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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 797: It’s Over Before It Starts Part 1

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Chapter 797: It’s Over Before It Starts Part 1

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Group eight's matches finished faster because most factions were part of the World Government. The major faction in group eight was the North Federation, and they easily passed to the Playoff Stage after the three factions gave them free three points. The tournament was not that exciting, thanks to the World Government's factions colluding with each other. While it was less exciting, the fight was not less bloody. When the faction from the World Government fought against the faction not from the World Government, they went all out from the start, using their full power to take advantage of the loophole of the accidental kill. Just like that, they easily got away from murder as the referee deemed it as an accidental kill.

As the group eight matches concluded, Hines Myers stood up from his chair and pointed his finger toward the Tang Empire's booth. "What's the meaning of this, Tang Empire? Are you declaring war against the World Government!?" His accusing tone rang in the whole arena. Once more, The World Union and the Tang Empire became the center of attention.

The First Order Guild was surprised to hear the accusation. As someone who gave the information regarding the World Government's members, he could guess why Hines Myers was confronting the Tang Empire right now. He just did not expect the Tang Empire to attack one of the World Government's members during the Earth Tournament.

"Lunatic, that's indeed the right word to describe the Tang Empire's leader," Herman Bonivido muttered by himself. His Vice Guild Leader overheard him and asked. "Do you know something, Sir?"

Herman told Frans his guess about what most likely happened between the World Government and the Tang Empire. The latter was shocked as well that the Tang Empire declared war during this time.

Meanwhile, the people in the Tang Empire's booth were confused by the accusation. They were not informed of the incoming war, and they looked at each other in confusion. Wei Xi looked at Cai Jingyi, "Do you know what that guy is talking about? War?"

But one of them knew what happened, and that person was Lu An. Tang Shaoyang sent him a message through The Communication System, and it was related to the war against the Suzhou Survivor Establishment. Lu An stood up from his chair and confronted Hines Myers. "So what? Do you think we are afraid of your clown group?" At the same time, he shared the message with Wei Xi and the others.

Hines Myers' lips twitched when he heard the reply from Lu An. Clearly, Lu An was just around in his twenty or even younger from the appearance. "Haha, at least we are not a coward like The Tang Empire to declare war while the tournament is still ongoing. Everyone, hear me out, the Tang Empire is declaring war against one of the factions under the World Government. Clearly, our member is not ready for the war because of the tournament, and they use this to their advantage. We can't let such sinister action prevail in our world, we have to condemn the Tang Empire. Instead of rebuilding the new world, they are spreading war in our world! I do believe such a faction is not needed in our world!"

"That's funny. You have the talent to become a comedian, Hines Myers, I presume?" Cao Jingyi stood up from the seat and smiled at The World Union's Leader. "If you watch all the fights, you can see that the factions from the World Government have been killing people in that arena. And those murderers can get away just because they are members of the World Government? Meanwhile, we are just using one of the System's features to expand our territory. It's not like we are launching a sneak attack or using a backhanded method in the war, either. Also, we can't immediately attack as we have to wait for twenty-four hours, that's how the war works."

"And your faction decided to fight against your fellow humans instead of clearing all the zombies?" Hines Myers ignored the killing issue and pointed out a big flaw why they should not declare war. "See! This Tang Empire will become the thorn for our world if we want to rebuild our world. They will spread chaos on Earth, and I think we should eradicate them before they grow stronger. Let's work together to clean the cancer of Earth with the World Government. Today, it might be a member of the World Government getting attacked by the Tang Empire, and maybe you will become the Tang Empire's next target the following day!" He pointed to all the factions in the arena.

"Ah, I see," Wei Xi also stood up from his seat. "So, is that what you are trying to achieve? To rally the masses against us," He maintained his composure and confronted Hines Myers. "A good scheme, but we don't care what you guys see us as. We are declaring war not just on The Suzhou Survivor Establishment but the World Government. If you are part of the World Government, then be ready to be attacked by the Tang Empire! If you are part of the World Government, then you are our enemy, the Tang Empire's enemy!"

After that, Wei Xi turned on the barrier, so they did not hear what Hines Myers said. It was pointless to have an argument against Hines Myers. Instead of staying in the arena, all the Tang Empire's people left. There was an incoming war, so they were more interested in the war than the tournament.

The news of the war caused an uproar in the arena as the war was something everyone least expected during the Earth Tournament. Of course, Hines Myers' attempt in invoking the other factions' righteous cause to go against the Tang Empire also failed. Everyone could guess the reason why the Tang Empire declared war against the overbearing World Government.

*** ***

The World Union's Booth

Hines Myers returned to his seat as he sent off General Wang, Major General Shi Yan, Tong Zedong, and Huo Shihong. "I am sorry, it seems the Tang Empire will continue the war." The plan was to pressure the Tang Empire by revealing the war news. Suppose The Tang Empire cared about their image. In that case, they might not attack the Suzhou Survivor Establishment, but the latter did not give f*ck about their image.

"So, what should we do, Sir Hines?" General Wang Zhengju asked, to the point of pleading. After hearing Wei Xi's declaration, it was clear that the Suzhou Survivor Establishment was not the only target, but the Great Wall Party would become the Tang Empire's target.

Hines Myers rubbed his chin. "Do you think you have a chance to win against the Tang Empire?" He asked Major General Shi Yan.

"To be honest, we are considering attacking the Tang Empire's main base first. We have gathered the information regarding their force, but I don't think we can win against them after we have the information. They have more people than us…" Major General Shi Yan admitted that Suzhou Survivor Establishment was the weaker side.

Hines Myers' eyes shone when he heard Major General Shi Yan had the information regarding the Tang Empire's main base. He straightened his posture and commanded Major General Shi Yan. "Tell me more about the Tang Empire's force."

A smile formed on Hines Myers' face as he got all the information about the Tang Empire. If their force managed to reach that region, they could use this information to attack the Tang Empire. Then he realized that the Great Wall Party had an important role if the World Government wanted to take down the Tang Empire. 'I plan to throw them away, but I have to think of a way to save them, so they are not falling apart under the Tang Empire's pressure.'

"If you can't win against the Tang Empire, then give Suzhou's territory to them." Hines Myers took the matter more seriously. "The Great Wall Party must gather their force and try to defend against the Tang Empire until the World Government can reach your region. Bring your core force and leave Suzhou to the closest establishment. You continue doing that until you guys gather in one territory. That's the only way to defend against the Tang Empire."

General Shi Yan, Tong Zedong, and Huo Shihong exchanged glances. "I am afraid we can't pass the zombies that separate us, Sir Hines." Major General Shi Yan replied.

"The World Union will help The Great Wall Party." Hines Myers smiled. "While I can't send my people to your region, I can give you equipment and supplies such as healing potions. We will arm you with better equipment and Game Coins. We can only do this during the tournament."

Hines Myers then took out a fine sword from his inventory and handed the sword to Major General. It was a Grade A Sword, something Major General Shi Yan could not get. "The Great Wall Party must discuss this together and choose one territory to gather. Please survive until the World Government arrives in your region. We will prioritize the Great Wall Party's survival!" Hines Myers tapped his chest as he made a promise.

The Suzhou Survivor Establishment only had twenty-four hours before the war started. Major General Shi Yan did not have time to think about the other options. Hines Myers' plan was the best outcome for them. As long as they were alive, they would always have a chance to make a comeback. "We will arrange our people and report it to you, Sir Hines."

"Mnn, you have to be quick as you only have twenty-four hours." Hines Myers nodded his head.

"We are grateful for your help and kindness, Sir Hines." General Wang, Major General Shi Yan, Huo Shihong, and Tong Zedong bowed their heads before leaving the World Union's booth.

"Are you really going to help them, Sir?" After the four left the booth, Bernard voiced his doubt. Bernard was the Second Vice Leader of the World Union, a man in his mid-thirties.

"I planned to use them to test out how strong the Tang Empire's force is, but I think they have a far better use than that." Hines Myers relaxed and leaned back on his chair at ease. "Didn't you hear them? They can be used to gather information about the Tang Empire. Aside from the power itself, information is the most important thing. If we have the enemy's information, we have thousands of ways to take them down. I feel like we have to eliminate the Tang Empire quickly before they grow even stronger. Moreover, I use the name of the World Union instead of the World Government. They can be our loyal dogs in the future if we can save the Great Wall Party… A loyal dog is more useful than a fierce and wild dog, after all."

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