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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 843: Sub Region – Part 2

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Chapter 843: Sub Region - Part 2

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Sub Region was similar to the vassal, the approach that System provided for a

faction to annex another faction without needing war declaration. Of course,

the annexed faction remained as a faction, but instead of an independent

faction, the annexed faction would be recognized as a sub region of the faction

that annexed them. Similar to vassals, the annexing faction had full control of

the Sub Region.

The Sub Region was unlocked at the level 7 smart base, so the System ocially

recognized the association instead of relying on the System Contract. There

was also an alliance approach where the faction in equal standing formed an

alliance, just like what the World Government did, but ocially recognized by

the System. There were so many things unlocked after Zhang Mengyao

upgraded the smart base to level 10.

Supreme General Zhang Mengyao had told everything that Park Nam Hoon and

his friends needed to know about the Sub Region system. To Zhang Mengyao's

surprise, Park Nam Hoon gave her an immediate answer right away, "We will

accept it." After saying that, he tapped accept. His friends did not stop him

either. Of course, they were not going to decline the oer after witnessing Tang

Shaoyang's real power.

Zhang Mengyao and Cao Jingyi were caught o guard by Park Nam Hoon's

decisiveness. She thought the Legion Guild would ask her for another week

before giving the answer, along with the Legion Guild's report. Zhang Mengyao

checked the Sub Region Tab, and she found the Legion Guild listed in the tab as

the Tang Empire's Sub Region.

"I am glad and happy with your decisiveness," Zhang Mengyao oered her

right for a handshake, and Park Nam Hoon reached her hand. "Let's work

together and help each other from now on." She did not know what happened

to Park Nam Hoon and his friends, but she could guess the discussion went

smoothly because of Tang Shaoyang. She could tell the big change in attitude

with these people.

"We will be expecting a lot of help from The Tang Empire, and we are glad if we

can be of any help for the Tang Empire," Park Nam Hoon replied with a smile as


The meeting was over, and Zhang Mengyao asked Park Nam Hoon to lead her to

meet Yeon Hee. She had heard what happened here, and she was surprised

there was a group of people that made him angry. She had heard everything in

detail and wanted to meet the person after the discussion.

Yeon Hee, the Shadow Queen, that was how the ve guilds called her. The

movement in the shadow obtained her the title. Zhang Mengyao thought about

it before she nally realized that Tang Shaoyang intended to recruit the girl

after seeing her potential. However, she felt like this girl was a double-edged

sword for Tang Shaoyang. She wanted to ensure everything would be ne in the

future if this girl had to join their rank.

"This is where we conned Yeon Hee," Park Nam Hoon led Zhang Mengyao to

the front door. "If I may know, what do you want to do with her, Supreme

General Zhang?"

Zhang Mengyao glanced at Park Nam Hoon, and the latter inched slightly as

he realized that he had become a busy body. He initially wanted to beg not to

kill Yeon Hee if Zhang Mengyao planned to kill Yeon Hee. The Shadow Queen

was just too useful to be killed, but it was not his position to question his

leader's decision.

"That's not your business, Chief Region Park," Zhang Mengyao replied

tonelessly. "You can leave now. You need to x the issue about the traitor

within your guild, don't you? I have business with Yeon Hee."

Park Nam Hoon bowed his head and left.

Zhang Mengyao pushed the door without knocking, and she saw a long-haired

girl at the corner of the room, sitting on the bed, hugging her knees. Yeon Hee

raised her head when she heard someone open the door. Her eyes radiated

hatred, killing intent, and iciness.

"If you keep acting that way, then you leave me with no choice but to hunt your

friends one by one, Yeon Hee!" Zhang Mengyao felt nothing with Yeon Hee's

gaze. Compared to Tang Shaoyang's killing intent, Yeon Hee's killing intent

was child's play. "Remember, the reason why your friends are alive right now is

you. If you are hostile to the Tang Empire, then the deal is null."

Yeon Hee gritted her teeth, but she had no choice but to yield. She closed her

eyes and took a deep breath to calm down before meeting with Zhang

Mengyao's eyes with no emotion.

"You want me to recruit her to my intelligence division?" Suddenly a gure

came out of Zhang Mengyao's shadow. Yeon Hee's eyes widened in surprise

because she found a similarity to her power. The gure was a young man,

maybe in his twenty or even younger, but his eyes were sharp and observant,

scanning her from top to bottom.

"I like her personality. It seems she can be cruel when she needs to be cruel, yet

she can still maintain her composure at the same time," Lu An nodded his head

after a quick observation.

"I don't want you to train her, but I want you to watch over her. Make sure she

does not do anything funny to your Brother Tang Shaoyang," Zhang Mengyao

massaged the space between her eyes. "If she does something suspicious—"

Her words are cut o by Lu An.

"If she does something suspicious, then I will kill her with my own hands," Lu

An's eyes became extremely sharp like a predator eying his prey. Yeon Hee's

body trembled as she felt a chill on her spine.

*** ***

Tang Shaoyang reached Japan within half an hour of ying. He had an

additional companion for Japan's trip, Selena. He needed her to hold the Oath

Ceremony, after all. Even though he could install the Portal Gate and had the

three girls use it, they chose to follow him instead of choosing the portal. This

time he was troubled because Japan was bigger than South Korea.

"So, where will we meet them again?" Tang Shaoyang scratched his head and

opened the map once more. "Ah, it's Osaka Castle, and Osaka is in the middle of

Japan with the curve…"

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