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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 816: Against Saint Guild Part 3

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Chapter 816: Against Saint Guild Part 3

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If the first and the second fight were a surprise for the spectators, the third round was a strange round. They saw the girl was walking slowly toward Jason, and the latter just stood there doing nothing until the girl stabbed the man in the back. The lance pierced through Jason's chest and died. They did not know what actually happened, why did Jason let Zhang Mengyao approach him without doing anything.

Tang Shaoyang found the stage was covered in Zhang Mengyao's aura, but he did not know what she did to Jason. The aura merely covered the stage did not reach the spectators. He had no clue why Jason stood still, and Zhang Mengyao was the only one who knew for sure since both his Demon Eye and Dragon Eye failed to see what she did on the stage.

What baffled the spectators, Zhang Mengyao surrendered after killing Jason. At this point, it was clear that the Tang Empire was making fun of or even looking down at Saint Guild. As if the Tang Empire was telling them that they could sweep the match if they wanted to, but the Tang Empire gave a chance to Saint Guild by surrendering each time their fighter won the fight.

At least, that was how it looked in front of the others, they had not realized that the Tang Empire was planning to kill all five fighters from Saint Guild. Zhang Mengyao returned to the booth, and everyone in the booth looked toward her earnestly. They wanted to know what she did to Jason.

"It's actually an Illusion Domain. I create a domain that will create an illusion. He did not move because he saw my illusion not moving." A simple explanation explained everything, and Zhang Mengyao added it at the end. "However, the skill is not that strong. If he used his Bloodline Transformation, the illusion domain might not work, and this is actually my first time trying the skill."

Tang Shaoyang nodded and thought about the domain skill. He thought the domain only related to Elemental, but it spread to the other techniques as well. He thought so because he had several domain skills, and he agreed that the domain skill was not that strong. The skills were barely helpful in the fight.

The fourth fighter from the Tang Empire was Liang Suyin, the Fire Witch. Since the Great Wall was part of the World Government, they should already know about her. Wu Shuan and Zuo Ren, the former members of the Suzhou Survivor Establishment, had shared all information they knew about the Tang Empire to the World Government.

Liang Suyin was a famous figure in the Tang Empire that no one did not know about, so her general information should be known by the Suzhou Survivor Establishment. So, Liang Suyin was a part of the information shared by the Suzhou Survivor Establishment to the World Government. But of course, the Suzhou Survivor Establishment just knew that Liang Suyin was a mage who used fire. They did not know her level, the details of her skills, or even her bloodline.

When Liang Suyin arrived on the stage, eyes fell onto Saint Guild's booth. It could be said the score of this match was a draw with two sides left with two fighters. If Saint Guild could win the next two rounds, then the previous result did not matter. Saint Guild would proceed to the semi-final by winning the next two rounds.

Of course, no one would think that was an easy feat after the first three rounds. The Tang Empire had showcased their capability of how strong their fighters were. It was understandable if Saint Guild decided to forfeit their place right now.

Maybe Saint Guild felt the pressure, or maybe they still did not want to give up. The second Vice Guild Leader was sent to fight Liang Suyin. Edwin was the second Vice Guild Leader of Saint Guild, and he volunteered himself to fight Liang Suyin. Did he hope to win the match against the Tang Empire? No, he wanted to fight to avenge his people. He wanted, at least, to kill one member of the Tang Empire, and Liang Suyin was the right target.

The woman was a mage, and he was an assassin. As long as he moved fast enough, her skills would not be able to hit him. He was the right match-up, at least, he thought so. However, those thoughts changed when the fight started.

Edwin could do nothing but witness it with his own eyes that everything turned into fire, including the stage. He lost his footing, but he tried to fight back by using the Bloodline Transformation. However, that was not enough to fight off the fire. The fire burned him into the dust, leaving only his two short swords behind.

The giant screen above the stage showed the girl in flames, Liang Suyin. Her hair, body, and everything turned into fire. After burning Edwin, Liang Suyin pulled out the fire, leaving the whole stage charred black. She was also no longer on fire. If not for the charred stage, the spectators might think the fight had not started yet. Yet, the fight ended in a flash. The spectators only saw Liang Suyin turn into fire and spread the fire to the whole stage until it burned Edwin. Edwin tried to fight back, but the fire was just fiercer than his bloodline.

And then, it was the same as the previous three fights as Liang Suyin immediately surrendered after winning her battle. She returned to her booth as the System repaired the stage. The charred black stage returned to its original state.

Another silence followed up as the spectators focused on the Tang Empire's booth. At this point, people believed that Saint Guild had no chance to pass into the semi-final. All the fighters from the Tang Empire were not just strong, but extremely abnormal strong, each one of them.

As the silence continued, the System also proceeded with the last round between the Tang Empire and Saint Guild.

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