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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 836: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People - Part 1

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Chapter 836: Devil to The Others, Hero to His People - Part 1

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Tang Shaoyang walked toward Dae-Jung and his friends, and each of one step,

Dae-Jung, and his friends also took a step back subconsciously. He stopped in

the third step, just staring at the ve people. He said nothing, but his gure

disappeared in the next second.

Of the ve people, only Yeon Hee could react in time to Tang Shaoyang's speed.

"Watch out!" She reminded her comrades to get away as her gure turned into

a shadow and got away. Of course, of the ve people, only she could get away as

the others failed to react in time.

Tang Shaoyang appeared again in front of Dae-Jung, and his st hit Dae-Jung

in the face. Dae-Jung's body ew backward and crashed into the nearby house.

The house crumbled, and the rubbles fell onto him.

"Dae-Jung!!!" The other three turned around and called their friend, but they

quickly turned around. Their opponent was right in front of them, so they could

not expose their backs to their enemy. When they turned around, Tang

Shaoyang was no longer around them. "Help Dae-Jung!" Yeon Hee's voice

resounded in the air, urging them to help Dae-Jung. The three people turned

around and saw Tang Shaoyang was right in front of the house where Dae-Jung crashed into.

"I am not going to help him," At this moment, another woman from the Haven

said that loudly. It was loud enough for everyone to hear her. "He asked for

himself! All of this is because of him, and I am not going to risk my life for him."

"What are you talking about, Sin Yoon? How can you abandon your comrade?"

The man that was almost two meters tall could not believe he heard that from

his friend. "Have you forgotten our promise?"

"I remember our promise, but what do you want me to do? Can you feel it? That

man is much stronger than us, ve of us combined!" Sin Yoon raised her voice

as she pointed at the crumbling house. "Even though all the Haven members

are here, I still don't think we can win against him. Don't forget that cat, the

bunny girl, and Elf. They are just watching for now, but once that man gets

cornered, they will join the battle. I will surrender, and I don't care what

happens to that selsh Dae-Jung."


At this moment, the crumbling house exploded as a gure came out from the

dust. Dae-Jung had used his Bloodline Transformation. He had a pair of green-

feather wings as the feathered armor covered her body. He was still holding the

same spear in his hand, but his good-looking face was covered in blood.

"You will regret this! You will regret making us your enemy!" Dae-Jung

remained deant despite the power dierence between them. After saying that

to Tang Shaoyang, Dae-Jung looked toward Sin Yoon. "You bitch! Do you think

you will be spared by him just because you don't help me? You better come here

and ght with me until Min Soo arrives. That's only our chance!"

"That's it? Now you are relying on your friends to ght me? I thought you are

strong, but you are only good with your mouth," Tang Shaoyang formed the

Slayer Sword around him, ve of them. "The greatest punishment for someone

like you is not to kill you but to show you our dierences." He then activated

Mirage Stride. His gure split into eight people and moved into eight dierent directions.

The sudden split confused Dae-Jung. They split up and surrounded him, so he

could not know if it was an illusion or a physical gure. He held the spear

tightly, shakily aiming it at the eight gures. "Watch your back, Dae-Jung!"

Yeon Hee yelled.

Dae-Jung turned around and saw Tang Shaoyang in front of him. The latter had

his st ready to punch him in the face once more. It was just too fast that he

could not react in time. At the last moment, Yeon Hee appeared in front of him.

She did not have her sword in her hand, but the shadow was swirling in both of

her palms. She caught the st before could hit Dae-Jung.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised that the woman could guess the real him

correctly, "You have a good sense, but that's not enough." Two red swords

descended from the sky, striking toward Yeon Hee's thigh. "ARGHHHHHH!"

The sword brought her down, and the swords went through her thighs down to

the ground, pinning her down on the ground. At the same time, the impact

from the Slayer Swords forcefully tore apart her knee. The white bone on her

knees was very clear to the naked eyes as the non-stop scream lled the air.

"Oh, no! Your friend sacrices herself to save your ass," Tang Shaoyang

ignored Yeon Hee's condition as he grinned at Dae-Jung. Terror and fear were

apparent on his face; his eyes were looking at Yeon Hee's legs.

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Dae-Jung's heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably at the sight of Yeon Hee. His

hands were shaking, and he suddenly lost his energy as he fell down on his

butts. This was the second time he fell like this, and he literally had not fought

Tang Shaoyang yet. 'You are messing with the wrong person.' That was just not

cringe words, but a fact. He truly messed with the wrong person, and he also

brought calamity to his party.

As Yeon Hee's scream did not stop, Tang Shaoyang walked past her and

approached Dae-Jung, "What are you doing there? Come and ght this

delusional emperor. Aren't you better than me? Was that just all talk?" Tang

Shaoyang raised his foot and stepped on Dae-Jung's face. He pushed Dae-

Jung's head down to the ground as the man frantically tried to move his right

foot from the face. His eort was futile as the foot did not budge even a little bit.

"I think it's enough punishment, no?" Then a man's voice rang in the air. Tang

Shaoyang turned his head around and saw a man with gray plate armor with

nine spears on his back, looking at him with a frown. At this moment, Sin Yoon

and his two friends came over. They stood next to the man that just arrived and

called his name. "Min Soo, you have come."

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