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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 821: Final Part 1

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Chapter 821: Final Part 1

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Christian was surprised to hear everything from Zhang Mengyao and Kang Xue. He did not expect the Tang Empire would have implemented things this far. He understood the TEIS that replaced the police and the Tarrior that fought the zombies. Still, he did not expect the Tang Empire to build a farm to get a permanent food source. Not just that, they recruited people to do the office work, teachers to take care of the children, and the elder got to live for free without paying anything.

It could be said that the Tang Empire was the paradise for the survivors in this new world where zombies roamed around. What he could not think of was that the Tang Empire was building an academy as well for the children. From this, Christian got a clear understanding that the Tang Empire was not just an empire in the name, but they took this very seriously for thinking about the children.

Here, The Belem Guild was still struggling with the food, but the Tang Empire had thought of the younger generations. Of course, he still could not prove it since he had not visited the Tang Empire, but joining the Tang Empire might not be a bad idea if all of those were true.

"Can we disband a faction right now and join your factions, Sir?" Christian asked without consulting his two friends.

Tang Shaoyang was caught off guard by Christian's willingness to disband his faction right away. He looked at Zhang Mengyao and Kang Xue before looking back at Christian. "I am not sure. We haven't tried to recruit anyone yet. Can you disband your faction right here, right now?"

Christian slapped his forehead and shook his head. "I don't think I can disband now since I need to return to our smart base to do it."

"Also, there's no need to hurry to disband your faction because we need to meet outside. So, you can only join the Tang Empire only if we meet outside because you don't get our protection if you join the Empire now." Tang Shaoyang remembered their exchange. He realized that he might break the contract if he could not protect the Belem Guild after the Earth Tournament. 'Is this a trap from the World Government?'

"That's true. Then the Belem Guild just needs to stay alive until you come to our region, right?" Christian rubbed his chin. "That will be hard, but we will do our best to survive. Our location is in Lisbon, Portugal. We are waiting for your arrival, Your Majesty." The man stood up and bowed his head toward Tang Shaoyang. Since Christian did so, the other two followed him. "We will not take your preparation time for the final. So we will take our leave now."

After the Belem Guild left the booth, Tang Shaoyang looked at the two girls. "What do you guys think? Could it be a trap from the World Government or any other factions? Or do they genuinely want to join us?"

"Hmmm, that's hard to say," Kang Xue held her chin and thought about it. "The only way to find out is we go to Lisbon, Portugal. If the World Government's army or other factions' army is there, that means it's a trap."

"That means they are not in our top priority," Zhang Mengyao chimed in. "We should focus on the Legion Guild, the Tachibana Clan, and the Taukai Family first. We secure their regions, then we will continue to expand our territory further with the other eleven vassals. Also, Tarriors has secured Wu Xi City, and we have found out the Survival Game's area for the Wu Xi City. Don't you want to send the people from Lukan into the Survival Game?"

"Continue the expansion for now. We will take care of the Survival Game's quota after the Earth Tournament." Tang Shaoyang rubbed his forehead. "I feel there are so many things to do, and there's no end to it."

"You are the one who has the ambition to rule the world, so you bear with it." Zhang Mengyao got up from her seat and kissed him on the forehead. "But don't worry, we are always here to help you."

*** ***

Half an hour is not that long, the break was quickly over, and the final of the Earth Tournament started.

[The final of the Earth Tournament starts! Please send your first fighter to the arena!]

As soon as the System announced it, the portal formed in the Tang Empire and the Revolution Kingdom's booth. All eyes were on the Tang Empire's booth as they wanted to know who they would send in the first round.

To everyone's surprise, they saw Tang Shaoyang standing up from his seat. In the first round of the final match, the Tang Empire sent the Emperor. This was a surprise for everyone, including the Revolution Kingdom.

Tang Shaoyang took out his battle-ax and stood in the middle of the stage, waiting for the Revolution Kingdom to send their fighter.

With the Emperor on the stage, everyone's attention was on the Revolution Kingdom's booth. Everyone had seen all fifteen fighters from the Revolution Kingdom fight on the stage, so who would the Revolution Kingdom send to fight the Emperor? All the attention fell on King Victor Brent Whitney. He had the right to decide the first fighter for the Revolution Kingdom.

*** ***

The Revolution Kingdom Booth

"Let me fight him first, My King." Raymond Irving spoke up, the Revolution Kingdom's strategist. "I will test him out if possible to defeat, and I will try hard to stay alive as well." He smiled at his King.

Before Raymond Irving could take a step, King Victor stood up and held Raymond's shoulder. "I will fight him right away. If I die, then we just surrender. I will leave the Revolution Kingdom in your hands if I die in the battle."

All thirteen fighters stood up from their seats, trying to stop their Kings, but Victor spread his aura instead in return. "Silent!" The aura suppressed the fourteen fighters at once. "Mark my words. If I die today, I will leave the Revolution Kingdom in Raymond's hand. I hope you guys can still continue to develop our kingdom well." After saying that, Victor Brent Whitney entered the portal gate.

*** ***

"Tsk," Tang Shaoyang clicked his tongue that the Revolution Kingdom's first fighter was the King. He hoped to fight one or two fighters before facing the King to add up his achievement for the Best Fighter Title.

Victor Brent Whitney heard the opposite party was clicking his tongue, so his mouth twitched a little. He said nothing to it as he took out the golden shield and the red sword, gearing up as the knight. Even though he despised the man in front of him, Victor was aware that the man in front of him was much stronger than himself.

There was no exchange from both of them during the thirty seconds they were on the stage, and the System started the countdown. As soon as the countdown reached zero, Victor Brent Whitney activated his Bloodline Transformation. The silver armor turned red, the red sword's color deepened, and the golden shield deepened in color as well.

People could not see Victor's bloodline because it was covered by the helmet, so no one knew what his bloodline was. What they could see was that the armor's color changed. That was it.

Tang Shaoyang did not waste his time as he used [Blink] and appeared right in front of King Victor. He swung the battle-ax toward his enemy, who had just finished using the Bloodline Transformation. It went with a "Bang" as the battle-ax hit the shield.


Victor's face turned ugly as soon as the battle-ax hit his shield because he realized he was being overpowered. His body was sent flying back, hitting the wall of the arena.


The wall crumbled, and the rubbles buried King Victor. Victor immediately recovered as he blew up the rubber and came out of it unscathed. However, his left hand, which was holding the shield, trembled from the impact.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang raised his battle-ax onto his shoulder and walked back to his original spot. He turned around when he arrived at the original spot, looking toward King Victor. He grinned ear to ear and motioned toward King Victor to come back to the arena. It was a clear provocation from him.

Victor Brent Whitney did not fall for the provocation as he returned to the stage while maintaining his composure. From that single exchange, he was aware that his opponent was far stronger than him. 'Not just he has more Strength Attributes than me, but he is extremely fast as well. I have to be careful.'

"How can you become so timid with just our first exchange?" Tang Shaoyang decided to speak when he saw King Victor approach him cautiously from the edge of the stage. "It seems that's your limit… I will not give you a chance to surrender."

Tang Shaoyang used his Slayer Energy to form ten Slayer Swords. At the same time, he used [Epic Spirit Integration] with Karan the Firestorm Berserker. His body grew up to three meters tall, which brought a shock to the spectators and King Victor. Then he raised his right foot and activated [Earth Split].


He stomped onto the stage, and the whole arena shook as the stage split into two, causing King Victor to lose his balance slightly. Then he followed up with [Firestorm Axes], throwing two axes made of firestorm toward Victor. The axes swirled and accelerated in the air, shooting toward Victor.

King Victor tried to regain his footing as he activated his defensive skill. His shield was glowing in red-golden, and at the same time, there was a dome formed to protect him. It did not stop there as an Earth Wall rose up in front of him… He was ready to face the next assault with all his defensive skills.

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