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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 808: The Top Sixteen Part 4

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Chapter 808: The Top Sixteen Part 4

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The Spectators believed that Tang Shaoyang was taunting the Amazon Guild. They had watched Menenia's fight before, so they knew that Menenia was an Epic Rank. As for why Menenia did not use her bloodline just now, it was a mystery that only Menenia could solve. However, the main surprise came from Tang Shaoyang as no one expected he would kill Menenia in that kind of fashion.

Amazon Guild Booth

Sylvanus' face turned grim after witnessing one of his core fighters killed. He had the same expression as the others, could not believe that Tang Shaoyang could kill Menenia that easily. "Fool Bitch. Why didn't she use the Bloodline Transformation? Her death is useless now as we don't know what kind of bloodline Tang Shaoyang has. We can't measure how strong that guy is because she died like that."

Sylvanus believed that Menenia was killed easily like that because she did not use her Bloodline Transformation. If she used the Bloodline Transformation, he believed the outcome might be different. At least, Sylvanus believed that Menenia could do something before she died. From how the fight ended, Tang Shaoyang would prevail in the end, but he should take a little more effort to kill Menenia. If that happened, he could figure out a little about Tang Shaoyang. The key to winning against the Tang Empire was killing the leader. If the leader died, then the members would lose their spirit to fight.

"Should we continue fighting the Tang Empire, or we surrender now, Sir?" The Amazon Guild's Vice Leader, Martinus, asked Sylvanus. If he had to be honest, he did not want to fight the man on the stage. He was well aware of how strong Menenia was even without her Bloodline Transformation. But Menenia was killed with one counter and one attack from Tang Shaoyang. That was enough to terrify Martinus, and if they lost more people in this tournament, the whole strength of their guild would go down another notch. It would make no difference between the Amazon Guild and the other small factions. Because they lost three Epic Ranks against the Belem Guild, and from the three Epic Ranks, one of them was the second Vice Leader.

"Of course, we will fight them until the end. We are not going to back down until we get back to our former glory. We can't let the others look down on us because of our loss against The Belem Guild." Sylvanus gritted his teeth as he turned aggressive against his Vice Leader. "If we defeat the Tang Empire, not only can we get back our former glory, but we will get the Epic Rank spear!"

"As a Vice Leader, you can't show your cowardice to your subordinates, Vice Leader Martinus." Aedans, an Epic Rank from the Amazon Guild, spoke up. Since the second Vice Leader position was empty, the Epic Rank members tried to look good in front of Sylvanus, hoping he would get chosen to be the next Vice Leader. "Let me fight that imbecile, Sir. I will do my best to defeat him, even if I can't defeat him, I will make sure to force him to use everything he has."

Hearing Aedans' words, Sylvanus was relieved inside. He was afraid that his members would get scared after witnessing how Menenia died. If he lost his guild members' support, then he could not get that Epic Rank Spear from Hines Myers. He also could not come down to the stage to fight Tang Shaoyang, not until he got more information about his opponent. "Good. You don't have to defeat him, but just force him to use everything he has and tire him out. I will kill him by myself."

Sylvanus was confident in bringing Tang Shaoyang down or even killing the self-proclaimed Emperor. If the Amazon Guild defeated the Tang Empire, their position in the World Government would reach a new height. If that happened, he could merge his guild with the small factions and take the World Government by himself. This was their first step towards their big ambition.

Aedans entered the portal and met with Tang Shaoyang. When his eyes met with the black left eye, his unwavering confidence wavered. There was something that shook him from inside, but he quickly regained his composure at the thought of the Vice Leader position. If he could help Sylvanus to defeat Tang Shaoyang, there was a high chance he would be chosen to be the second Vice Leader. 'I might not be able to kill him, but my job is to tire this man.'

The two did not say anything like Menenia did before. The System started the countdown, and Aedans immediately used his Bloodline Transformation once the countdown reached zero. His face turned similar to a black leopard with five pairs of whiskers and a single horn on his forehead. His body was covered in black fur, and he had two meters long tail with a steel thorn at the end of it. He finished his transformation, but he did not rush toward Tang Shaoyang just as Menenia did in the previous match.

'Now use your Bloodline Transformation too.' Aedans observed Tang Shaoyang, waiting for the latter to use the Bloodline Transformation just like he did. It was important information to know Tang Shaoyang's bloodline. Since he did not know how far he could go in this fight, forcing Tang Shaoyang to transform was the best thing he could do as a starter. However, to his surprise, Tang Shaoyang just stayed still on the spot.

After what happened to Menenia, there was no way Tang Shaoyang wanted to use his Bloodline Transformation. That would be overkill, so he might as well try fighting Aedans without Bloodline Transformation. He motioned Aedans to come toward him with his left hand while his right was holding the battle-ax. 'I will put myself into a defensive position, so the Amazon Guild will not be scared to fight me later.'

"I will make you regret underestimating me, Tang Shaoyang!" Aedans rushed forward as he screamed on top of his lungs. He felt humiliated that his opponent did not use Bloodline Transformation after he used it. It was the same announcing that even he with the Bloodline Transformation could not defeat Tang Shaoyang.

In his five steps, his figure into five, and in the ten steps, the five figures split into thirty. That meant there were thirty Aedans right now, surrounding Tang Shaoyang from all directions. People might misunderstand that twenty-nine of them were illusions, but it was not an illusion. They were clones but with less firepower compared to the real body. "You will never find the real one with my perfect illusions!" On top of that, he tried to bluff it, leading his opponent to believe that only one of them was real.

If Aedans fought the others, the trick might work, but not against Tang Shaoyang. With his Dragon Eyes, he could easily tell that all of them were not an illusion but a weaker version of the real Aedans. Not just that, he also found out the real Aedans amongst the thirty clones. 'I have to pretend to struggle a little bit, I think.'

The thirty Aedans charged at Tang Shaoyang, all of them had a spear in their hands, getting covered by the mana. The thirty Aedans thrust their spears at Tang Shaoyang at the same time. Tang Shaoyang raised his spear and swirled his body while swinging the battle-ax. Such a simple movement, but precise as he reflected all the spears, pushing them backward, but one Aedans. The real Aedans was hiding behind his clone, making a stance pulling his spear back while aiming at the defenseless Tang Shaoyang. It was his skill, Shadow Thrust.


His body was covered in shadow as he struck his spear toward Tang Shaoyang's chest. Tang Shaoyang responded with his defensive skill, Reflection, and Dragon Scales. Reflection was reducing the enemy's attack power while the Dragon Scales covered his right hand, acting as armor. He thought that should be enough to defend the attack, but he was wrong.

Reflection reduced the attack damage, but the spear still broke the scales on his palm and pierced through his palm. He saw the tip of the spearhead, a few centimeters, as his blood flowed down. He felt slight pain, but he was more surprised that Aedans could break his defense. "Hah, I am just trying not to scare my opponents so I could kill them all, but I end up hurting myself."

Aedans was happy when the spear pierced Tang Shaoyang's hand, but then his expression changed when he tried to pull his spear. The plan was initially to pull the spear and follow with the second skill. He did not know what Tang Shaoyang was talking about, but he used all his strength to get his spear back. However, the spear won't budge even an inch as he saw Tang Shaoyang gripped the spearhead.

"Let's stop doing this useless thing. The Best Fighter title should be mine whether they fight me or surrender." Tang Shaoyang released his grip on the spear and activated Gravity Pull. He sent a punch to Aedans' stomach with his left hand, sending the opposite party flying backward. He pierced the battle-ax to the ground before pulling out the spear from his palm, then he disappeared from his spot.

Tang Shaoyang activated his skill, [Blink], and reappeared behind Aedans, who was still in the air. He raised his right foot to the air and kicked down right on Aedans' head.


Aedans got crushed to the ground, facing up to the sky. Tang Shaoyang lifted his right foot from Aedans' head and stabbed Aedans on the head. The spear went through his head and entered the stage's floor, leaving only half of the spear's shaft. Without a doubt, it was an instant kill as Aedans stopped moving.

Tang Shaoyang did not say anything as he returned to the center of the arena where he placed the battle-ax. He was no longer taunting the Amazon Guild as he looked at his injured palm. The hole in his palm was regenerating as he could see clearly the hole was closing. Within twenty seconds, the hole was no longer there. If not for the blood, no one would know he was injured before.

The whole arena went silent as attention was on Tang Shaoyang only. No one from the Amazon Guild came to retrieve Aedans' corpse. A deep silence ensued within the arena until the System made a voice.

[For the Amazon Guild, please send your fighter to continue the match. If the Amazon Guild does not send a fighter within one minute, the Amazon Guild will be eliminated from the Earth Tournament!]

There was a good reason why the whole arena fell into a deep silence, it was because of how easy Tang Shaoyang killed Aedans. First, Aedans was in his Bloodline Transformation, and Tang Shaoyang was not. Second, no one could see Tang Shaoyang's movement… He disappeared from their sight and reappeared again behind Aedans.

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