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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 844: Asahi Sub Region

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Chapter 844: Asahi Sub Region

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Tang Shaoyang arrived in Japan's ying zone in half an hour, but it took him

two hours to nd the Osaka Castle. If not for the castle, it would take him longer

to nd where Osaka was. In fact, Osaka Castle was the third castle he found on

this trip; it was quite a hassle to nd Osaka Castle.

Fortunately, The Taukai Family and The Tachibana Family's territories were

next to each other. The Taukai Family occupied Sakai, where Osaka Castle was,

and The Tachibana Clan occupied Kyoto. So, the two factions gathered in Osaka

Castle. He did not need to go around Japan since both factions came to Osaka


Tang Shaoyang was sitting in front of the Tachibana Clan and the Taukai

Family's leaders, explaining the Sub Region system to them. After that, he

directly proposed his idea for the two factions.

"I don't know and don't care what happened between the two factions in the

past, but I want you to end the conicts if you have any and establish a stronger

faction together. The Taukai Family and The Tachibana Clan will be the Tang

Empire's representatives in Japan and manage this land for the Empire."

Izuhara Tachibana and Kado Taukai exchanged glances. There was no personal

conict, but there was a rivalry growing on them as they did a short skirmish

from time to time at the border. However, the conict had not grown to a blood

feud so far, but a unication between the two would be challenging. If they

united together, they had to choose a new leader, and conict to choose the

new leader was inevitable.

"I know there would be a conict of interest if a merger happens, but the two

factions can speak together on the table to discuss the merger. If you are

conicted about the leader, you can form a council, and each faction can have

three representatives. You plan, ght, and expand together as a whole. Don't

you want to re-establish your country? Instead of an individual leader like the

King or President, you can form a council consisting of several leaders as the

leader of the merger faction," Tang Shaoyang voiced his idea. It was Legion

Guild's leadership system, but that would work better for the merger faction.

"If you agree with the merger, then I will install the Portal Gate," When Tang

Shaoyang mentioned the portal gate, the two leaders looked toward Tang

Shaoyang. "It's a transportation tool to travel to each other's territory. The

Tang Empire can directly send the support and reinforcement if you ever need


"Can we have an hour of time discussion, Your Majesty?" Izuhara Tachibana

spoke up. "The merger is too sudden for us, and I think it will be better if we

have a discussion rst before we can agree to your proposal."

"That's fair, but instead of an hour, I will give you half an hour to have a

discussion. It's almost midnight, and I have to visit the other factions," Tang

Shaoyang agreed as he immediately stood up. "I will return in half an hour."

Half an hour later, Tang Shaoyang was invited back to the same room. Kado

Taukai and Izuhara Tachibana had reached a conclusion after half an hour of

discussion, "We have agreed to merge our factions, Your Majesty. However, we

have one request for you, Your Majesty."

"Mnn, say it. I will help as long as it's reasonable," Tang Shaoyang nodded.

"We want the Tang Empire to create an inspector team to ensure fairness

within our newly merged faction. Even though we agree to merge, we will use

the council system. The leadership will still be split between The Tachibana

Clan and The Taukai Family. Suppose there's an internal conict within our

faction. In that case, we want the Tang Empire to be our intermediary and help

us solve the dierence between the two clans impartially," Izuhara Tachibana

voiced his request. The conict was bound to happen when two factions

merged. He and Kado Taukai did not want the internal strife to cause their

downfall if the merge happened, so they had come up with such a decision.

"There's no need for you to ask about that. The Tang Empire is creating an

Administrator Sub Region Division. It's a division that will oversee the Tang

Empire's sub-regions, and if you need help, support, want to meet me, or

anything from the Empire. You can't go directly to me, but you need to go to the

Administrator Sub Region. It's in process and will be ready in a week or so,"

Tang Shaoyang gave them the good news.

"I am grateful for your consideration, Your Majesty. Then our second request

is, can you give us a week to merge the two factions? There is a lot of work for

the merge. We have to give our people an understanding of the merger to avoid

internal conict because of our past rivalry. We need to discuss the

administration for the new faction, and we wish for the Tang Empire's help on

this issue. We wish for the Tang Empire's assistance in the merge, Your

Majesty," Izuhara Tachibana wanted to involve the Tang Empire to ensure


"The Empire will assist the merge, and we will send our best people to help the

merge," Tang Shaoyang immediately agreed. It would be better if the Tang

Empire was involved in the merger. So they would have full information about

the merged faction, the ins and outs.

"Lastly, we have agreed on the new name for our new faction. It's Asahi!"

Izuhara Tachibana informed the new name of the merged faction. It was quite

fast for them to agree to the name already. That was good news, meaning the

two leaders could talk with a cool head despite the sudden merger.

"Then you need to agree on the main territory for Asahi because I need to set up

the Portal Gate in the main territory," Tang Shaoyang was glad that everything

went smoothly with the Sub Region system. He thought it would take time to

convince the Tachibana Clan and the Taukai Family to merge, but everything

went smoothly. With this, The Tang Empire had the second sub-region under

their rule.

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