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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 830: Cleaning Up Part 1

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Chapter 830: Cleaning Up Part 1

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"Kuhuhuhu…" Rosalie let out low, excited laughter. Having watched the tournament, she was eager to fight as well. Now she had permission from Tang Shaoyang to fight, so she was getting excited about it. "What should I do for the opening? Let's locate the enemies first." She activated Mana Sense, a skill where she spread her mana thinly in the air. From that, she could sense everything that was moving in the range of his Mana Sense.

Rosalie closed her eyes for a moment and opened her eyes again in the next thirty seconds. "One thousand and six hundred fifty-nine people. Let's see how you guys entertain me… I am becoming more and more like him." She glanced at Tang Shaoyang below before looking up once more as she sensed something coming toward her.

Eleven enormous fireballs descended from the sky, each of them at least ten meters in diameter. "Since you guys love to play with fireballs, then I will entertain you guys." She raised her slender right hand. The crimson flame swirled on her palm, starting from the size of a fist; the flame expanded up to fifty meters in diameter.

The eleven fireballs crashed into Rosalie's flame. Instead of exploding, her flame absorbed the eleven fireballs, increasing her flame's size. She wanted to keep expanding her flame.

"Oi, Rosalie, are you going to destroy the city too?" Tang Shaoyang could feel the strong heat on his face as he was covered by the massive flame. "I say you can go kill all of them, but I never said to destroy the city."

"Tch, I want to show off a little bit more, but alright." After saying that, Rosalie tossed the massive fireball in her palm like tossing a ball. The massive fireball bounced off her palm up to the sky and curved down two hundred meters ahead of her.

Just like an ant nest sprayed by the pesticide, the people ran out of the building, trying to escape from the incoming fireball. When the fireball touched the highest building, it did not explode. The fireball swallowed the building, melting down the building and everything on its path. The massive fireball landed on the ground, and it melted the ground as well, creating seventy meters in diameter hole on the ground. It went down to the ground, and thirty seconds later, the fireball exploded.


The flame pillar rose from the hole, reaching toward the sky. After the flame pillar, rain of fire came down, raining down the area around the flame and further ahead. The rain of fire was under Rosalie's control as the rain of fire did not land inside the wall of Seoul. The fire rained down the area ahead, creating a sea of fire as the fire spread out. The fire pillar and the rain of fire lasted for three minutes before it stopped.

"Tch, that only killed half of them," Rosalie sensed that half of the enemies managed to escape from her fire. "If I increase my fireball's size more, it should kill them all at once. Let's continue the hunt then," She was about to cast the next spell until she saw a big group of people running toward the wall. She did not attack these people because they ran while raising their hands into the air.

"We surrender! We surrender! We surrender!" Those people repeated the same words as they ran from the fire.

Rosalie glanced at Tang Shaoyang. "What should we do to them? Do we accept their surrender, or should I wipe them out?"

Hearing that, Park Nam Hoon was about to reply to Rosalie, but he quickly realized it was not up to him to decide. The war was under the Emperor's authority, so it was up to Tang Shaoyang to decide unless the latter asked his opinion. He wanted to accept the Shade Guild's surrender since they were Korean.

"There's no need to kill them if they surrender. Just kill the people who try to escape," Tang Shaoyang gave his order. While he accepted their surrender, he would still punish them. His way to treat his former enemies was the slave contract, and he planned to use that on the people who surrendered.

Rosalie nodded and returned to Tang Shaoyang's side instead of chasing the escaping enemies. "It's not efficient for me to kill the people who flee. They are too widespread. It will be more efficient for Sylvia and Aleesa to hunt them down." It was not that she did not have a way to kill them all, but she did not like killing the people with no will to fight. "There are 367 people fleeing."

"Let me do it!" Aleesa and Sylvia immediately volunteered to chase. The reason they followed Tang Shaoyang was that they wanted to be useful and help for Tang Shaoyang, so this was their chance for that.

"Mnnn," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head. "Go ahead before Greed eats them all." Yeah, the Dark Predator had disappeared for a few minutes already. Greed always joined and hunted Tang Shaoyang's enemies for him if there was a battle. Sylvia and Aleesa noticed that only Wrath slept on Tang Shaoyang's shoulder, Greed was not on Tang Shaoyang's shoulder anymore. They did not notice when the Dark Predator left. Sylvia and Aleesa exchanged glances before leaving the wall, chasing after the fleeing Shade Guild's force.

"What are you doing, Park Nam Hoon? Go bring your subordinates and catch those people," Tang Shaoyang ordered the Legion Guild's Leader. "Or do you want me to wipe them out?"

Park Nam Hoon snapped out of his daze and bowed his head. "No, Your Majesty. I will immediately proceed with them as war prisoners." Then he left the wall, calling his people to follow him outside the wall. When he came out from the gate, Park Nam Hoon yelled to the surrendered people, telling them to throw the weapon and kneel on the ground. Just like that, it did not take ten minutes for the battle to end since Tang Shaoyang arrived.

Meanwhile, Mo Joon witnessed everything from the sideline. He was at the top of the wall, intending to tell his Guild Leader about the guests' arrival, but he did not expect Guild Leader Park to kneel to Tang Shaoyang when they met. He quickly realized the guests were extremely strong and also his superior's superior. 'Did I do something wrong to him? Did I offend that Sir?'

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