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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 827: Taking Over Part 2

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Chapter 827: Taking Over Part 2

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The Legion Guild's Smart Base was quite crowded with panicked people. People were gathering in front of the smart base, walking back and forth at the entrance as he could hear the discussion of fleeing from the smart base among the crowd. The attack from the four guilds sent these people into a panic attack.

"Please give us away. We are bringing injured men! Please give us away." Mo Joon yelled as the crowd made a path for them. Mo Joon's subordinates carried the seven unconscious people into the smart base. Thanks to the injured people, it attracted the attention of Sylvia and Aleesa.

Tang Shaoyang, Sylvia, Aleesa, and Yu sneaked into the smart base without causing any commotion. Mo Joon brought them into the fourth floor, the base infirmary. They laid the seven poisoned people on the bed, and Mo Joon returned to him.

"What are you waiting for? Buy the antidote from the General Shop. That will help them to survive for a few days." Tang Shaoyang told Mo Joon with a confused look. The latter scratched his head for a moment before telling Tang Shaoyang the truth about the Legion Guild's station. "I don't have enough Game Coins to buy seven antidotes. Can you lend me some, Sir?" Mo Joon was too embarrassed to ask, but the situation forced him.

Tang Shaoyang frowned as he was not expecting the Legion Guild not to have the Game Coins to buy antidotes for their people. "Where's your Guild Leader? How can the guild not have the reserve fund to buy the antidote?" Tang Shaoyang had the Game Coins, and he was not being stingy about the money. This was just a matter of principle as the guild was supposed to be responsible for their soldiers.

"Guild Leader Park and the Vice Guild Leaders are leading the main force to the west to fight against the Warlord Guild and the Shade Guild. All core members are heading there, and we only have civilians on our base. They don't have Game Coins to help us buy the antidotes." Mo Joon shook his head.

Tang Shaoyang nodded and offered his hand. The Game Coins could not be materialized, and it was more like a digital currency for the players. They needed to have physical contact to transfer the Game Coins. Mo Joon immediately reached Tang Shaoyang, and he was shocked to find the number transferred to him. His eyes widened in surprise. "This is too much, Sir. A hundred thousand Game Coins should be enough to buy seven antidotes. Ten million is too much."

"No, you need to buy the materials to concoct the real antidote. Bring Yu with you to the General Shop," Tang Shaoyang pointed at The Ancient Alchemist with his thumb. "Hurry up! We need you to guide me to your Guild Leader."

Mo Joon bowed his head and was about to leave, but a snappy voice stopped him. "Mo Joon! What are you doing here? If you are done patrolling, you should help the Guild Leader to the west!"

Tang Shaoyang looked toward the voice and saw three people coming toward them. An old man in his early fifties in the middle, a man in his late thirties in the right, and a man in his early thirties in the left. The one who shouted was the man on the left, and he came toward them while pointing his finger at Mo Joon.

Mo Joon was about to explain the situation, but the man on the left looked toward Tang Shaoyang, Sylvia, Aleesa, and Yu. The man scanned four of them and stopped his gaze at Aleesa. "Who are they? How can you bring suspicious people when we are in the war against the four guilds? Can you be any more useful than this?" The man acted so bossy and scolded Mo Joon.

"But he is more useful than you who can just run his mouth and do nothing in the safe base. I don't see you more useful than Mo Joon at all." Tang Shaoyang replied in the stead of Mo Joon.

Mo Joon realized the situation was about to turn worse, so he hurriedly explained to Tang Shaoyang. "He is the council member of the Legion Guild, Council Bak Dong Ming, Sir. He has been helping the guild to build the guild's structure and in charge of the guild's treasury."

"Leave and get your subordinates the antidote." Tang Shaoyang ordered Mo Joon before looking toward the smug Bak Dong Ming. "There's no more Council in the Legion Guild starting today. I will take over the base until we wipe out the four guilds and meet your guild leaders."

Mo Joon was supposed to stay and become the middleman between his savior and his superiors. However, his body moved, following Tang Shaoyang's order. He ignored the three superiors and left with Yu. Even though Bak Dong Ming called him out, yelling at him, he completely ignored it.

"Can you calm down and let me speak, Bak Dong Ming!" The man in his early fifties was calmer than Bak Dong Ming. He maintained his composure and looked toward Tang Shaoyang. "I am Tae Bong, a Council Member of the Legion Guild. May I know who you are?"

"The Emperor of the Tang Empire, Tang Shaoyang. I can understand if Mo Joon does not know the Legion Guild's relationship with the Tang Empire, but since you are a member of the Council, you should already know that I will come, right?" Tang Shaoyang was direct with his words.

In Youngsoo's face brightened when he heard that from Tang Shaoyang. The reinforcement had come, the Legion Guild was saved. "Yes, Si… Your Majesty." In Youngsoo was the man in his late thirties, and he bowed toward Tang Shaoyang in the form of a greeting. He was about to address Tang Shaoyang with Sir, but he remembered it was not appropriate to address an Emperor. He remembered what Yu Jin Sang reminded him.

"How can we confirm that you are the Emperor of the Tang Empire? You may be part of the Black Knight Guild or any other guilds, who disguises themselves as the Tang Empire's representatives." Tae Bong did not trust Tang Shaoyang easily. "Show me your status window, then I will believe you."

"Look at how cheeky you are, asking me to show my window status." Tang Shaoyang grinned as he realized something. "Do I need to affirm my status to you? Why? I told you, right? I will take over the base until the war is over." After saying that, Tang Shaoyang unleashed his aura, The Dragon Aura, and also The Slayer Domination. That was enough to scare Mo Joon, let alone the people with lower levels.

Bak Dong Ming and Tae Bong's faces turned red as their knees went weak instantly. It was just a brief moment, but Tang Shaoyang focused his aura on two of them. The two knelt on the ground as fear and terror were apparent on their faces. In Youngsoo also felt the aura briefly, and his face paled.

After that, Tang Shaoyang summoned Maldros The Black Storm Dragonewt. "I don't like these two. Tie them on the bed." After that, he looked toward four members of Mo Joon's patrol team. "I want you to watch over them. Don't let them escape from the base." Mo Joon's subordinates nodded their heads obediently.

"The nuisance is now gone," Tang Shaoyang turned toward the man in his late thirties and asked. "Who's your name?"

"My name is In Youngsoo, Your Majesty." In Youngsoo replied formally.

"Good. You will be my guide until I meet your Guild Leader later…" Tang Shaoyang nodded, "Tell me the situation, the ins and outs about the four guilds."

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