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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 817: Against Saint Guild Part 4

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Chapter 817: Against Saint Guild Part 4

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In the last round between the Tang Empire and Saint Guild, the final round and deciding round, The Emperor of the Tang Empire came up as the last fighter. The spectators had witnessed how crazy and strong his subordinates were, but no one had seen the Emperor go all out. Everyone wanted to know how strong Tang Shaoyang was. There was no way they were not curious after his four subordinates. What kind of leader was he to have those strong subordinates?

'I am afraid Saint Guild's leader does not dare to come up after watching the first four fights. I need to provoke him a little bit,' Tang Shaoyang looked toward Saint Guild's booth. He looked up toward a man in his early forties and smiled. "What are you waiting for, Saint Guild's Guild Leader? If you think you can't win against me, then just surrender. Stop wasting everyone's time,"

There was no response from the man, and it worried Tang Shaoyang. 'Do I make the provocation too obvious? Should I push him more?'

Saint Guild's guild leader stood up from his seat. He tilted his head to the side, making cracking noises as if he was prepared to fight. "Stop with your cheap provocation. You don't have to worry because I will not run away from you." After saying that, Reginald Melton entered the portal and came up to the stage. He was standing twenty meters away from Tang Shaoyang. "Your subordinates are lucky that they don't have to face me, but I will claim your head to show them that Saint Guild is not a faction they should look down on. This will be a lesson for your successor."

Tang Shaoyang did not respond to Reginald Melton as he merely grinned. The System started the countdown twenty seconds after Reginald Melton stepped onto the stage. As soon as the fight started, Reginald Melton used his Bloodline Transformation. His transformation surprised everyone, including Tang Shaoyang, because Reginald had a Dragon Bloodline.

"Witness my power! This is my bloodline, one of the strongest mythical creatures in the world, Dragon Bloodline!" Reginald Melton said loudly as his laughter followed afterward. Reginald's Bloodline Transformation truly resembled Tang Shaoyang's transformation. The difference was that Reginald's dragon was green as the green scales covered him.

"What? Are you shocked to see my transformation? Don't you want to fight me? Take out your weapon and fight me!" Reginald did not immediately attack Tang Shaoyang. He noticed that Tang Shaoyang did not have the battle-ax, so he gave Tang Shaoyang a chance to take the weapon. Of course, that was just a show to the people, telling them that Saint Guild had not fallen yet. On top of that, he was confident with his dragon bloodline, so he put up the show for everyone.

"You surprised me." Tang Shaoyang admitted openly as he nodded his head two times. "Unfortunately, I will not fight you today." He then summoned Aerelion, the Infernal Wyvern. The twenty meters beast caused the spectators to gasp in shock. Just like the people from the Ortis Continent, the spectators thought Aerelion was a dragon.


Aerelion roared as soon as he appeared on the stage. The roar caused the barrier that protected the spectators to shake. Meanwhile, Reginald Melton froze on the spot as he looked at the giant creature. His green eyes widened in shock as he could not believe a real dragon right in front of him. It was as if he forgot that he was still in the middle of a match. It was until he met with Aerelion's gaze then Reginald raised his hand. He was about to surrender, but Aerelion did not give him a chance to surrender.

Swoosh! Boom!

The Infernal Wyvern pecked at him, about to eat Reginald Melton as a whole. The stage ground was destroyed with a single peck from the giant creature, but Reginald Melton managed to escape from the dragon's jaw. He dashed to the edge of the stage and raised his right hand. "I surr—" He could not complete the sentence as a shadow hovered above him.

Black fire in the shape and size of Aerelion hit Reginald Melton before he could complete the sentence. It was an attack prepared by Aerelion if Reginald Melton managed to dodge the first attack.


The black fire exploded and filled the stage. Yes, there was nothing they could see but black fire. If not for the barrier formed by the System, the black fire might reach the spectators. Everyone was sure that Reginald Melton was about to surrender, but the dragon did not give him a chance to surrender. While the barrier managed to block the black fire, the barrier failed to block the heat. The spectators could feel the extreme heat from the black fire. The sea of fire was the right words to describe what happened to the stage.

*** ***

Legion Guild Booth

"I don't think I will change my decision. I will stay with the Legion Guild as long as we are on a good side with the Tang Empire." Cha Hyuk immediately said that after Reginald Melton was engulfed in the black fire. "That Reginald was so happy that he had Dragon Bloodline, but look at our Emperor. He has the real Dragon."

Park Nam Hoon swallowed mouthful saliva. He immediately understood what Tang Shaoyang wanted to show them and why they had to wait until now to see it. With the Dragon he just saw, all pieces were connected. With a dragon, Tang Shaoyang could visit them anytime through the airway. It could be said the Tang Empire had air transportation with that dragon.

Yoo Kwang Sung and Yu Jin Sung leaned back to their chairs and took a deep breath. Even though they said that they would follow their Guild Leader and signed the System Contract, deep inside, they still doubted the Tang Empire. However, all the doubts disappeared when they saw the dragon. That dragon was the greatest weapon so far, and he could tell that by sensing the Dragon's aura. It was clearly much stronger than the Epic Rank.

"How is it, Song Shi Eun?" Park Nam Hoon smiled at the woman who was still recovering from her shock. "I don't think I made the wrong decision, right?"

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