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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 850: Earth Dimensional Tower – Part 2

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Chapter 850: Earth Dimensional Tower - Part 2

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The rst thing that came into Lu An's sight was the massive tower. The tower's

exterior design was similar to Pisa Tower, but the size was much bigger, and

the tower in front of him was made of black materials. He subconsciously

looked up; there was no end as it pierced through the sky. The ninety-nine

people who followed him had the same reaction, but Lu An quickly regained his

composure and checked his surroundings.

Lu An turned around and found out he was in the middle of the plaza; there was

a fountain of water near him with benches surrounding it. Then he realized

they were not in the wilderness but in a city. Yeah, this was similar to the city,

but an empty one. He could see the district with buildings, streetlights, the

main road, the sidewall; everything was well built considering he had not found

living beings here, not even with his senses.

Lu An clapped his hand once, producing a loud clap. His subordinates looked at

him, and he gave his command, "Listen up! We will split into eleven groups just

like what we planned, and I want detailed information about this place. Avoid

battle against the hostile beings unless necessary, and we will return to this

spot in one hour."

"Yes, Sir!" After replying to their Chief, they split into ten groups and went into

ten dierent directions, leaving Lu An, Viona, and Yeon Hee.

"I can't sense any living beings in the perimeter area, but this plaza most likely

is safe," Viona scanned the surroundings and voiced her thoughts. "I will

investigate the surroundings, Sir."

"Mnn, you can go," Lu An nodded. After Viona left the plaza, he looked around

in confusion. "What are you looking for, Sir?" Even though Lu An was younger

than her, Yeon Hee still addressed him formally, albeit a little bit awkward.

"The portal gate," Lu An replied with a frown as he could not nd the portal

gate around them. Being reminded by Lu An, Yeon Hee realized there was no

portal gate around them. The portal gate was the only way for them to return to

the main base.

"There it is," Lu An found the portal gate after a while. There was a similar

portal gate near the tower's entrance, so he thought it was the portal gate to

return. However, he did not get too close to the entrance as he kept checking

the entrance over and over again. "Wait here, I will check it."

Lu An told Yeon Hee to wait as he headed toward the tower's entrance. The

portal gate was just around seven meters away from the entrance. He was a bit

cautious, just in case something came out of the tower. He approached the

portal gate cautiously and was relieved when nothing came at him when he

arrived in front of the portal gate.

[Do you want to return to your base? (Yes) (No)]

The notication rang in his head when Lu An was just a meter away from the

portal gate. He was relieved that this portal gate could send them back home.

He was quite panicked deep inside when he noticed there was no portal gate

around them just now. Lu An then motioned his hand to Yeon Hee, "It's safe.

You can come over."

After ensuring they could return to the base, Lu An changed his focus on the

tower itself. There was a pitch-black monolith right next to the entrance of the

tower. He approached the entrance of the tower carefully, but there was

nothing dangerous around, "Hmm, the area around the dimensional tower is

safe, I think." He said that after arriving in front of the black monolith.

The monolith looked like it was made of black stone but similar to glass as he

could see his reection on it. Curious about the monolith's materials, he placed

his hand on it.

[Welcome to the Sky Level Dimensional Tower!]

[Warning! Tower Break will happen if the players from Earth fail to conquer the

ten oors of the Sky Level Dimensional Tower within a year's time!]

[Tower Break is a phenomenon where the tower's inhabitants get out of the

tower and attack the players from Earth!]

[There's no condition or rules to get inside and inside the tower, the players

make the rule!]

"Tower Break? The System never mentioned the tower break during the World

Congress," Lu An muttered in a low voice. While he appeared to be nonchalant

during the World Congress, he remembered all the contents of the World

Congress, and The System never mentioned the possible tower break.

Lu An retracted his hand from the monolith, and the transparent screen

disappeared. He looked at the closed entrance. The entrance was made of black

stone with engraving on it. The engraving was giving o an impression of

ancient engraving. It appeared like a random engraving, but with how well

made it was, it must be more than a random engraving. He hesitated for a while

before approaching the stone door.

Lu An raised his hands and was about to touch the door until he heard his

subordinate call him up. He pulled his hand subconsciously and turned around.

Two people rushed toward him. He left the entrance and rushed to his two

subordinates as he thought something bad had happened to them because only

two returned, "What's wrong? Did you encounter monsters? Where's your


"Oh, no. We did not meet anyone, but we have discovered, and we want to

inform you of this immediately, Sir," Wu Shuan replied to clear the

misunderstandings. The former Major General of the Suzhou Survivor

Establishment had become one of Lu An's subordinates. He was satised with

joining the intelligence division and had been working under Lu An for a while

now, "Please follow me, Sir."

Lu An was relieved that nothing had happened. He nodded and followed Wu

Shuan to the main road. When they arrived in front of the main road that

connected the plaza and the districts, Wu Shuan pointed his nger up. He

followed up and saw the oating screen.


[Southern District]

Description: Southern District comprises 300 districts in total, and each district

comprises forty buildings

Southern District Buyout Price: 500 million Game Coins.

Main District Price: 20 million Game Coins.

Secondary District Price: 10 million Game Coins

Outer District Price: 3 million Game Coins

Note: The bought district can't be taken forcefully by the other factions.


Lu An furrowed his brow at this as he found this was just absurd to him. Why

did they need to buy this expensive district if they could travel freely with the

portal gate? But he quickly remembered how essential the housing in this city

was for the small factions who did not have the portal gate. They could not

travel back and forth like the major factions, so having lodging around the

Dimensional Tower was essential to them.

At this moment, Viona returned to Lu An said and reported her discovery, "I

can't nd any living beings around. The city must be empty, and all these

buildings and districts are for the players."

"Alright, stay here with the others. I will return to the main base and report our

discovery to Supreme General Zhang. Remember to avoid the conict until the

main force arrives," Lu An reminded his subordinates once before he added at

the end. "Also, gather everyone and get ready to explore the dimensional

tower's rst oor. I think we will enter the tower rst before the main force, so

get them prepared."

"Yes, Sir. I will get everyone ready once you return," Viona responded with a

rm tone.

Lu An rushed toward the portal gate and returned to the main base. After Lu An

left them, Viona opened the System Communication and opened the Tang

Empire Intelligence Division group. She sent everyone in the team a message,

telling them to return to the plaza. At this point, there was nothing to

investigate as they realized this empty city was prepared for the players.

Not even a minute after Lu An left, and Viona just sent the message to her team

members, then the second faction arrived. A group of hundreds or even

thousands of people arrived in the plaza. The second faction lled the plaza

with their arrival. Viona and the others did not expect their arrival, "Let's hide

until the main force—" She did not manage to nish her words as the

newcomers noticed them.

The rst person to notice them was a man with dark skin. The man whistled

and spoke loudly, "Look what we have here, two beauties are waiting for us!

The System is really good to prepare us for two women."

Along with the whistle and loud noise, the crowds looked toward their

directions, "Get ready for battle any time," Even though her voice sounded

calm, Viona was quite nervous inside. She just reached the Epic Rank, nishing

the trial a few days ago, so she did not know if she could win against these

many people by herself. On top of that, Liliana was not with her for the Spirit

Integration. If a battle broke out, she was not as condent as before when she

was in a war against the Lionax Kingdom.

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