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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 851: Entering The Dimensional Tower

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Chapter 851: Entering The Dimensional Tower

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The best choice for them was to run, but could they outrun these people? Viona

was unsure about that because aside from her, Captain Wu Shuan, and Captain

Zuo Ren, their subordinates were not Epic Rank.

"What should we do, Miss Viona?" Wu Shuan came closer to her as he motioned

his subordinate to stay behind them. He was worried because these people were

not so friendly at all. Fighting them was impossible as they could not win

against these many people even with the whole intelligence division.

"We wait until Chief Lu An and the main force arrive and talk with them if

possible," Viona whispered back. "Tell the other members not to come back

until further notice."

"What are you whispering, girl? Let us hear it too," The man took two steps

forward until someone slapped the back of his head. "Who slapped my—" his

voice cut o at the sight of the two meters tall man.

"Me, so what do you want to do?" The two meters tall man replied with a rm

voice. "Have you forgotten Advisor Igmar's words?"

The man who teased Viona cowered and lowered his head, "No, I am sorry,

Captain Goosen."

"Return to your team!" Goosen commanded his subordinate to return with the

others as he took ve steps closer to Viona and bowed his head slightly. "I

apologize on behalf of my subordinate, Miss. My name is Goosen, and we are

from the Uprising Guild."

"Viona, Tang Empire," Viona replied with two words, her name and where she

came from.

Goosen's expression changed slightly when he heard the Tang Empire from the

purple-haired woman. Deep inside, he was relieved that he came in a time

when he heard his subordinate make a ruckus in the back. He still remembered

that Advisor Igmar's words very clearly in his head, "Don't ever oend the

Tang Empire. If they oend the Tang Empire, then the punishment is getting

executed on the spot."

Of course, Goosen understood the reason why Advisor Igmar told them not to

annoy the Tang Empire as he attended the tournament too. The show of the

dragon was enough even to deter their crazy Guild Leader.

"What is it? What happened here, Goosen?" Hearing the voice, Goosen

straightened his back and turned around. "We have met people from the Tang

Empire, Lord Zander."

The man called Lord Zander was the Uprising Guild's guild leader. The man

called himself Warlord and told his people to call with the lord before his name.

Zander was a head shorter than Goosen, but his aura was on a dierent level

compared to Goosen. Zander looked toward Viona and was surprised by her

beauty, but then he shook his head, "You take over from here on, Igmar. I am

afraid I will do something that crosses the line."

After giving Viona a glance, Zander turned around and led his people to the

other side of the plaza, leaving Goosen and a man with short stature. The

Uprising Guild's members were averaging around a hundred and eight

centimeters, but this one man was not even one hundred and seventy. The

shortest one among the others, but this person held a high status within the

Uprising Guild, Advisor Igmar.

Advisor Igmar raised both his hands to the air as he approached Viona, and

Goosen followed in tow, "We mean no harm." Viona did nothing, but she asked

them to stop when the two were ve meters away from her.

"I apologize on behalf of my people if they oend you," Igmar put his right

hand on his left chest and bowed.

"No harm done, so it's ne," Viona replied shortly.

"If I may know, where's the Tang Empire's area? We just want to make sure

that we don't trespass the empire's area to avoid misunderstandings," Igmar

asked with a smile.

"We don't have any area yet, but the Southern area should be ours from now

on, so you can leave to the other side," Igmar's hair on his back stood up when

he heard the voice because he felt the breath on the back of his neck. He turned

around, but he did not see anyone right behind him aside from Goosen. For

sure, It was Goosen's voice that just talked. He then turned back to Viona and

found an additional young man with them.

'How?' Igmar questioned himself. He did not feel any presence from the young

man at all. If the young man wanted to assassinate him back then, he would be

helpless for sure. 'Oh, thank god that I managed to convince Zander not to ght

the Tang Empire right away.'

Igmar maintained his composure despite his life being threatened just now. He

maintained his smile and bowed his head slightly, "Then we will move to the

other areas."

*** ***

"I don't like this, Igmar. This doesn't feel alright at all. How can we just listen

to whatever they say? Also, why did you bow your head? I can understand if that

guy is their leader, but she is just a woman." Zander complained as soon as

Advisor Igmar returned to his side. The fact that the Uprising Guild had to yield

against the Tang Empire was enough to piss him o already.

"It's not like we have any other choices, Lord Zander," Igmar shook his head.

"It's not like I like bowing my head to a random stranger too, but what can I

do? Unless you have a solution to kill The Emperor and his dragon, we have to

suck it up until we have enough power to destroy them. For now, let's leave

them be and use this dimensional tower to upgrade our power."

Zander opened his mouth and closed his again. Despite his madness to ght the

strong opponent, he was quite realistic to know his limit. The Emperor of the

Tang Empire was not someone he could ght now.

"Alright, let's put that issue aside. We are safe for now because the Tang

Empire will focus on the World Government, and the World Government will

try to take down the Tang Empire. Let's watch the show from the sideline for

now and focus on getting stronger instead," Advisor Igmar continued. "We will

stay away from the Tang Empire for the time being and investigate the area

around the tower."

*** ***

A few minutes later, Zhang Mengyao arrived with the main force, one thousand

and two hundred Tarriors in total. Zhang Mengyao followed Lu An to the

district area.

"Should we buy the entire southern district?" Wei Xi glanced at Zhang

Mengyao. "The district can become our operation base. While the dimensional

tower is our main objective, this is our chance to take the whole of Greenland

for ourselves, no? We don't know that this land might have a resource we


Zhang Mengyao furrowed her brow. If she had not upgraded the smart base,

she would agree to buy the whole district to be their operation base. It was not

that the Tang Empire did not have the money, but ve hundred million Game

Coins were too much. If they used ve hundred million to buy the whole

southern area, it would hamper the expansion in the main base. However, as

Wei Xi said, the southern region can become their operation to conquer the

land outside the city.

"Let's buy all the main districts in the southern area rst. While buying out the

whole southern area is cheaper, it is only fty million cheaper. It's not like we

will use all the buildings," Kang Xue shared her thoughts. "We will make the

main district be our operation base, and we can buy the remaining district later

if we need more space. Remember, only eleven factions including us can reach

this place for now, and I don't think the other factions have the money to buy

all the districts."

"Let's do that for now," Zhang Mengyao nodded, "Our focus, for now, is the

dimensional tower, so we will arrange another team to explore the territory

outside the city after we return from our rst expedition inside the tower. I will

buy the main district now. Get our people ready to enter the tower, Vice

Supreme General Wei Xi." Wei Xi left with Marshal Alton as they arranged for

the Tarriors to get ready.

In order to buy the district, Zhang Mengyao had to visit the district buy it. It

took a while to purchase all fty districts. Of course, she ordered the

intelligence division's team to purchase the district.

A few minutes later, the Tang Empire's team arrived at the entrance of the

dimensional tower. "Don't you need us to investigate the dimensional tower

rst, Sister Mengyao?" Lu An came closer to Zhang Mengyao and whispered.

"There's no need. We will just enter the tower together because we want to

have a head start over the other factions," Zhang Mengyao shook her head.

"However, we will need TEID to explore the area while the main force focuses

on another area."

Zhang Mengyao arrived in front of the stone door with Lu An, Wei Xi, Kang Xue,

and Marshal Alton. She glanced at the four and nodded her head before pushing

the stone door. The door opened, and she was the rst one to step into the tower.

[Welcome to Sky Level Dimensional Tower!]

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