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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 823: Final Part 3

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Chapter 823: Final Part 3

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There was no formal ceremony from the System as it just directly handed the tournament prize for the top three. The second place got +50 levels for the individual reward, and one level for the smart base, one random facility, and five hundred million Game Coins for the faction reward. The third-place got +30 levels for the individual reward and three million game coins. The System just listed the rewards on the big screen, and the other factions could see it.

For the consolation reward, the factions that advanced to the Playoff Stage got fifty million game coins. There was still a reward for them even though the System did not announce it. And yeah, just like that, the last day of the first Earth Tournament was over with the Tang Empire as the champion. There was no celebration, and the tournament ended abruptly because the Revolution Kingdom surrendered after their first-round against the Tang Empire.

[Congratulations to the Tang Empire! The next Earth Tournament will be held in the Tang Empire's territory!]

[The participants can stay in the arena for another six hours as the arena will be closed automatically after that!]

That was the last announcement from the System before it completely disappeared. The factions from the World Government tried to complain why the next Earth Tournament was held in the Tang Empire's territory despite the obvious reason. The System completely ignored the complaints and did not respond to those people.

*** ***

"That's it? I thought there would be something else, something like a ceremony or something." Tang Shaoyang was baffled as the tournament was over just like that. It truly ended abruptly, but his attention shifted to something else afterward. He heard a notification from the System in his head that he had received the Epic Grade Treasure Chest, and it was in his inventory.

"Do I want to open the chest now?" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice. He had gotten an Epic Rank Great Sword, so he felt like there was no need to open the Epic Grade Treasure Chest. It could be said that he did not lack anything. Up until now, he had saved a lot of treasure chests, and he used those treasure chests to reward them.

"I am more curious what it means that the next Earth Tournament will be held in our territory?" Wei Xi spoke next to him. "Does that mean we have to reward these people? Or does the System just hold the tournament in our territory? What is our role in the next tournament? Do we make the rules, or does it remain the same?"

"I don't know. Origin may know something about that." Tang Shaoyang shrugged as he was familiar with the irresponsible System. The System announced something with a lack of explanation of that something, leaving them to figure it out by themselves. "I am more curious about the Earth Dimensional Tower. I heard it would appear a day after the Earth Tournament?"

"Now you say it, Your Majesty. What should we do with the expansion force with the Dimensional Tower? Shall we continue capturing more territories, or we focus on the Earth Dimensional Tower?" Wei Xi remembered an issue he needed to consult with Tang Shaoyang. Based on the System's explanation, the tower was a territory full of resources, so they needed to focus on one of them. They had a limited force, after all.

"We should focus on both, of course." Tang Shaoyang looked at Wei Xi. "If you need more people, don't we have people from Lukan? We can use them to capture more territories. You just need to assign someone in charge of that matter. I think you should talk it out with Marshal Alton for further talk. Also, they need to participate in the Survival Game too, and also talent issues…" He suddenly remembered that not all people from Lukan got a Talent, so they needed to get one from the Smart Base. However, he still needed to choose as not everyone could get the talent.

After the Earth Tournament, the next issue was the Earth Dimensional Tower. However, before that, there were a lot of things that needed to take care of. The three levels of smart base, the two random facilities, and more.

"Hah…" Tang Shaoyang let out a sigh as he could see tons of works awaited him. He stood up from the seat and looked toward Zhang Mengyao, "Let's return. There are tons of works waiting for us. Also, I have to visit Korea and Japan," He massaged the space between his eyes. "I guess I will solve our vassal's issue first. That's the easiest work for me…" He muttered in a low voice before calling the return portal.

Tang Shaoyang returned to the base, and he also remembered something that was more important than anything else. He received a hundred levels as an individual reward, meaning he was supposed to be above level 3000. He opened the window status; his level did not go over level 3000, but right at level 3000. Meaning he had hit the threshold for the next advancement, the Ancient Rank.

"There's also this," Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice as there was an exclamation mark at the next of his rank. He tapped the exclamation mark, and a screen appeared in front of his eyes.

[You have met the requirement to take The Trial of Ancient. Do you want to take the trial now? (Yes) (Later)]

"Taking the trial should be the last thing to do. I need to visit my vassals first to ensure their security." Tang Shaoyang held his chin as he thought of his next move. He did not know how long the trial was, so he needed to take care of everything here first before taking the Trial of Ancient. Especially after the Tang Empire won the Earth Tournament, the World Government must want to make a move against the Tang Empire in haste. So his first move should be securing his vassal from the World Government. "So, where's the Legion Guild's location?" Tang Shaoyang turned around, but no one had returned from the arena.

All his people were still staying in the arena as the other factions came to them. Not just the small faction, but the major faction such as the First Order Guild also tried to make a positive impression on the Tang Empire… It was a natural thing to do after they witnessed how strong the Tang Empire was.

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