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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 840: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People – Part

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Chapter 840: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People - Part

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As soon as Tang Shaoyang arrived in Legion Guild's smart base, the rst thing

he did was to install the portal gate. This way, he could delegate further work

with the Legion Guild to his subordinates.

"The portal gate is about ve meters wide and ten meters tall, so where do you

want me to install the portal gate?" Tang Shaoyang asked Park Nam Hoon. "We

will talk about the application portal gate, about who can and who can't use the

portal later with my people. For now, let's install the portal gate rst so we can

travel to each other's territory easily."

Park Nam Hoon glanced at Yu Jin Sang. This was not something he could decide

easily and by himself, but he knew that The Emperor wanted an immediate

answer from him. "Can I have ten minutes… No, can I have ve minutes to talk

about it with my friends, Your Majesty? This is not something I can decide by

myself, and I need to discuss with my men that are responsible for the infrastructure."

"You can, ve minutes or ten minutes, I don't care, but make sure to make it

quick. I have to visit the other territories later," Tang Shaoyang nodded his

head. With the return of the Legion Guild's main force, the civilians cheered up

as the Legion Guild brought them good news by defeating the four guilds. The

gripping atmosphere in the smart base eased up with the good news.

"Welcome back, Master," Zaneos and Bronson returned to their Master's side

and reported what they encountered. He told Tang Shaoyang everything,

including the result of his interrogation with the man called Man-Shik, Ah Jae

Wook, and Sim Ki Nam.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brow when he heard the report. He was not

expecting this kind of development despite his suspicion of the former mayor

Tae Bong and his secretary. He intimidated them just because he did not like

people like them, having a big mouth and being arrogant, but their work

amounted to nothing in the crisis.

Instead of ve minutes or ten minutes, Park Nam Hoon returned within three

minutes with his two Vice Leaders, Yu Jin Sang and Yoo Kwang Sung. Tang

Shaoyang spoke rst before they could tell him the result of their discussion. "I

have bad news for you."

"Huh!?" Park Nam Hoon, Yu Jin Sang, and Yoo Kwang Sung were shocked to

hear that from Tang Shaoyang. Especially Park Nam Hoon, he felt ominous

about the bad news. 'Do we take that long? Does he want to break our

relationship and take Seoul by himself?' There were so many things crossed in

his head about this bad news.

"Do we do something wrong that displeases you, Your Majesty? If that's the

case, we apologize. I will ensure that we will not repeat the same mistake again

in the future, so please give us a second chance," Yu Jin Sang was quick with his

action. He did not know what happened, but the rst thing he did was apologize.

"What are you talking about?" Tang Shaoyang was puzzled by Yu Jin Sang's

action. "You did nothing wrong, and I just want to inform you there's a traitor

within your people." At this moment, Bronson returned by dragging three

people with him. Two of them lost their legs, but the third one had his limbs

intact and only had supercial injuries.

Park Nam Hoon, Yu Jin Sang, and Yoo Kwang Sung recognized the three people.

The Black Knight's Guild Leader and Vice Leader, but what shocked them was

the third person. The third person was the Legion Guild's member, Man-Shik.

"Throw the guy called Man-Shik here," Tang Shaoyang pointed at the front of

Park Nam Hoon's legs. "If you want to keep your life, tell your Guild Leader

everything." Zaneos' voice rang, causing Man-Shik's body to shiver ercely.

Man-Shik grabbed Park Nam Hoon's legs and put his head on Park Nam Hoon's

feet as he kept apologizing. He was crying and telling Park Nam Hoon

everything about Tae Bong's plan.

Park Nam Hoon rooted on the spot as he could not believe the story. If not for

Man-Shik, who told him this, he would not believe that Tae Bong planned to

kill him and his friends after what they had gone through together. Then he

realized that if Your Majesty Tang Shaoyang did not come, they were doomed

even if they won against the Warlord Guild and The Shade Guild because

another enemy would wait for them in their home.

"This is your guild's internal aair. I don't care what you want to do with the

traitors as I will respect your decision as The Leader of the Legion Guild, but

just this once. Once the Legion Guild joins the Tang Empire ocially, you have

to follow the Tang Empire's law about handling the traitors," Tang Shaoyang

said to Park Nam Hoon, then looked at the two leaders of the Black Knight

Guild. "Clean them up. It seems we don't need them."

Bronson was about to kill the two, but a shadow came over, swallowing the two

people alive. After that, the shadow returned to Tang Shaoyang's shoulder.

Greed was quick with his action and cleaned it up without making a

commotion. Of course, the Dark Predator did not care about making a

commotion. He just did not have enough food earlier, so he ate the two people.

"Drag this traitor to connement. We will take care of him later," It took a lot

of eort for Park Nam Hoon not to take an impulsive action in front of Your

Majesty Emperor. Yoo Kwang Sung knew well how angry his friend was, so he

immediately dragged Man-Shik away.

"We agree to put the portal gate in the front of the smart base, Your Majesty.

We will create a perimeter around the portal gate, so not just anyone can use it,

and we will have people guard the portal gate too," Park Nam Hoon was angry,

relieved, and ashamed at the same time deep inside. He was angry at the

traitors, he was relieved Tang Shaoyang did not break their relationship, and he

was ashamed as he could not manage his own people. The Legion Guild kept

showing o their bad sides to Tang Shaoyang.

"Alright then, lead me to the exact location," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head.

He then followed Park Nam Hoon to the location. The front of the Legion

Guild's smart base was similar to a plaza, a big area for people to gather or hang

around. Park Nam Hoon led Tang Shaoyang to the middle of the plaza, "I think

this spot is good, Your Majesty."

"Good, now you make space for me. I will put the portal gate right now," Tang Shaoyang nodded.

Aleesa, Sylvia, Park Nam Hoon, and Yu Jin Sang retreated ten meters away from Tang Shaoyang.

[Do you want to install the portal gate here? (Yes) (No)]

The screen popped out in front of Tang Shaoyang. He tapped yes without a

second thought. The ground was shaking as something emerged from the

ground. This caused commotion to the civilians inside the building. The people

ran out of the building as they tried to gure out what had happened. By the

time all the people came out of the building, the portal gate's installation was

over, and the ground stopped shaking.

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