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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 814: Against Saint Guild Part 1

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Chapter 814: Against Saint Guild Part 1

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The dust rose, covering the whole stage, but everyone saw Katie form a defensive barrier before the sword reached her. The spectators thought Katie was safe, so they were just waiting for the dust to disperse. It did not take long before they could see the stage once more as a fierce wind swept the arena, clearing the dust. More than half of the stage was destroyed from the impact, and the Demon image had disappeared. Zhao Zhong was standing in his original spot where he struck Katie, and he did not hold any weapon.

It was a bold move from Zhao Zhong because Katie could attack him at any moment, and he would not be able to counter her. However, there was one loud cry from the Saint Guild's booth. Everyone looked in the same direction, and a woman with blond hair was standing while pointing in a certain direction. The spectators followed where the blond-haired woman pointed at, and they saw blood remains on the rubbles. The giant screen zoomed into the remnant, and people gasped in surprise because it was blood. Confirming the spectators' suspicion, the System announced the winner of the match, Zhao Zhong.

The blood remains belonged to Katie; nothing left but blood. The blond-haired woman screamed from the Saint Guild's booth, cursing at Zhao Zhong. After that, she entered the portal as the second fighter for Saint Guild in the second round between the Tang Empire and Saint Guild. Cathy was wearing plate armor with a spear as her weapon, a close combat class for sure. However, the fight was delayed for a moment because the System repaired the stage after it was destroyed by Zhao Zhong.

It only took the System a minute to repair the big arena. Cathy went into her position, standing ten meters away from Zhao Zhong. She was ready to fight until she saw Zhao Zhong smirking at her and raising his right hand. "I surrender."

Cathy's eyes went wide in shock as she did not expect her opponent would surrender. Katie was her sister, and she wanted to avenge her sister; that was why she came for the second instead of the fourth. "Yeah, you should be scared! Because if you don't surrender, I am going to kill you. No, I will not kill you immediately, but I will kill you slowly to make you regret being alive!" Cathy tried to provoke Zhao Zhong, hoping the latter would not surrender. The System had not announced it was her win, so she had a little time to change Zhao Zhong's mind. So, rather than venting her rage, she decided to provoke Zhao Zhong instead.

"Buahahahaha…" Zhao Zhong let out a loud laugh while shaking his head. "Nice try, girl, but that will not work on me. Ah, just a reminder, you should be worrying for yourself instead of provoking me." He grinned ear to ear before entering the portal.

The spectators were shocked as well that Zhao Zhong surrendered after winning the first fight. The first battle was too short for them, it happened fast and was full of surprise. Even after the first fight was over, they were still surprised by Zhao Zhong, who suddenly surrendered out of nowhere. The spectators looked at Tang Shaoyang, but the latter did not show any reaction to the surrender.

Wei Xi came up on the stage, and he had a sword in his right hand. He did not say anything as he bent his body forward slightly, ready to pull the sword at any moment. The System had not started the count down yet, but he was already in his stance.

"What is this? Just another coward?" Cathy did not know where to vent up her anger, so she vented it on Wei Xi. "So you want to launch a surprise attack as soon as the fight starts?"

"What's wrong with a surprise attack? Can't I do that?" Wei Xi questioned the girl with a flat expression. "Does the System not allow us to surprise our opponent? I did not read such a rule in the guidebook."

The countdown did not start until ten seconds later, so Cathy kept provoking and venting her anger on Wei Xi, but Wei Xi did not care about what the girl talked about. He did not need to care what a dead girl said to him, and he gave her a chance to speak more before her death. The countdown started, and when the System said: "Start!" Cathy immediately activated her Bloodline Transformation.

She was covered in red fur, her hair also turned red, yet her face remained the same with just an additional horn on her forehead. She was still holding the same sword too, and when she was about to make her move, Wei Xi was already in front of her.

Cathy was surprised by how fast Wei Xi was, but she had prepared for the worst. After seeing her sister's battle against Zhao Zhong, she made sure to prepare everything for the worst. She activated her defensive skill, and a red barrier formed around her. Learning from the previous battle, she cast the second defensive skill. Her mana formed a transparent shield, covering her from the frontal attack.

At the same time, Wei Xi drew his sword upward. It was his Swordsman's skill, Quick Slash. The sword slashed upward, cutting through the red barrier and cracked the shield. His Quick Slash was at max level, and he could use the skill three times continuously before getting a minute cool down. He used the second Quick Slash; the sword turned around swiftly and slashed down the transparent shield. The shield disintegrated within two slashes, and Wei Xi did not waste his time to execute the third Quick Slash. He swung the sword toward Cathy's neck, and the sword easily cut through the neck, which did not get covered by the armor.

The blood spurted everywhere, including toward Wei Xi as the head flew to the sky. He shook the blood away from his sword before sheathing it back. At the same time, the head fell over, and he saw Cathy still had a shocked expression until the end of her life. He understood that his Quick Slash always caught his enemies off guard, even though his enemies managed to block the first and second slash.

[Wei Xi won!]

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