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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 824: A Short Journey Part 1

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Chapter 824: A Short Journey Part 1

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Tang Shaoyang stood next to the window of his room, looking down at the street. It had been five hours after the Earth Tournament finished, and only half of the people returned from the arena. Zhang Mengyao, Kang Xue, Wei Xi, Cao Jingyi, and people that held an important position were still in the arena. He did not know what took them so long to return, but he could not do anything yet without them.

He could not just fly with Aerelion to South Korea because he did not know the direction. On top of that, he could not just go missing without telling them where he went. So, there was nothing to do, and he just stared at the street. The night had arrived, but he could see the crowd on the street, going in and out of the building.

Those people were his people, and he was proud that those people could have their activities without worrying about their lives from the zombies. That meant a lot to him as the Leader. He had done things right, so those people had the security to go outside at night. It gave him a sense of achievement for sure as he had achieved a lot toward his ambition.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

At this moment, someone knocked on the door three times. Tang Shaoyang looked away from the window and said, "Come in."

The door opened, and Zhang Mengyao entered the room with Kang Xue, Sylvia, and Aleesa entered the room. He was surprised by how close they were since Sylvia and Aleesa were new additions to his harem members. Zhang Mengyao stared at her man in the face for a while before expressing her thoughts. "You need to visit the Legion Guild, The Taukai Family, and the Tachibana Clan soon before the World Government's factions do something to them, so Aleesa and Sylvia will accompany you."

Tang Shaoyang was surprised that Zhang Mengyao sent Aleesa and Sylvia to accompany him instead of someone that knew South Korea instead. He looked at Kang Xue, and the latter's gaze was telling him that Zhang Mengyao sent Aleesa and Sylvia with him to watch over him instead of acting as a guide.

"They need to familiarize themselves with the Earth, so it will be good to bring them with you." Zhang Mengyao added.

"But I need someone to guide me in that region. How do I find the Legion Guild's base? I don't know South Korea and Japan well. No, this is my first time going abroad." Tang Shaoyang shook his head.

"Oh, there's no need to worry about it. It will be easy for you to find them as they are in Seoul." Zhang Mengyao said with a smile, "And I have prepared you a map as well." She took out a map, the real map. Then she showed him where Seoul was, telling him the direction where he should take off from the base. "Ah, you need to hurry because the remaining four factions in South Korea are part of the World Government. There's a chance our vassals will be attacked by them if you do not hurry up."

Tang Shaoyang shook his head helplessly. "This does not help at all. Can you just ask someone that knows South Korea to come with me? There must be someone who has gone there once in their life in our base, right?"

"It will take a long time to find that someone. The Legion Guild may get attacked if you don't go now." Kang Xue shook her head. It was not that she and Zhang Mengyao did not think about it, but they did not have the time. From the situation from the Legion Guild, they needed the reinforcement as soon as possible because two factions of the World Government were their neighbor.

Tang Shaoyang helplessly took the piece of a map. Based on the map, he needed to go to the northeast if he departed from the base. He just needed to go straight to the northeast until he found the land. "Alright, Girls. Shall we depart now?" Aleesa and Sylvia nodded their heads happily. They were happy as they got more time to spend with Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang went out with the two girls and followed him closely. When he got out of his working room, he remembered something. He stopped and turned around to the two girls. "Have you gotten your Talent yet?"

[Don't worry, Master. Lady Sylvia and Lady Aleesa have gone to the Talent Room, and they have gotten a better talent.] It was Origin who responded to him as the two girls looked a bit clueless. [They visited the talent room the second day they arrived in the base, and Lady Zhang Mengyao guided them there.]

"If you are talking about that Talent, then yes, we have visited the Talent room." Aleesa quickly understood what Tang Shaoyang talked about with Origin's reminder. Sylvia responded with a nod as well.

"It's good then," Tang Shaoyang nodded, and he did not ask the two girls what Talent they got as he led them to the exclusive elevator. "We will depart from the rooftop instead, so we will not cause any commotion down there."

As he was about to enter the elevator, a black shadow jumped toward him. He did not react because it was Greed who came at him. The monster-like cat took the empty shoulder and rested there as Wrath hissed at Greed from the other side. The Dark Predator did what he usually did by ignoring the Golden Dragon. "It seems we will have another companion with us." He muttered to the girls.

Sylvia and Aleesa looked at the Dark Predator curiously. From the look on their face, they seemed to know what kind of Greed was. "Is it Dark Predator?" Sylvia could not hold back her curiosity and ask.

"Yeah, and his name is Greed. I found him in the outer region of the Gigante Forest…" Tang Shaoyang shared the story of his encounter with Greed as they went up to the rooftop.

*** ***

Legion Guild's base

In the meeting room

Ten people were gathering in the room with a pensive atmosphere surrounding them. Park Nam Hoon led the meeting as they were talking about the potential attack from their neighbor.

"Don't they need to use War Declaration to invade us?" The number three of the Legion Guild, who was also the Vice Guild Leader, Yoo Kwang Sung, looked at the other nine people in the room. "We should be fine until Your Majesty Tang Shaoyang comes to meet us. Even if they use the War Declaration, only one faction can declare war on us."

"Yeah, that will be the case if they want to take our Smart Base," Tae Bong, the man in his early fifties, shared his thoughts on the matter. "But what if they just come and invade without caring about taking over the smart base? No one can stop them from doing that. The War Declaration method from the System is flawed. We can't use that as a parameter of our safety."

"Why don't we just listen to their demands and join the World Government?" Bak Dong Ming, a man in his early thirties, proposed an idea to the table. "If we listen to their demand, then there's no need for us to worry about being ganged up by the Warlord Guild, Black Knight Guild, Giant Guild, and Shade Guild."

"Dong Ming!" Park Nam Hoon raised his voice as he looked at the man. "I told you before the meeting started, right? If you don't agree with my decision to join the Tang Empire, you can quit the Legion Guild! If you ever propose that idea once more, then I will have you kicked out from the council."


"I have done nothing wrong, Guild Leader Park!" The man called Bak Dong Ming slammed the table as he could not accept being reprimanded by Park Nam Hoon. "I am just thinking for us, for the people who follow and trust their lives to us. Even if the Tang Empire comes, how many people can they bring? Can they really help us fight against four factions!?"

"Nah, Your Majesty Tang Shaoyang alone is enough, I think." Cha Hyuk, who had his eyes closed, spoke up. This guy was the number five strongest in the guild and had seen the dragon in the arena. He thought that one Black Dragon summoned by Tang Shaoyang was enough to deter the four factions.

"Don't speak nonsense, Cha Hyuk! How can one person be enough to help us fight against thousands or even tens of thousands?" In Youngsoo, a man in his late thirties spoke up. He was someone in charge of food for the Legion Guild. He did not come to the arena, so he did not see how amazing the Tang Empire was and also the dragon. "Do you have something in mind, Jin Sang?"

Yu Jin Sang, the second man in the Legion Guild after Park Nam Hoon, had a lot of voice in the talk. People knew him for his composure and decision making that helped Park Nam Hoon to establish the Legion Guild. His voice carried more weight than Yoo Kwang Sung and Cha Hyuk. So, it was normal for the three people that did not go watch the tournament to ask his opinion. Yes, Tae Bong, Bak Dong Ming, and In Youngsoo did not come to watch the Earth Tournament because of their responsibility. That was why they were clueless about the Dragon.

"We have to fight until Your Majesty Tang Shaoyang arrives. What choice do we have?" Yu Jin Sang shook his head. "We can't turn our backs against the Tang Empire. We may retain temporary peace by joining the World Government, but we will be destroyed if the Tang Empire comes to us in the future."

Bak Dong Ming was about to rebuke Yu Jin Sang, but then the door of the meeting room was knocked on three times before a woman entered the room… Song Shi Eun entered the room and informed the ten people inside the room. "The Warlord Guild and Shade Guild are attacking our border!"

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