Vice

Legion Commander Virion.

"The rst thing I notice is we don't have the portal gate to return outside,"

Zhang Mengyao immediately pointed out the crucial thing in the expedition.

They could not return just because they wanted to, which meant there must be

a condition to fulll to get out of the tower. "We need to gure that out rst."

"Maybe there's a command System if we want to get out of the tower?" Lu An

voiced his thoughts. Everyone looked at him, and he tried, "Return!"

[You can't get out of the tower until you clear the rst oor! Clear the rst oor

and obtain the portal gate!]

The command was working but not working at the same time. It worked

because Lu An got the information on how to return from the dimensional

tower. It did not work because they could not return now. Lu An told everyone

about the notication he had just received.

"So, how do we clear the rst oor?" It led to another question as the System

did not elaborate on how to clear the rst oor of the dimensional tower. The

information they had about the dimensional was so vague. Wei Xi shook his

head and looked toward Marshal Alton, "What do you think, Marshal Alton? Do

you know how to clear the dimensional tower? You come from an advanced

world than Earth, so you should probably know, right?"

Marshal Alton glanced at Virion, Ashley, and Moonsong before replying, "We

don't know anything about the dimensional tower, but maybe Revalor knows

something about this tower?"

"The Elven Kingdom does not have any information about the dimensional

tower. As everyone knows, we don't even know about the smart base until we

arrive on Earth," Virion shook his head. If his father knew something about the

dimensional tower, he should know about this crucial information as well.

However, the Elven Kingdom did not have any records about the smart base, let

alone the dimensional tower.

"Maybe it's another System command? Mission! Objective! Quest!" Lu An tried

it a few times, but he did not receive any response from the System.

"The System is truly a pain in the ass. Can't it give us proper guidance or

something?" Wei Xi was frustrated with the lack of guidance. The only hint

they had was that they must clear the rst oor in order to return.

"The System wants us to look the way out by ourselves. It's not surprising

considering the start of the Game," Zhang Mengyao had gotten used to how the

System worked, so it was not a surprise. She maintained her composure

because she was responsible for a thousand and three hundred lives. "What do

you think, Lu An? Your game knowledge is always useful in times like this. Do

you know something?"

"Hmmm," Lu An rubbed his chin for a while as he thought about it, "The most

generic pattern is defeating the boss oor. Each oor has a Monster Boss to

defeat, and if we defeat the boss, that means we clear the rst oor. That's the

most generic one, but it's possible that there's a hidden mission for each

faction. We need to complete the mission to clear the quest, maybe. Or, we need

to conquer all the territories on the rst oor like how we capture the whole


Virion, Alton, Ashley, and Moonsong did not know what Lu An talked about as

they did not know what Game Lu An talked about. Kang Xue and Zhang

Mengyao knew so little about RPG games, and Wei Xi knew some basics.

"Ah, I think it's most likely the rst one. We need to nd the boss oor and

defeat it. Or maybe we have to pass a test on each oor. You know, something

like there's a guardian on each oor, and we need to pass the test to clear the

rst oor," Wei Xi chimed in.

"That's possible too; taking a test from the guardian oor is the second most

generic after the boss oor type," Lu An nodded in agreement.

"Then we will take the rst route, nding the boss oor or the test area,"

Zhang Mengyao made the decision. Even though she did not know how to nd

them, the basics they needed to do was to explore the rst oor.

"Then should we split up?" Lu An was quite eager because this dimensional

tower was truly similar to the Game and mangas he read in the past. Splitting

up was the fastest to explore, but Zhang Mengyao had a dierent idea about


"No! We will not split up, at least not until we establish the base and gure out

the monsters on the rst oor. Let's not take the risk because we have no

information about the dimensional tower. Just because we never failed in the

expedition, we should never lower our guard," Zhang Mengyao rmly declined

the idea of splitting up. "Have your team returned, Legion Commander


"Yes, I will call them," Moonsong called two people, one elf and one moonlight

rabbit. One was the former Elven Kingdom's queen, and the other one was the

Grand Elder of the Moonlight Tribe.

"My team has scouted the north and east area up to two thousand meters, but

we can't nd any living beings, and it's still the same forestry area like this,"

Grand Elder Armsong reported.

"And my team scouted the south and west, and we found nothing but the same

forest," Ava reported her team's discovery.

"No village, monsters, and beasts…" Lu An thought about something

outrageous in her head. "Don't tell me the System wants us to build our own

base from zero instead of giving us an empty city like around the tower?" If

they could not nd the village or city until night, they had to sleep in the

wilderness with nothing. They did not expect to be able to return after entering

the tower, so they did not bring any tents with them.

"It can be said we are in the safe zone," Wei Xi nodded his head. "The ideal

situation is to have half of our people to prepare the lodging when the night

comes, and half of our people explore the forest further. But none of us can

construct lodging, not with the minimum tool we have."

"It's not that we can't nd the village or city, but we haven't explored the rst

oor. Maybe there's a city or village somewhere else; we just need to nd it,"

Zhang Mengyao was not pessimistic about their situation. She then glanced at

Moonsong and Virion, "If you are in this situation, where will you build your

village?" The beastmen and the elf had lived in the forest for a long time, so she

could use their knowledge to nd the habitat of the rst oor. Finding the

strategist's location might lead them to a village.

"The essential for us to live is food and water, so I will say we will nd a river

and build a village around the river itself if possible. Even if the terrain is not

suitable to build a village, we want to build our house near the river. So nding

a river may lead us to a village or even a city," Moonsong gave a convincing

reply to Zhang Mengyao.

Food and water were the primary need for the living beings as they needed

clean water to drink and needed water to produce food. Even if they did not

have crops to harvest, they would still have sh in the river as food. With that

quick discussion, they quickly gured out what they needed to do for the rst

step, nding a river and the habitat of the rst oor, which might be a huge

help for them to explore the rst oor.

"The Tarriors are not familiar with the terrain, so we need the beastmen and

the elf to explore the forest and nd the river. Split your people into a small

team of ten members, and investigate the forest deeper. The priority is to nd

the river but also avoid the battle!" Zhang Mengyao emphasized the last part of

her command to avoid the battle. "While the Luminous Legion explores the

forest, we will try to nd an alternative food."

They did not bring enough supplies because they thought they could return

from the tower any time. They only brought an emergency ration that was

supposed to last for three days. They must nd alternative food, just in case,

they could not nd the village or inhabitants of the dimensional tower.

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