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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 838: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People – Part

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Chapter 838: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People - Part

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Yeon Hee forgot the pain on her legs and looked toward Tang Shaoyang's

direction. She could save the whole party, but with one requirement. She had to

leave The Haven Party and follow Tang Shaoyang. That was the only condition;

she had to part way with her friends and also her boyfriend. That was right, Min

Soo was Yeon Hee's boyfriend, leaving the party meant she had to leave the man she loved.

Yeon looked at her boyfriend from the look on Min Soo's face. She could tell

that he was asking her what Tang Shaoyang told her while shaking his head. He

was telling her not to agree to the oer. But then she looked at the seven

unconscious people, her friends, then she scanned the surroundings. Lastly,

she looked up at the three giant beasts in the sky.

No matter what they did, The Haven Party could not leave this place alive

unless the Tang Empire let them go. So, the only way for her friends to survive

was her sacrice. "I will leave The Haven and join your empire." That was her

answer. She closed her eyes and looked away from her boyfriend.

Tang Shaoyang pointed his thumb toward Min Hoo and his friends, "Return

them to that guy." The septuplets Troll Warlord brought the seven unconscious

people and threw them away to the front of Min Soo. He then kicked Sin Yoon's

left foot, "What are you doing? Do you want to be captured too? Leave before I change my mind."

Sin Yoon stood up and wiped the blood around her mouth. She looked at Tang

Shaoyang before looking down at Yeon Hee. She witnessed the man kiss Yeon

Hee's forehead, but the latter did not react in any way. As for what they talked

about, she was not clear about that. However, she had a gist of what happened,

but she did not say anything. Yeon Hee sacriced herself for her and The Haven.

"Thank you, and I am sorry," Sin Yoon said softly as she walked past Yeon Hee.

Tang Shaoyang canceled the Dragon Transformation and glanced at Dae-Jung,

"Why are you lying down here? You don't want to leave?"

"Huh!?" Dae-Jung looked up with a surprised look on his face. He thought he

was done for; even if The Emperor spared his friends, he was the only one who

could not leave this place alive. That was he thought until he heard this.

"Why? Do you want to stay?" Tang Shaoyang grinned, "I don't mind if you

want to stay. I will gladly take you with me as a slave."

Dae-Jung shook his head furiously and stood up immediately. He did not say

anything and walked toward Min Soo. When he passed Yeon Hee, he did not say

anything as he had no clue what had happened. Earlier, his mind was thinking

of how to get out of this place alive, so he did not pay attention around him.

"It is surprising you let them leave," Zowen, the Lightning Grand Magus, was

genuinely surprised by Tang Shaoyang's action. She thought Tang Shaoyang

would capture all members of The Haven Party and torture them afterward.

"What are you planning?"

"Killing them is just a light punishment to them, so I do something dierent

this time," Tang Shaoyang waved his hand. "Since we are done here, you guys

can return now." He called back all the spirits into the Spiritual Space. Even

though he was in the Dragon Transformation before, it still took a toll on him

to maintain all the summoned spirits. Sure enough, despite his maximum

Magic Power, it took twentieth of his mana to summon all the spirits for a few minutes.

Tang Shaoyang took out the intermediate rank healing potion and handed it to

Yeon Hee, "This is not enough to heal you completely, but this will lessen the

pain and heal you slowly." Yeon Hee kept looking down, ignoring Tang

Shaoyang. "Do you want to change your mind? I don't mind killing all of you.

That can serve as a warning for The Legion Guild as well."

Yeon Hee looked up at Tang Shaoyang; she stared at him with seething hatred.

The thought of ending her life crossed her mind, but she did not do it. She did

not know what he might do to her friends after she suicide. Yeon Hee took the vial and drank the healing potion.

"You can hate me all you want, but I will never regret my actions. Because if our

situation is reversed, if The Haven is stronger than the Tang Empire, Dae-Jung

will really take my wives from me, and my life will be at your boyfriend's

mercy," Tang Shaoyang said as he extended his hand to the ground. He used

elemental manipulation to create a stretcher from earth. With Yeon Hee's

condition, she could not be carried with her dangling legs.

Park Nam Hoon and his friends came over as soon as they noticed the ght was

over, "Use this stretcher and bring her with us." Tang Shaoyang ordered them to carry Yeon Hee.

"NOOOOO!!! You can't take her with you! She is mine!" Of course, Min Soo

would not accept Yeon Hee's one-sided decision. The nine spears on his back

ew up and oated around him. He was about to rush toward Yeon Hee, intending to save her.

"NO! Don't come!" Yeon Hee shouted and looked up. Her face was

expressionless, showing no emotion despite what she went through. "It's over!

Everything between us is over, Min Soo. Leave and don't ever show your face in front of me anymore."

Min Soo was clearly not expecting such a reaction from Yeon Hee. However, he

quickly realized it must be Tang Shaoyang's doing what turned Yeon Hee like

this, "It's you! I will kill you! Don't worry, Yeon Hee. I will free you from this devil."

Before Min Soo could do anything, his friends caught him from behind. "Stop

it, Min Soo! She is doing this for you! You can't let her sacrice be in vain; we

have to leave now!" Two men caught him and whispered something to his ears.

"I know this is hard for you, but the current Haven is not strong enough to win

against The Emperor. We will retreat now and increase our strength. After we

become stronger, then we will return and get Yeon Hee back. This is the only choice for us."

Min Soo was aware that what his friend said was a bitter fact on the battleeld.

He and his party had no chance to win against The Emperor, not with the

Golden Dragon ying above him. However, his heart could not accept this. He

wanted to save Yeon Hee right here and right now. He was about to say

something until he sensed a piercing killing intent from the side. He looked at

the side and found a black cat. The cat was licking his paw while observing him

and his friends. He did not know how or why, but he sensed danger from the cat.

Sin Yoon followed Min Soo's gaze and found the black cat. She was alarmed and

immediately backed away from the cat, "Get away from the cat. It's not just a

normal cat; get away from it!" The rst one to follow her was Dae-Jung, who

immediately jumped to the distance.

The cat was, of course, Greed. He sneaked there without being noticed by The

Haven. "Tch, you guys, can't even sense me, yet you want to ght my Master?"

The cat spoke and shook its head. "You better not move, humans. This is a

warning for all of you if you ever bother or anger my Master, I will hunt all of

you, including my brother will hunt you as well." Greed pointed his paw upward, pointing at Wrath.

After saying that, Greed's gure turned into a shadow and spread out as if he

was about to swallow The Haven. Min Soo moved his nine spears to his front as

he was ready to ght Greed. However, the shadow dispersed before it could

reach them. After a while, they heard the same voice from behind them, "You

guys will die twice already if we are ghting."

Min Soo was alarmed and turned around. The cat was right behind them,

walking away from them slowly, just like what the cat said, if the cat wanted,

they would die twice already for failing to sense the cat's presence. If the cat

launched the sneak attack, then they had no chance to defend against it. He

knew he had no chance to win against The Emperor; he was not expecting the

gap between them was just too big. Even The Emperor's familiar could kill

them anytime; that was proof that he could not save Yeon Hee, at least, not now.

"Wait for me, Yeon Hee! I will come back and get you back from the Devil's

hand! I promise you!" Min Soo shouted toward Yeon Hee. At this moment, Tang

Shaoyang returned to Seoul while Yeon Hee was on the stretcher. She could

hear her boyfriend's voice, but she did not say anything in return.

'I don't know if it will still be the same Yeon Hee if you come to save me later.'

Yeon Hee thought to herself. She did not know what she would go through by following Tang Shaoyang.

*** ***

'Seriously, what's your plan? Why did you let them leave? They are all Epic

Ranks, high-quality sacrices.' Zowen still could not understand what Tang Shaoyang planned.

'You still don't get it? I thought Grand Magus was supposed to be smart, but

how can you not understand simple things,' Rosalie the Flame Empress

responded. 'First, The Haven will return to him to retrieve the girl back. At that

time, they will come with more people and stronger, much better quality for

the sacrice. Second, That's torture for that Dae-Jung. What do you think will

happen to Dae-Jung, the guy who caused all of this? Do you think the party will

accept Dae-Jung like before? The right answer is a big no; the guy called Min

Soo will probably torture Dae-Jung until he begs to be killed. Being killed by

your friend is more painful than getting killed by us.'

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