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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 848: Separate Ways – Part 3

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Chapter 848: Separate Ways - Part 3

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Min Soo was shocked to hear that directly from Yeon Hee's mouth. His eyes

widened unbelievably to what he heard, "But why? She said you could leave

with me if you want to," He rudely pointed at Zhang Mengyao, but the latter

showed no reaction to the rudeness. "Did they force you to stay, did they? Did

they force you to sign the System Contract to stay here?"

Yeon Hee shook her head, "No. There's no contract. I did not sign any contract

or anything. I decided to stay on my will. Just forget me, Min Soo. It's just

impossible for us now; I don't want to return with you guys."

"No, this is not you. This is not Yeon Hee that I know of," Min Soo kept shaking

his head as he did not want to believe this. He then turned around and pointed

his nger at Zhang Mengyao. Before he could say anything, the young man next

to Zhang Mengyao disappeared and appeared again in front of him. Lu An

grabbed the index nger and cracked it up. "ARGHHHHHHH!"

The other ten Haven members stood up and took out their weapons because

their leader was attacked. By the time they were ready, Lu An was no longer in

front of Min Soo as he had returned next to Zhang Mengyao. If not for Min Soo

groaning in pain, they believed they might see things.

"No! Put your weapon back!" Yeon Hee panicked and rushed to the other

members of Haven, urging them to put down their weapons. "Just leave this

place and give up on me. I will never return to The Haven!"

Despite her urging, The ten members of Haven did not put down their weapons.

When their lives were under constant threat, putting down their weapon was a

foolish decision.

"Put down your weapon, or you all will ght me," Yeon Hee took out her sword

and released her aura. The shadow started to spread from her feet, "I don't

want to ght, let alone kill you for the account of our past. Leave, right now! Or

you will face the whole Tang Empire!"

Among the ten members, there was a man that could maintain his composure.

He was the Haven's vice-captain, Dong Joon. He put his spear back into his

inventory and helped his captain get up. "It's enough, Min Soo. Let's leave for

now," He met Yeon Hee's pleading gaze and quickly realized that the talk would

go nowhere if they kept forcing the issue. If they wanted to bring Yeon Hee with

them, they must do something else because the Tang Empire must have done

something to her.

"You lied! You said you did not do anything to her!" Min Soo shouted at Zhang

Mengyao. He was about to say more things, but Dong Joon whispered

something to him. That whisper calmed Min Soo down as he stopped shouting.

Dong Joon then put his right hand on his left chest and bowed his head toward

Zhang Mengyao, "We are sorry for causing commotion here, and thank you for

willing to listen to us. We will take our leave now."

"Good decision," Zhang Mengyao nodded and stood up from the chair. She

then glanced at Park Nam Hoon, "Escort them back," After saying that, she left

the waiting room rst with Yeon Hee and Lu An.

Lu An and Yeon Hee were in the same exclusive elevator with Zhang Mengyao,

"I will meet Moonsong, and we will have a meeting with the Sub Regions in half

an hour. You must come as the leader of the intelligence division." Zhang

Mengyao said that before she left the elevator.

"Hmmm, half an hour… What should I do in this half an hour," Lu An rubbed

his chin. It was a bit of a hassle for him if he had to return to the oce because

his oce was in another building. He then glanced at the downcast Yeon Hee,

"A good leader will not let his people down. I know you will look and think

about me as disgusting and hypocritical, but you are one of us now. This might

not help you forget about your friends, but this will ease your mind a little bit."

Lu An pressed the twenty-one button, and the elevator door closed again, "I

should not bring you here, but I will take the risk for you." When Yeon Hee

heard that, she raised her head and looked at Lu An. She just came to the Tang

Empire's main base and did not know the public elevator only had access to the

twentieth oor. So she did not understand what he was talking about.

Yeon Hee said nothing and just followed her superior. When they reached the

twentieth-one oor, she followed Lu An. She was surprised that this oor was

more like a storage room. As she observed this strange oor, she heard a

chopping noise. "It seems we come at the right time. Follow me." Lu An came

to the source of the noise, and Yeon Hee followed him closely.

After walking a few steps, Yeon Hee realized that the twentieth-one oor was a

kitchen and storage. It was more like designed for the cook, but she was sure

this cook had a high status within the Tang Empire to have a whole oor as a

personal kitchen. Then her nose smelled an aromatic smell of food. She felt

hungry when she smelled the pleasant aroma.

"Good morning, Sister Elin. Good morning, Delia," Lu An waved his hand at the

two girls who were cooking in the kitchen. Yeon furrowed her brow and

observed the two girls, 'Foreigner?' She did not expect to meet the foreigner in

this place. The girl with natural purple hair and a girl with natural green hair

moved around the kitchen as they returned the greeting with a smile.

'No, there are no people with that kind of hair,' Yeon Hee was confused as she

thought of where the two girls came from. She never saw people with purple

and green hair unless they dyed it, but the two girls' hair color was natural. She

could tell that within a glance.

"Come and sit. You are lucky to taste Sister Elin's cooking. You are the rst

outsider to taste her personal cooking," Lu An motioned Yeon Hee to sit next to


"So, who is this special guest we have here? Your girlfriend?" Elinova stopped

what she was doing and came over. But then she furrowed her brow after

scanning the woman from top to bottom. The girl had an attractive look, and

her body was hot. She was sure this was Tang Shaoyang's type of girl, especially

with that big chest even though it was a little smaller than hers and Delia's.

"She is my personal secretary. Can you keep it a secret from Brother Shaoyang

that I bring her here, Sister Elin?" Lu An winked his right eye at Elinova.

Hearing that, Elinova was relieved because Lu An did not bring her up here

because the girl was someone special to Tang Shaoyang. She smiled and replied

while shaking her head, "You should persuade Origin to keep this secret instead

of me. That guy will report this to your Brother Shaoyang for sure." Lu An's

face paled when he heard as he forgot the AI. Origin would not compromise as it

would report everything to Tang Shaoyang.

"Hello, I am Elinova. I am Head Cook of the Tang Empire," Elinova oered her

hand for a handshake. The culture she learned from the earthlings. Delia then

rushed over, "Hello, I am Delia, Sister Elin's bodyguard, and also her assistant.

I am sorry, my hand is dirty." Delia waved her hand at Yeon Hee.

"Nice to meet you," Yeon Hee nodded, "I am So Yeon Hee."

"So, I bring her here to cheer her up. Can you do me a favor, Sister Elin?" After

an unsuccessful attempt to have a discussion with Origin, Lu An gave up and

looked toward Elinova. "In exchange, I will help you hunt any beasts. As a good

leader, I can't let my subordinates get depressed."

"I don't know if I can help you, but I will take the oer," Elinova nodded and

smiled, "A good food usually will help lift up your mood a quite bit, and it may

be able to help her a little. Before we get to the main dish, what about getting a

drink rst?" She did not wait for Yeon Hee's response as she turned around and

returned with a glass in her hand. "This drink can help you calm down a little

bit, and people call it calming tea, but I name it Serenity. It's a little bitter, but

its pleasant fragrance will help you to calm down."

Yeon Hee could not refuse it since Yeon Hee had brought the glass in front of

her even though she was not a fan of tea. She took the glass and took a sip. Her

eyes widened a little bit as she felt warmth ow in her throat. She thought the

drink was it, but she was surprised by the incoming eect. There was a

soothing sensation on his chest, calming her down. It was not over yet as the

soothing sensation went up to her head. She felt her head was cool, which

helped her calm down a lot.

The sadness for losing her friends was rooted inside her, but this Serenity

helped her quite a bit. Not that her sadness lessened, but she now saw things

with her clear mind. Despite the sadness, she did not regret taking this path.

She snapped out from her thoughts as she saw Elinova's smiling face.

"Hehe, it seems Serenity helps your secretary, Lu An." Elinova left the

countertop and headed toward Delia, who stood in front of the huge pot. "How

is it, Delia. Is it ready?" Delia made an okay gesture with her right hand.

In the next moment, Yeon Hee was served with a bowl of soup and a plate of

Naan bread, "This is my new cooking, Crab Soup Curry and Naan Bread. I just

learned it, so I hope you like it." Elinova served the food with a smile.

'Ah, the aromatic fragrant earlier is from this soup curry, but crab curry?' Yeon

Hee had never tried crab with curry before, so this was surely a new avor for


"What about me, Sister Elin? I want that too," Lu An could not wait to eat the

food when he looked at how tantalizing the food was.

"Stop nagging and be patient, can you?" Delia rolled her eyes and put Lu An's

serving in front of him.

Yeon Hee looked at Lu An before looking back at Elinova, "Go ahead, try it."

Elinova urged Yeon Hee to eat the food. The latter nodded her head and pulled

the food closer to her. Naan was not something new to her as she had tried it

before. She took the Naan with her hand and broke it apart before dipping it

into the soup curry. Then she put the dipped Naan into her mouth. In the rst

chew, she closed her eyes and made a pleasant expression as she could not

believe the food would taste this good. Her mouth did not stop chewing while

her eyes remained closed.

After swallowing the food, she opened her eyes and met Elinova's happy face.

She opened her mouth to give the food praise, but the words did not come out

of her mouth as she did not know how to describe the taste. After a while, she

came up with the words, "I don't know how to describe it, but this is the most

delicious food I have ever tasted. Oh no, this is the second most delicious food."

"Hoo, so what's the rst?" Elinova smiled as she was not oended by Yeon

Hee's words.

"My Mom's cook, of course," Even though Yeon Hee praised her mother's

cooking, she said it while eating Elin's cook. It was as if the food could send her

ying with each bite in her mouth.

"The deal is done. I will tell you later what you must hunt for me, Lu An,"

Elinova had a satised smile when she saw Yeon Hee's expression. Since Yeon

Hee was smiling and savoring her food happily, she had delivered the deal from

her side.

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