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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 834: Haven’s End? – Part 1

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Chapter 834: Haven’s End? - Part 1

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Sim Ki Nam, Man-Shik, and Oh Jae Wook witnessed the two monsters

slaughtered their force. Sim Ki Nam opened his eyes wide as it almost popped

out from the socket. He could not believe that three thousand people he had

gathered to take over the Legion Guild's smart base were so helpless against

two monsters. Watching the slaughter happen before his eyes, making him

forget the pain of losing his legs. Before the massacre happened, the zombie

and his friend came to him and cut his legs, right on his tight. It was a perfect

cut as he could stand with his missing legs.

Sim Ki Nam was helpless when that happened. The two monsters were just too

fast for him, so he could not ght back. Even so, he thought they still had a

chance since he brought three thousand people with him. But numbers did not

matter at all to these two monsters. It was like a human vs. the ants; the ants

just could do anything when humans wiped them out. This was the exact thing

that happened before him; the three thousand people could not do sh*t against the two monsters.

Within ve minutes, the ght was over as the remaining people threw down

their weapons and knelt on the ground. "We surrender! We give up! We are just

following Guild Leader Sim Ki Nam's orders! Please spare us!" The remaining

hundreds of people had no more will to continue the ght. The three thousand

dwindled to hundreds in ve minutes. They quickly realized they had no chance to win the battle.

Bronson's gure stopped moving, "What should we do now, Zaneos? You make

the decision," The Executioner did not want to make the decision by himself.

He could not gure out his Master's thoughts. Sometimes his Master showed

no mercy, but he showed mercy to the people who surrendered at other times.

So he let Zaneos make the decision, one of the spirits being with Master for the longest time.

"Let's accept their surrender then. If Master does not like them, we can still kill

them later," Zaneos replied quickly. He chose the safest option as he did not

know either. His Master asked him to protect the smart base, but he did not tell

anything about what to do with the people who attacked the smart base.

"Or I can just ask Master," Zaneos suddenly remembered about a skill, Spirit

Link. The skill connected him with his Master, so he could communicate with

his Master wherever they were. He forgot about the skill as he rarely used it

before. "Hello, Master? Can you hear me? I have something to report."

*** ***

Yeon Hee's frown deepened as she met Yu Jin Sang's eyes. She then glanced at

Park Nam Hoon, but the latter nodded at her. That was a signal from Park Nam

Hoon to answer the question. 'Their attitude change must be because of the

man they called Emperor. We don't know anything yet about the Tang Empire,

so let's not get on their bad side for now. We have done nothing wrong either,

so we don't need to be afraid.'

"Since when The Haven must listen to your nonsense, Yu Jin Sang?" An

arrogant male voice rang as four people came to Yeon Hee's side. A man who

looked to be in his late thirties took one step further and looked at Park Nam

Hoon. "If there's anything you need to do, you should apologize to us? What's

the meaning of your attack? We have been helping the Legion Guild since the

early days, so is this how you pay us? Thanks to Haven, you and your guild

become the strongest guild in our country!"

"And we have paid you for that, haven't we? We allow you to join the Survival

Game with us, and we paid you Game Coins as well. On top of that, we also gave

The Haven's members privilege; you guys can stay in our territory as long as

you like without paying." Yu Jin Sang did not back down and looked at the man

that was seven centimeters shorter than Yeon Hee. "We are now in the war

against the four guilds, and you guys conveniently stay with the Warlord Guild?

Does that mean you are on the Warlord Guild's side? If that's the case, then The

Haven is The Legion Guild's enemy. Apologize? Why should we apologize to the enemy?"

"Hehe, so you want to make The Haven your enemy, Yu Jin Sang? Are you sure

about that?" The Haven member did not back down as he smirked despite the threat.

"Shut up, Dae-Jung!" Yeon Hee wanted to deescalate the situation, yet her

friend did the opposite. She raised her voice slightly and pulled his shoulder

back. "We are at fault anyway as they attacked us because we are staying with

the Warlord Guild. We can explain what actually happened. Why would you

keep provoking them?"

However, the man called Dae-Jung stayed still even though Yeon Hee tried to

pull him back. "We are The Haven, and we can't be treated like this, or else the

others will look down at us too, Yeon Hee."

Yu Jin Sang was helpless as he showed the Legion Guild's weakness. A guild

could make a group of ve people to explain the situation. It just showed how

weak they were in front of Emperor Tang Shaoyang. 'No, I can't let this happen.

We can't show weakness in front of His Majesty. We are part of the Tang

Empire too. I must get the answer from The Haven even if we have a ght.' Yu

Jin Sang was about to force Yeon Hee and her friend to explain their situation,

but Tang Shaoyang informed them of the good news about the Black Knight.

"The Black Knight Guild is attacking the smart base, but there's no need to

worry about it. My people have taken care of them, and a few hundreds of them

have surrendered," Tang Shaoyang informed the Legion Guild's leaders, "Wrap

up the matter here, and we will return to the base. It seems there's a traitor

within your people." He then looked at The Haven members. "As for you guys,

we will overlook your impertinence, but I advise you to leave our territory. We

don't need a group of arrogant people who don't follow the rules. If you remain

here, then we will hunt all of you down."

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